Friday, September 29, 2006

Rep. George Allen, R-VA

I am not moved by the accusations and brouhaha surrounding allegations that Allen is a racist. Here's a rich white guy from the south and people are shocked that he is a racist? I think we should be shocked if he wasn't a racist.

That is not to say that I think all white men from Virginia are racist. I don't not think that at all. But, I do think there is a preponderance of racism among elected officials and men like Allen who rely on donations from richer, whiter, more powerful men.

No, George Allen's idiocy is not his racism, it's his lack of sense.

Allen explains that his admiration of the Confederate flag in Virginia in the 1970s was connected to his being rebellious!

Um . . . the Confederate flag is not a symbol of rebellion. Unless, as John Stewart suggests, "he carries it through Harlem." That shuold start a rebellion!

George Allen is a horrible man. He's a racist. I hope he loses his election, irrespective of his opponent's shortcomings.

George Allen is an idiot!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Soy mujer, me oigo rugir

Soy mujer, me oigo rugir
En los números demasiado grandes no hacer caso
Y sé que demasiado a ir detrás an fingir
'causa la he oído toda antes

Y he estado abajo allí en el piso
Nadie que va siempre a guardarme abajo otra vez
Oh soy sí sabio
Pero es sabiduría llevada de dolor
Sí, he pagado el precio
Pero mirar cuánto gané
Si tengo que, puedo hacer cualquier cosa
Soy fuerte (fuerte)
Soy invencible (invencible)
Soy mujer

Puedes doblarme pero nunca romper
'causarlo sirve solamente para hacerme
Más se determinaron de alcanzar mi objetivo final
Y me vuelvo incluso más fuerte

No un principiante más largo
'causa has profundizado la convicción en mi alma
Soy mujer me miro crecer
Verme dedo del pie derecho para tocar con la punta del pie
Pues me separé mi lovin se arma a través de la tierra
Pero sigo siendo un embrión
Con una manera larga larga de ir
Hasta que hago que mi hermano entiende
Oh soy sí sabio
Pero es sabiduría llevada de dolor

Sí, he pagado el precio
Pero mirar cuánto gané
Si tengo que puedo hacer frente cualquier cosa
Soy fuerte (fuerte)
Soy invencible (invencible)
Soy mujer

Oh, soy mujer
Soy invencible
Soy fuerte
Soy mujer
Soy invencible
Soy fuerte
Soy mujer

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Riding The Subway

The New York Daily News printed an article yesterday about commuting on the subway. Their conclusion is that it can be less than desirable.

My pet peeves on the subway, in no particular order:

Perfume. If you think you smell so bad that you have to wear perfume, then you should take a bath. Throw away the designer perfume. It smells horrible.

That hot, steamy, artificially flavored coffee with lotsa non-dairy creamer and sugar substitute smells like shit. It doesn't even smell like something that should be in your body. Have your coffee at home or at your desk, not on the subway. Idiot!

I can't believe people still buy Avon Skin So Soft. It smells horrible. Try fragrance-free Lubriderm.

Cell phones. Yeah! You! Even that one quick call is annoying. Your husband can wait the additional eight minutes to find out your still not going to blow him, you selfish wench!

Bicycles. You have a friggin' bicycle! Why are you taking the subway three stops on a nice day?

Litter. I always tell people that they've dropped something when they leave something on a seat or on the floor. "Excuse me, sir. You dropped that." "No I didn't." "Well, then you threw it on the floor and you should pick it up." "Why don't you mind your own business?" "It is my business, this is my subway. Pick it up." "Go fuck yourself." "I will, but you should pick up your trash, you fucking pig." At that point the guy (or more often, the woman) either walks to a different part of the train, or people around me join in and he is embarrassed into picking it up. I've picked-up newspapers off a seat and followed a person to give it back to them. I think the reason I haven't been killed is that people think I must be crazy.

You're hungry? Find a restaurant, coffee shop, kitchen, or relatively private space to eat, you pig! You're not Jesus, you weren't born in a barn -- find a place to eat! This is the subway, numbnuts! Don't eat on the subway!

