Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Notable Deaths

by Dick Mac

Historically, I collected the names of each year's notable deaths by retaining the celebrity death mailings from deathwatch at

That source is no longer thorough enough to compile a list.

In no particular order, this is a list of notable deaths culled from information at

Kim Geun-tae, 64, South Korean politician, Minister of Health and Welfare (2004–2006), brain disease.

Flórián Albert, 70, Hungarian footballer, European Footballer of the Year (1967).

Va'aelua Eti Alesana, Samoan politician, President of the Tautua Samoa Party (since 2011).

Paul Abisheganaden, 97, Singaporean music conductor and Cultural Medallion recipient.

Eliseo Alberto, 59, Cuban-born Mexican writer, complications from a kidney transplant.

David G. Boschert, 63, American politician, member of the Maryland House of Delegates (1999–2007), cancer.

Pauline Betz, 91, American tennis player.

Ronald D. Asmus, 53, American diplomat and political analyst, cancer.

Tony Barrell, 70, British-born Australian broadcaster and writer.

Netiva Ben-Yehuda, 82, Israeli author and radio personality.

Hernán Alvarado Solano, 65, Colombian Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Guapi (since 2001).

Viktor Apostolov, 49, Bulgarian Olympic hammer thrower (1988).

Myron Roderick, 77, American Olympic wrestler (1956) and coach.

Kuldeep Manak, 62, Indian Punjabi language singer, pneumonia.

Mumtaz Jajja, 63, Pakistani politician, dengue fever.

Jack Stephens, 78, American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks).

Hikmat Abu Zayd, 96, Egyptian politician, first female cabinet minister.

Jimmy Roselli, 85, American singer, heart complications.

Philip Rose, 89, American theatrical producer, stroke.

Daniel Quillen, 70, American mathematician.

Bosko Radonjich, 67, Serbian nationalist, after short illness.

Eunice Sanborn, 114, American supercentenarian, world's oldest living person at time of her death.

Günter Mast, 84, German businessman (Jägermeister).

Marios Leousis, 85, Greek magician.

Ray Flockton, 81, Australian cricketer.

William Franklin Lee III, 82, American music educator, Dean of University of Miami School of Music (1964–1982).

Ben Feleo, 85, Filipino film director.

Michael Showers, 45, American actor (Treme, Breaking Bad, The Vampire Diaries), drowned.

Robert Ettinger, 92, American cryonicist, respiratory failure.

John Waite, 81, South African cricketer.

Matej Ferjan, 34, Slovenian motorcycle speedway rider.

Jerzy Nowosielski, 88, Polish painter, graphic artist, scenographer and illustrator.

Tony Geiss, 86, American television writer and composer (Sesame Street), Emmy award winner, complications from a fall.

Wiel Coerver, 86, Dutch footballer and manager.

Vasilis Dioskouridis, 70, Greek intellectual.

Reuven Shefer, 85, Israeli actor.

Jack Goldman, 90, American physicist, chief scientist at Xerox Corporation.

Mickey Rottner, 92, American basketball player (Sheboygan Red Skins, Chicago Stags).

Thomas Syme, 83, British Olympic ice hockey player.

Jack Fitzpatrick, 88, American entrepreneur and politician, co-founder of Country Curtains, Massachusetts State Senator (1973–1980).

Zbynek Zeman, 82, Czech historian.

Bob Gould, 74, Australian activist and bookseller.

Eldon Davis, 94, American architect, creator of Googie architecture, founder of Armet & Davis.

Russell W. Peterson, 94, American politician, Governor of Delaware (1969–1973), stroke.

Emanuele Gerada, 90, Maltese Roman Catholic prelate, Titular Archbishop of Nomentum, Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland (1989–1995).

Bronislovas Lubys, 73, Lithuanian entrepreneur and politician, Prime Minister of Lithuania (1992–1993), heart attack.

Miguel González Avelar, 74, Mexican politician, Secretary of Public Education (1985–1988), heart and renal failure.

José Soriano, 93, Peruvian football player.

Iván Heyn, 34, Argentine economist and politician.

Robert E. Holthus, 77, American racehorse trainer, heart attack.

Amnon Salomon, 71, Israeli cinematographer.

Pamela Ann Rymer, 70, American federal judge, cancer.