You and your double-wide ass. If your buns weigh over a hundred pounds separate from the rest of your body, your ass isn't going to fit into the 18" space between me and Twiggy. And I did intentionally throw my elbow into your face, even though I apologized and acted as if it was an accident. If you can't keep the weight on your 5'3" frame under three hundred pounds, stand!

Your music sucks. Nobody likes your music and nobody wants to hear it blaring into your ears through cut-rate headphones. Turn the music down.

You are not on a hike. Leave the backpack at home. You are going to work. You need to carry a sandwich, a laptop, a pint of water, a book, and some files. You are not climbing Everest! Get a little shoulder bag or briefcase, put what you need in it, leave the rest of the shit at home, and take it off your stupid shoulder and put it on the floor when you get on the train! What are you? An asshole? Where did you grow-up?

You paid for one seat. You get one seat (even if you have an ass the size of Staten Island). Move your ugly ass into your seat, close your legs, put your 45-pound backpack on your lap and let someone sit in the seat next to you, stupid!

It's a door! Get out of the way. It's a door. Get out of the way. It's a door. Get out of the way. It's a door. Get out of the way. It's a door. Get out of the way.

Anyway . . . The Daily News was much more civil about it. Read on!

Can ya be any ruder?
Monday, September 25th, 2006

They chew like cows, clip their nails and charge open seats like linebackers.
Meet the rudest of the rude subway riders.

The Daily News asked readers last week for their subway bad manners pet peeves — and our e-mail boxes filled up faster than the No. 7 train at rush hour.

There were daily horror stories about door blockers who refuse to move, and sprawlers who spread their legs far too wide, taking up more than one seat.

Even Mayor Bloomberg, who regularly rides the rails, accepted The NewsÂ’ invite to sound off about those who show a total lack of decorum underground.

He trashed litterbugs.

"Why people donÂ’t understand, that subway platform is where we all live ...," he said. "We all need the subways; we pass through it. This is our city. Why they do that, I donÂ’t know."

One reader snapped at "GUM SNAPPERS. These people try to make as much noise as possible. They sound like cows and act like pigs." Others took aim at "pole huggers" who wrap themselves around the floor-to-ceiling poles designed to be used by many standing riders.

In typical New York fashion, Sheree McIntosh of Brooklyn answered a question with a question — or rather, many questions.

"Why is it that with both of my pregnancies I can count on both hands how many times I was offered a seat? Why must people talk and/or sing loudly on the train? Why is it okay to clip your fingernails on the train?"

Several readers clearly needed to vent.

"Where do I begin?" Kate Dudina wrote.

She then rattled off an impressive list of pet peeves, including riders who eat sunflower seeds and spit out the shells, riders who eat "smelly meals" and riders who scream instead of talk at normal levels during subway conversations.

"Clearly, this reader needs a vacation!" Dudina said of herself.

With Michael Saul
Daily News readers tell us their biggest subway pet peeves:

Door blockers!

"Those who stand right in the middle of the doorway when people are trying to get on or off. Or those who start getting on instead of letting people off first. GET OUT OF THE DAMN WAY OR YOU ARE GETTING RUN OVER WHEN I EXIT THE TRAIN."


Seat hogs!

"Grown men not offering seats to elderly, pregnant or to just any female rider in general, in some cases knocking old women to the ground to get a seat. WhatÂ’s up with that?



"While riding the train I have seen passengers throw garbage on the floor for the hell of it. Excuse me, but I am not a pig and we are not your maids. Clean up after yourself. The floors are not receptacles."

Elizabeth Suarez


"People (men and women) who sit with their legs spread ... close the legs."


Gum chewers!!!

"What I hate are ... jerks that pop gum constantly and smack in between the pops. I have to move away from them."

Monday, September 25, 2006

Does it matter if binLaden is dead?

The Bush regime has already diverted so many billions of dollars of tax dollars to their scare-the-shit-out-of-America campaign, with huge contracts being given to people who do nothing but check our hair gel and throw away our water, that binLaden's existence is a moot point.

It will take decades for America to take back what the Bush regime has stolen from us.

Friday, September 22, 2006

How low can these Bush scumbags sink?