Milton Gwirtzman, 78, American speech writer, advisor to the Kennedy family, metastatic melanoma.

E. M. Broner, 83, American author, multiple organ failure.

Ralph Hunt, 83, Australian politician, MP for Gwydir (1969–1989).

Hazel Dickens, 75, American bluegrass singer.

Helen Stenborg, 86, American actress.

Kenneth Pillar, 86, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Hertford (1982–1989).

Herb Gray, 76, American-born Canadian football player (Winnipeg Blue Bombers).

Christine Cole Catley, 88, New Zealand journalist, publisher and author, lung cancer.

Khalifa Kambi, 56, Gambian politician, Deputy Minister of Agriculture (since 2010).

Marco Simoncelli, 24, Italian motorcycle racer, race crash.

Sir Donald Farquharson, 83, British jurist.

Fran Landesman, 83, American lyricist and poet.

Arthur Budgett, 95, British racehorse trainer.

Suzanne Mizzi, 43, British glamour model and interior designer, cancer.

Madhava Gudi, 70, Indian Hindustani classical vocalist.

George Alfred Walker, 81, British businessman, founder of Brent Walker.

Aranmula Ponnamma, 96, Indian actress.

Barney F. Hajiro, 94, American soldier, was oldest living Medal of Honor recipient.

Naoki Sugiura, 79, Japanese actor, lung cancer.

Carlos Jonguitud Barrios, 87, Mexican union leader and politician, Governor of San Luis Potosí (1979–1985).

Yoshimitsu Morita, 61, Japanese film director (The Family Game), liver failure.

Sena Jurinac, 90, Bosnian-born Austrian opera singer.

Tillie Taylor, 88, Canadian judge.

Arvid Andersson, 92, Swedish Olympic weightlifter.

Brian Harrison, 89, Australian-born British politician and businessman, MP for Maldon (1955–1974).

Butch Lewis, 65, American boxing promoter, heart attack.

Mark Gerard, 76, American racehorse trainer.

Ronald Naar, 56, Dutch mountaineer.

Siarhei Lahun, 22, Belarusian weightlifter, car accident.

Michael Abramson, 62, American artist and photographer, kidney cancer.

Premananda, 59, Sri Lankan-born Indian religious leader, convicted rapist and murderer.

Wally Hughes, 76, English football coach.

Tushar Ranganath, 37, Indian film director (Gulama), heart attack.

Georg Kreisler, 89, Austrian-born American cabarettist, satirist, composer and author.

Johnny Barend, 82, American professional wrestler, natural causes.

Budd Hopkins, 80, American artist and UFO researcher, liver cancer.

Conrad Meyer, 89, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Dorchester (1979–1988)

Anthony Herrera, 57, American actor (As the World Turns), cancer.

Breon O'Casey, 83, British artist.

Sidney Michaels, 83, American playwright and screenwriter (The Night They Raided Minsky's), Alzheimer's disease.

Barry Ackerley, 76, American businessman (Ackerley Group), former owner of the Seattle SuperSonics, stroke.

Rudy Robbins, 77, American singer and actor.

Dennis Oppenheim, 72, American artist, liver cancer.

Bogdan Zakrzewski, 95, Polish historian and researcher of Polish literature.

Bud Lewis, 103, American golfer, oldest living member of the Professional Golfers' Association of America, natural causes.

Monte J. Brough, 72, American religious leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

John R. Hubbard, 92, American diplomat, President of University of Southern California (1970–1980), United States Ambassador to India (1988–1989).

Bill Morrissey, 59, American singer-songwriter.

Kothapalli Jayashankar, 76, Indian educator and politician, after long illness.

Walter Soboleff, 102, American Tlingit scholar and spiritual leader, first Native Alaskan Prebysterian minister, bone and prostate cancer.

Merle Greene Robertson, 97, American artist and archeologist.

Haila Stoddard, 97, American actress and Broadway producer.

E. V. V. Satyanarayana, 54, Indian Telugu movie director, throat cancer and cardiac arrest.

Jan Boye, 49, Danish politician, complications from brain hemorrhage.

John Rex, 86, South African-born British sociologist.

Nikolai Andrianov, 58, Russian gymnast, most medaled athlete at the 1976 Summer Olympics, after long illness.

Lynn Margulis, 73, American biologist and evolution theorist, stroke.