So now, a church loses it's tax emption for preaching peace and rejectng war!

"We recognize the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and religion," [IRS spokesman Terry] Lemons said. "But there is no constitutional right to be exempt from federal taxation."

The president has no clue about right or wrong, war or peace, judeo-christianity or hedonism. He is a menace!

Church to fight IRS demand for documents
By GILLIAN FLACCUS, Associated Press Writer

A liberal church that has been threatened with the loss of its tax-exempt status over an anti-war sermon delivered just days before the 2004 presidential election said Thursday it will fight an IRS order to turn over documents on the matter.

"We're going to put it in their court and in a court of law so that we can get an adjudication to some very fundamental issue here that we see as an intolerable infringement of rights," Bob Long, senior warden of All Saints Church, told The Associated Press.

He said the church's 26-member vestry voted unanimously to resist IRS demands for documents and an interview with the congregation's rector by the end of the month.

The church's action sets up a high-profile confrontation between the church and the IRS, which now must decide whether to ask for a hearing before a judge, who would then decide on the validity of the agency's demands.

IRS spokesman Terry Lemons would not comment specifically on the dispute but noted in a statement that the agency could take a church to court.

"We recognize the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and religion," Lemons said. "But there is no constitutional right to be exempt from federal taxation."

Religious leaders on the right and left have expressed fear that the dispute could make it more difficult for them to speak out on moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion during the midterm election campaign.

At a news conference Thursday, church officials were flanked by about 40 representatives of mosques, synagogues and other churches.

"We smell intimidation, it smells rotten, and we should not allow any aspect of intimidation to be directed to any member of our great country," said Maher Hathout, senior adviser of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Under federal tax law, church officials can legally discuss politics, but to retain tax-exempt status, they cannot endorse candidates or parties.

The dispute at the 3,500-member Episcopal church centers on a sermon titled "If Jesus Debated Senator Kerry and President Bush," delivered by a guest pastor. Though he did not endorse a candidate, he said Jesus would condemn the Iraq war and Bush's doctrine of pre-emptive war.

According to the IRS, the only church ever to be stripped of its tax-exempt status for partisan politicking was a church near Binghamton, N.Y., that ran full-page newspaper ads against President Clinton during the 1992 election season.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Working While The President Is In Town

I work in Midtown Manhattan, and whenever the President comes to New York, he stays in a hotel in the vicinity.

In the past, the streets would be lined with people hoping to get a glimpse of the president, but that stopped during the last campaign.

I noticed today that the streets in the neighborhood were filthy with police officers.

It struck me . . .

We are using the police to protect the president, a job better suited to the military; and we have the military performing law enforcement tasks that are better suited to the police.

This president has everything screwed-up, and I am not talking about the war. Terrorism is a crime. In civilized countries the police are paid to fight crime. We saw recently that the English police did a fantastic job of crime-busting when they foiled a terrorist plot. Though British intelligence was used in the operation, the British military was not. Why? Because the English use their police for law enforcement!

In the United States, the military is fighting the (laughably named) war on terror and they are failing miserably. In fact, the last remotely successful operation to prevent terrorists from committing crimes was performed by the New York City police, not the military. The United States military has not found or foiled one terrorist plot on US soil. They are incapable of it, because they are soldiers not cops.

The work of law enforcement should be left to the police and the Southerners who join the military should be sent to die for their president in a war for oil that has made the world more dangerous than it has ever been in the past.

Get the military off the terrorism budget and let the cops do their jobs.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Get It On (Bang A Gong)

The song that changed my life from the LP that changed my life:

Thank you Marc Bolan and Tony Visconti.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hitler Youth Pope

I agreed with Bill Maher when he said that we need to stop referring to people as being "like a Nazi." Conservatives aren't like Nazis, liberals are not like Nazis, "neo-Nazis even aren't like Nazis," he insisted. He is correct. Though some American economic policy might lean towards the fascistic, it is never like the Nazis.

No matter what American apologists say about Nazi Germany (remember that we supported them for far too many years), non-Jews fled German domination, too, when they saw the Nazi plan in action. Some Germans were appalled by their government and left. Those who fled were deemed unpatriotic. Some families stayed. They subscribed to the policies put forth by the Nazi leadership.