Jean Dubuisson, 97, French architect.

Frank Driggs, 81, American Grammy Award-winning jazz producer, musician and archivist, natural causes.

John J. Kelley, 80, American Olympic long-distance runner, winner of the 1957 Boston Marathon.

Nguyen Cao Ky, 80, Vietnamese air force chief and political leader, Prime Minister of South Vietnam (1965–1967).

Bruce Kinloch, 91, British soldier and game warden.

Joe Steffy, 85, American college football player (Army), 1947 Outland Trophy winner.

José Torres Martino, 94, Puerto Rican painter and writer, after long illness.

Judith Sulzberger, 87, American physician.

Kenth Andersson, 66, Swedish middle-distance runner.

Leopold Unger, 89, Polish journalist.

Jesús Aranguren, 66, Spanish footballer and manager.

Kenchappa Varadaraj, 89, Indian Olympic footballer (1948).

Danielle Mitterrand, 87, French activist, widow of François Mitterrand, First Lady of the French Republic (1981–1995).

Peter Goldie, 64, British philosopher.

Oscar Handlin, 95, American historian.

Richard Pike, 61, British chemist.

Robert Kroetsch, 83, Canadian novelist and poet, car crash.

George Henry Strohsahl, Jr., 73, American naval officer and former commander of the Pacific Missile Test Center.

Maurice Brown, 91, British Royal Air Force fighter pilot.

Antonín Švorc, 77, Czech operatic bass-baritone.

Hans Boskamp, 78, Dutch actor and footballer, stroke.

João Maria Tudela, 81, Portuguese singer.

Ezra Sued, 88, Argentine footballer (Racing Club de Avellaneda), infection.

Václav Zítek, 79, Czech opera singer.

Paul Motian, 80, American jazz drummer, myelodysplastic syndrome.

Kutty, 90, Indian political cartoonist.

Michael Jarvis, 73, British horse trainer.

Darioush Rezaeinejad, 35, Iranian nuclear scientist, shot.

Suresh Tendulkar, 72, Indian economist, cardiac arrest.

John Delaney, 42, Irish businessman (Intrade).

Beverly Barton, 64, American romance author, heart failure.

John L. Cashin, Jr., 82, American civil rights campaigner, kidney failure.

Drew Baur, 66, American banker, co-owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, heart attack.

Eduardo Davino, 81, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Palestrina (1997–2005).

Muga Takewaki, 67, Japanese actor, cerebrovascular disease.

Greg Spira, 44, American baseball researcher (SABR), writer and editor.

George McCarty, 96, American college basketball coach (New Mexico State University, UTEP).

Ali Saibou, 71, Nigerien politician, President (1987–1993).

Roger G. Kennedy, 85, American civil servant, Director of the National Park Service (1993–1997), melanoma.

R.E.G. Davies, 90, British aviation historian.

Jay Dee Springbett, 36, British-born Australian record industry executive and Australian Idol judge.

Ernesto Sabato, 99, Argentine writer (El Túnel, On Heroes and Tombs), pneumonia.

Edward Stobart, 56, British haulage contractor and entrepreneur.

Charles Sellier, 67, American film and television producer (The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams).

Thanasis Pouliadis, 71, Greek entrepreneur, founder of Pouliadis Associates Corporation.

Ezzatollah Sahabi, 81, Iranian politician, Member of Parliament (1980–1984), stroke.

Radoslav Stojanovic, 81, Serbian politician and law expert (University of Belgrade), co-founder of the Democratic Party.

George Athor, 49, South Sudanese rebel leader, shot.

Frank Pyke, 69, Australian footballer, sports scientist, academic and sports administrator.

Roger Moore, 73, American professional poker player.

Edith Tiempo, 92, Filipino author, National Artist of the Philippines, heart attack.

John Shalikashvili, 75, Polish-born American army general, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1993–1997), stroke.

Maria Gomes Valentim, 114, Brazilian supercentenarian, world's oldest person.

Irene Gilbert, 76, American actress and school director, co-founder of Stella Adler Academy of Los Angeles, Alzheimer's disease.

Ray Eden, 42, British cyclist, head injuries.

Barbara Harmer, 57, British aviator, first female Concorde pilot, cancer.

Bruce Gordon, 94, American character actor (The Untouchables), after long illness.