The current Pope's family remained in Germany as faithful members of the Nazi Party when the families of Jews and other Germans fled. They sent their son, the current Pope Benedict XVI to be a member of Nazi Youth.

They didn't have to do it. They could have fled the regime. They stayed, and they raised their son as Nazi.

Are you familiar with the book "Hitler's Pope"? It discusses the Vatican's complicity with the Nazi regime in execution of the Nazi Concordant of 1933.

As a Catholic, I know that the Vatican signed a treaty with the Nazis and I am embarrassed by it.

After WWII, the Vatican made a fantastic shift in policy and the programs of John XXIII and Paul VI were remarkable attempts at socialization that any church has ever seen. Sadly, with the enthroning of John Paul II, thirty years of progress was undone and the Catholic Church has reverted from its catholic ideology back to a fundamentalism that is reminiscent of the pre-WWII church.

Our current Pope, with his Nazi connections, does not think twice about expressing racist and hegemonist views. And like a good Nazi (or any right-winger), when confronted with his sin, he blames the victim:

"At this time I wish also to add that I am deeply sorry for the reactions in some countries to a few passages of my address at the University of Regensburg, which were considered offensive to the sensibility of Muslims," the pope said Sunday.

Note that he is not sorry for his anti-Muslim remarks, he is sorry that people were offended! He retains his position with impunity! His opinions about those different from him, those who were slaughtered in our crusades, remain unapologetically racist and hegemonist.

This man is an embarrassment to Christianity.

Pope sorry for reaction to his remarks

Hitler's Pope
John Cornwell

Monday, September 18, 2006

Two kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who divide the world into two kinds of people and those who don't.

- Gloria Steinman, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What's Going On At Ground Zero?

How's Bush's conservative plan for Ground Zero working for you?

Not so good?

Isn't working very well for Keith Olbermann, either!

Thank God there are people like Olbermann willing to call a spade a spade!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Yorkers Choose Neo-con Agenda

As expected, Hillary Clinton won the nomination as Democratic candidate for US Senate, handily beating Jonathan Tasini by sixty-three points.

Polls had put Tasini at 15%, I expected 25%, and he crossed the finish line with seventeen.

More than a half-million New Yorkers support the War in Iraq, the Death Penalty, the Patriot Act, and the moving of jobs off-shore while opposing unencumbered reproductive rights and marriage equality.

But, wait, none of the New Yorkers I spoke to yesterday believe that Clinton supports those things!

Four women I spoke with said they were opposed to the death penalty, the war and the Patriot Act, that they support reproductive rights but they opposed gay marriage. So, they only agree with Clinton in opposing gay marriage, but they thought it was a good idea to vote for her anyway. They all said voted for Hillary because there needs to be a woman President. Sadly, two of the women were lesbians and I think that a third was too -- which means they voted for a woman who believes they should never have the benefits of marriage laws.

Odd, isn't it?

I agree that there needs to be a woman president, I just think Hillary is a bad choice, because a woman president should be progressive, not repressive.

All that aside, it was fantastic to be active again, and I will now switch my Party affiliation to the Green Party and work on the general election in November.

The final results of the Clinton-Tasini race?

589133 83% Hillary Rodham Clinton [DEM]
117986 17% Jonathan B. Tasini [DEM]

See all the state-wide results at NY1.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary Election Day In New York

It's Monday night and I am trying to get to bed early because tomorrow is Election Day in New York. The Democratic Primary takes place Tuesday, September 12, 2006. Most polling places are open at 6:00 A.M. I will vote, then hand out flyers for Jonathan Tasini.

I am working to unseat Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York, because she has betrayed us by supporting the war, the "patriot act," and the movements against gay marriage and reproductive freedom.

Watching the various elected officials parade themselves around Manhattan this weekend pretending that they care about New Yorkers and the anniversary of 9/11 sickened me; and it strengthened my resolve to return to activism and spend the rest of my life working against so-called conservatism.