Tine Bryld, 71, Danish social worker, writer, radio host and letters editor.

Aleksei Mamykin, 75, Russian footballer and coach.

Hans Reichel, 62, German guitarist, inventor of the daxophone.

Mullanezhi, 63, Indian poet and actor, heart attack.

Burhanuddin Rabbani, 70, Afghan politician, President (1992–1996, 2001), bomb attack.

Reza Badiyi, 81, Iranian-born American television director (Mission: Impossible, The Six Million Dollar Man).

Elmer B. Staats, 97, American public servant, Comptroller General of the United States (1966–1981).

Thomas N. Armstrong III, 78, American museum curator.

Bill Hunter, 71, Australian actor (Muriel's Wedding), liver cancer.

Mayhew Foster, 99, American brigadier general, flew captured Hermann Goering to interrogation.

Betty Hicks, 90, American golfer (LPGA Tour), Alzheimer's disease.

Ernest McCulloch, 84, Canadian biologist.

Luciano Magistrelli, 73, Italian Olympic footballer (1960), heart attack.

Annalisa Ericson, 97, Swedish actress (Summer Interlude).

Alberto Reynoso, 71, Filipino Olympic basketball player (1968).

Cathal O'Shannon, 83, Irish journalist and television presenter.

Victor Blanchard Scheffer, 104, American mammologist and author, natural causes.

Ross Barbour, 82, American singer, last founding member of The Four Freshmen, lung cancer.

Amy Winehouse, 27, British singer-songwriter ("Rehab"), accidental alcohol poisoning.

Ryan Dunn, 34, American reality television star (Jackass, Viva La Bam), car accident.

Helen J. Frye, 80, American federal judge, after long illness.

Loleatta Holloway, 64, American soul and disco musician, heart failure.

Troy Jackson, 35, American basketball player (AND1 Mixtape Tour).

Miesque, 27, French racehorse, euthanized.

Hiroyuki Nagato, 77, Japanese actor, cerebrovascular disease.

Héctor Núñez, 75, Uruguayan footballer, after long illness.

Robert Pierpoint, 86, American broadcast journalist, complications from surgery.

Fred Fay, 66, American leader in the disability rights movement.

Tom Aldredge, 83, American actor (The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire), lymphoma.

Pádraig Kennelly, 82, Irish publisher, editor and journalist, founder of Kerry's Eye.

Reginald C. Fuller, 102, British Roman Catholic priest and author.

Tony Kellow, 58, British footballer (Exeter City).

F. A. Nettelbeck, 60, American poet.

Horst-Eberhard Richter, 88, German psychoanalyst and social philosopher.

Kristian Schultze, 66, German musician.

Hansl Krönauer, 78, German folk singer and composer.

Magomet Isayev, 83, Russian Esperantist, translator and linguist.

Gaby Stenberg, 88, Swedish actress.

Ron Smith, 70, American radio host (WBAL), pancreatic cancer.

Bison Smith, 38, American professional wrestler, heart complications.

Roy Smalley, Jr., 85, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves, Philadelphia Phillies).

Charles S. Gubser, 95, American politician, U.S. Representative from California (1953–1974).

Linda Christian, 87, Mexican-born American actress, first Bond girl (1954 television adaptation of Casino Royale).

Ottilie Patterson, 79, Northern Irish singer.

Gordon McLennan, 87, British politician, General Secretary of the Communist Party (1975–1990), cancer.

Harold Garfinkel, 93, American sociologist.

Ladislav Novák, 79, Czech footballer.

Jay Landesman, 91, American publisher, writer and nightclub proprietor, husband of Fran Landesman.

Reynolds Price, 77, American author, professor at Duke University, heart attack.

Per Unckel, 63, Swedish politician, Governor of Stockholm County (since 2007), cancer.

Doe Avedon, 86, American actress (The High and the Mighty) and model, pneumonia.

Himie Voxman, 99, American musician.

Sultan, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, 83, Saudi royal, Minister of Defense and Aviation (since 1962) and Crown Prince (since 2005).

Arch West, 97, American marketing executive credited with developing Doritos.

Rafael Halperin, 87, Israeli businessman and professional wrestler.

Vladimir Pettay, 38, Russian football referee, plane crash.

Jim Pyburn, 78, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles), after long illness.