From the end of the Great Depression until the election of Ronald Reagan, America led the world in everything from social development and medicine to diplomacy and military strength. During the past four presidencies, and the shift to the right it brought, America has morphed from a world-power to a regional power. From leading the world in every industry and all innovation, to leading only in the arenas of indebtedness and arms exportation. From being respected by our allies to being shunned by our allies.

Neoconservatives from Robert Dole to Hillary Clinton have shifted the American political dialogue from "how can we be the greatest nation in the world" to "we can't have abortions and married homosexuals" while they rewrite the trade laws and tax codes to benefit only themselves.

Ronald Reagan destroyed America by shifting us from being the largest lending nation in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world. Bush I, Bill Clinton and Bush II have continued the disastrous social and economic policies that were promoted by Reagan.

Presidents cannot do this without the support of Congress.

Bush II has done it with the support of neoconservatives in the Ddemocratic Party like Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Barak Obama, and others passing themselves off as liberal Democrats

The War in Iraq is only the most obvious failure of the Democrats to represent the thinking and working people of America. And because it is so obviously a disaster, a drain on our tightened budget, and an immoral murderous campaign destroying thousands of young American men and women, I think Hillary Clinton should be removed from office.

Without the support of Hillary Clinton, the President would not enjoy the legal support he uses to bring shame on us. Mrs. Clinton's waffling on the war, and public grandstanding are in sharp contrast to her voting record on the war. She voted for the war twice and supports an ongoing campaign in Iraq that might eventually bring in oil that her and President Clinton will profit from.

If you are a woman or know a woman, please remember that Mrs. Clinton is opposed to reproductive freedom.

If you work for a living, please remember that Mrs. Clinton supports NAFTA and tax cuts that force American jobs overseas and require dramatic cuts in budgets for infrastructure and education.

If you are gay or lesbian, or know someone who is gay or lesbian, please remember that Mrs. Clinton opposes equal rights for homosexuals and works to prevent laws from being passed that would benefit gay men and lesbian woman. Just because she says she supports homosexuals, doesn't mean she really does support them. Just remember one thing: she opposes gay marriage. There is no middle ground.

If you think the US military should be used to protect America and spread peace and democracy around the world, please remember that Mrs. Clinton continues to vote for sending our soldiers to slaughter in a war that was started on lies. She continues to support the slaughter of America's youth for the hopeful procurement of oil. Also, please note that Chelsea Clinton is not fighting in this war that Mrs. Clinton supports. She wants your children to die, not hers!

Mrs. Clinton's positions are anathema to the opinions I hear expressed by everyone I know. Sadly though, many women, parents and homosexuals still plan to vote for her.

Jonathan Tasini's positions can be found on his website.

Mr. Tasini's positions match those of most New Yorkers!

Please vote and please vote for Jonathan Tasini.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember September 10th

It's so easy to remember the horror that is September 11, 2001.

If I remember correctly though, September 10, 2001, it was a fantastic day. I walked from Chepstow Place to the Notting Hill Gate Central Line Tube Station, it was cool enough that the trains were of a bearable temperature. I got a coffee and sticky thing at Starbucks, sat at my desk and worked too many hours in the London office.

I got home late and watched television with my wife. Probably Big Brother, or the such.

I had an early night then started the entire routine the next morning: shower, walk to tube, get coffee, sit at desk, log-on to computer.

The day was like any other day. I was chatting with Leeza on AIM. It was after lunch.

Leeza asked if I could see a TV, that something was going on. A plane crash at the World Trade Center.

I walked down the corridor to a small conference room where a colleague had set-up a television. A jet had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings and the building was ablaze.

I went back to my desk and told Leeza I would be in touch later.

Back to the television, calling down the hall to the managing partner who was trying to conduct business in the midst of the excitement.

"They said the Pentagon's been hit," I called to him. Then another jet hit the other WTC building. I screamed. People were rushing through the hall to the televisions. I made my way downstairs to the main conference area where most of the London staff was gathered around a television watching the fire.

It seemed we stood there for an eternity when the first tower collapsed.