W. J. Gruffydd, 94, Welsh poet.

Pinetop Perkins, 97, American blues musician, cardiac arrest.

Frank A. McClintock, 90, American mechanical engineer.

John Jacob Rhodes III, 67, American politician, U.S. Representative from Arizona (1987–1993).

Dmitri Furman, 68, Russian historian and philosopher, after long illness.

Henry E. Catto, Jr., 81, American public servant and diplomat, complications of leukemia.

Syd Cain, 93, British film production designer (From Russia with Love, Lolita).

Ed Thompson, 66, American politician, Mayor of Tomah, Wisconsin (2008–2010), and gubernatorial candidate, pancreatic cancer.

Robert Whitaker, 71, British photographer, shot The Beatles' butcher album cover, cancer.

Patricia Hardy, 79, American actress, colon cancer.

Charles Taylor Manatt, 75, American lawyer and banker, Chair of Democratic National Committee (1981–1985), Ambassador to Dominican Republic (1999–2001), stroke.

Eric Swenson, 64, American businessman, co-founder of Thrasher, suicide by gunshot.

Bill Rechin, 80, American cartoonist (Crock), complications from esophageal cancer.

Sir Fred Phillips, 92, Kittitian politician, Administrator (1966–1967) and Governor of Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla (1967–1969).

Eugénio Salessu, 87, Angolan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Malanje (1977–1998).

Kjeld Tolstrup, 45, Danish radio disc jockey (DR P3), after long illness.

Catharina Halkes, 90, Dutch theologian and feminist

Albert D. Cohen, 97, Canadian businessman.

Hikmet Bilâ, 57, Turkish journalist and author, lung cancer.

George Benton, 78, American boxer, pneumonia.

Angelo Maria Rivato, 86, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Ponta de Pedras (1967–2002).

Malcolm Muir, 96, American jurist.

Robert H. Widmer, 95, American aeronautical engineer.

Echo Valley, 56, American pornographic actress, car crash.

Jim Heise, 80, American baseball player (Washington Senators), complications from surgery.

Joe Wizan, 76, Mexican born-American film producer and studio executive (Jeremiah Johnson, Dunston Checks In), after long illness.

Sexy Cora, 23, German pornographic actress, complications from breast enlargement surgery.

Helmut Ringelmann, 84, German film and television producer, organ failure.

Lorenzo de Rodas, 81, Mexican actor (Bajo la misma piel), heart attack.

Jeremy Doyle, 28, Australian wheelchair basketball player, Paralympic gold medalist (2009), bladder cancer.

Antonio Cassese, 74, Italian international law expert, Yugoslavian war crimes judge, cancer.

Thomas Capano, 61, American convicted murderer, heart attack.

Ram Sharan Sharma, 91, Indian historian.

Ifti Nasim, 64, Pakistani-born American poet and radio host, heart attack.

Don Diamond, 90, American actor (F Troop, The Adventures of Kit Carson, Zorro).

Michael Bell, 74, Irish politician, Teachta Dála for Louth (1982–2002).

Jess Stonestreet Jackson, Jr., 81, American wine entrepreneur, founder of Kendall-Jackson, cancer.

Don Canney, 80, American politician, Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (1969–1992), heart failure.

Alan Uglow, 69, British-born American painter, lung cancer.

Arie van Deursen, 80, Dutch historian.

Noemí Simonetto de Portela, 85, Argentine Olympic silver medal-winning (1948) athlete.

Václav Havel, 75, Czech playwright and politician, President of Czechoslovakia (1989–1992) and the Czech Republic (1993–2003).

George Gallup, Jr., 81, American pollster, liver cancer.

George Daniels, 85, British horologist.

Jo Carson, 64, American writer.

Vernon Stratton, 83, British Olympic sailor.

Tex Nelson, 74, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles).

Tom Hungerford, 96, Australian author.

John Cigna, 75, American radio personality (KDKA).

Ken Kostick, 57, Canadian cooking show host (What's for Dinner?), complications of pancreatitis.

Bob Christo, 72, Australian-born Indian actor, heart attack.

Gus Zernial, 87, American baseball player (Oakland Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox), heart failure.

Malaysia Vasudevan, 66, Indian actor and playback singer, heart failure.

Kaye Stevens, 79, American singer and actress.

Chester McGlockton, 42, American football player (Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos), apparent heart attack.