I screamed. I yelled, "No!" and I ran from the conference room to my desk to call my wife. She also worked for an American company in London and their office was filled with televisions broadcasting the horror.

I remember little more.

All flights were halted in England. You could hear the occasional helicopter making its way across the City.

Everyone was on the phone trying to reach New York. Nobody succeeded. It was terrifying.

Businesses in London and Paris began shutting down and sending their staff's home. Nobody knew which city would be next.

This was the crime of the century.

I do not remember leaving work or making my way home. But when I arrived home we spent every minute glued to the television and calling all over the USA trying to get news of friends in New York.

My wife had worked on Wall Street and this assignment to London was the only reason we were not in Manhattan.

Over the next couple days we got reports of people missing, people not heard from, people who made it out.

A good friend worked in a building across the street, and she has only said that she can't talk about it.

I remembered all this last night while trying to get home through lower Manhattan. Ground Zero is much safer now than this day five years ago. The President and his posse of assholes and family had invaded New York and required that New Yorkers be inconvenienced so he could defraud his voter-base in a 'silent memorial.'

No elected official, from George Bush to Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton or Chuck Schumer, George Pataki or Bill Clinton, should be allowed to pay their respects. That band of liars and cheats have destroyed America and the crime committed at the WTC five years ago is rooted in their complicity with the oil cartels of the Mideast.

Texas oilmen and their New York lawyers are destroying America. How dare they defile the memory of the World Trade Center with their lying, insincere exhibitions.

Honor the victims of 9/11 by ignoring the President and those who support him.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Liberals likely to hold top leadership posts in Democrat-run US Congress

According to an AFP article, "[o]n November 7th, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 33 Senate seats, 36 governorships as well as numerous mayoral and local positions will be in play."

The author seems to think that there will be liberals elected from the Democratic Party. Who are the liberals in the Democratic Party who will assume leadership positions?

Hillary Clinton? Ted Kennedy? Charles Rangel? These people are not liberals!

If these people ARE liberals, then I must be a friggin' communist!

Democrat used to equal liberal. It doesn't anymore. In fact, in the case of Clinton and many of her power-hungry cohorts, some Democrats are far more to the Right than many Republicans.

I have been a registered Democrat for thirty years.

This will be my last election as a Democrat.

Read the misleading article here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Steve Irwin died doing what he loved best: fucking around with wildlife. The man did amazing things with wild animals on camera. He was remarkable. I think he was also a bit daft.

Over the weekend, he was fucking with a stingray and it barbed him right in the heart. Ouch!

There is alleged to be video footage of the incident, including scenes of him removing the barb from his chest before dying. Wow! If it ever becomes available, I promise to post it here.

During lunch in our cafeteria the other day, a group of us watched footage of mourners in Australia. Many were crying for a man they never knew.

"Crocodile tears," Joe said.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hillary On Goldwater

I just saw a promo for "Goldwater On Goldwater" an HBO show to air on September 18, 2006.

In the promo, Hillary Clinton goes on about what a great man Barry Goldwater was. How much she admires him.

Barry Goldwater represents a part of America that has no interest in working people, the values of working people, the needs of working people or the lifestyles of working people.

Hillary Clinton is that kind of American.

Barry Goldwater could not have cared less about the little man; just like Hillary.

But there is one place where Goldwater and Clinton part ways: Goldwater was a believer in personal freedom: sexual orientation and drug consumption included.

If Mrs. Clinton wants to be a Republican in the Goldwater vein, she could at least do two things: support personal freedom and join the GOP.

If you work for a living (or dare to use your brain to think), please take a good look at Mrs. Clinton's voting record and tell me what you think.

Then support Jonathan Tasini for Senate.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Keith Olbermann Commentary

My first exposure to Keith Olbermann was during his career at ESPN many years ago.

I didn't really like him very much.

In the recent past I saw him doing 'news' on MSNBC and my opinion did not change.

Thursday night I was directed to this video of a commentary Olbermann delivered on Wednesday, August 20, 2006.

It logs-in at over six-and-a-half minutes, and is worth each of its 401 seconds!

Kudos to Olbermann for being the first to say it: Rumsfeld and Co are fascists and need to be stopped.