Samir Khan, 25, Saudi-born American jihadist and publisher (Inspire), airstrike.

Peter Twiss, 90, British test pilot.

Pêr Denez, 90, French Breton linguist and writer.

Georg Sterzinsky, 75, German Roman Catholic cardinal, Archbishop of Berlin (1989–2011), after long illness.

Edgar Seymour, 98, American Olympic bobsledder.

Henry Taub, 83, American entrepreneur, founder of Automatic Data Processing, leukemia.

Michael Tolan, 85, American actor (The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Mary Tyler Moore Show), heart disease and renal failure.

Syed Saleem Shahzad, 40, Pakistani journalist, shot.

Serge Aubry, 69, Canadian ice hockey player (Quebec Nordiques), diabetes.

Aracy de Carvalho Guimarães Rosa, 102, Brazilian diplomatic clerk, natural causes.

Warren Hellman, 77, American investor, founder of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festivals, complications from leukemia treatment.

Greg Halman, 24, Dutch baseball player (Seattle Mariners), stabbed.

Thomas Dillon, 61, American serial killer.

John Abley, 81, Australian football player, cardiac arrest.

Rezso Kende, 102, Hungarian Olympic gymnast.

William Elliott, Baron Elliott of Morpeth, 90, British politician, MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North (1957–1983).

Max Mathews, 84, American engineer and computer music composer, complications from pneumonia.

Neva Egan, 96, American First Lady of Alaska (1959–1966, 1970–1974), widow of William Allen Egan.

Cees de Wolf, 65, Dutch footballer (Ajax Amsterdam).

Bernard Collomb, 80, French racing driver.

Néstor de Vicente, 46, Argentine footballer, car crash.

Salem Jubran, 71, Israeli Arab poet and journalist.

Eli Hurvitz, 79, Israeli industrialist.

Yann Fouéré, 101, French Breton nationalist.

Dolores Hope, 102, American philanthropist, widow of Bob Hope, natural causes.

Merv Brooks, 92, Australian footballer.

Franz Alt, 100, Austrian-born American mathematician.

John Kerr, Sr., 67, Scottish-born Canadian soccer player.

Arieh Handler, 95, Israeli Zionist leader.

Muhannad, 41, Saudi al Qaeda fighter in Chechnya, shot.

Oliver Humperdink, 62, American professional wrestling manager, pneumonia and cancer.

Mehdi Mohammed Zeyo, 49, Libyan activist, explosion.

George Franck, 92, American football player (New York Giants).

Ralph MacDonald, 67, American percussionist and songwriter.

John Peter Jukes, 88, English Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark (1979–1998).

Bertram Nelson Herlong, 77, American bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee.

Ginger McCain, 80, British horse trainer, cancer.

Clément Cailleau, 88, French-born Senegalese Roman Catholic prelate, Prefect of Tambacounda (1970–1986).

Echendu Adiele, 32, Nigerian footballer.

Agostinho Januszewicz, 80, Polish-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Luziânia (1989–2004).

Suresh Babu, 58, Indian Olympic athlete, cirrhosis.

Wayne R. Grisham, 88, American politician, Representative from California (1979–1983).

Eduard Janota, 59, Czech politician, Finance Minister (2009–2010), cardiac arrest.

Gil Courtemanche, 68, Canadian journalist and novelist (Un dimanche à la piscine à Kigali), cancer.

Sofía Silva, 82, Venezuelan winner of first Miss Venezuela title (1952).

Ted Markland, 78, American actor.

Jim Lewis, 84, English Olympic footballer.

Digby Jacks, 66, British president of the National Union of Students (1971–1973).

George Cadle Price, 92, Belizean politician, Prime Minister (1981–1984; 1989–1993).

Ashleigh Connor, 21, Australian soccer player, car accident.

Donald Krim, 65, American businessman, president of Kino International, cancer.

Johnny Pearson, 85, British composer, arranger and pianist.

Florinda Chico, 84, Spanish actress, respiratory disease.

Ulrich Biesinger, 77, German football player.

Yoshiko Tanaka, 55, Japanese actress (Godzilla vs. Biollante) and singer (Candies), breast cancer.

Mihai Ionescu, 74, Romanian footballer (Petrolul Ploiesti, Romania).

Gun Hägglund, 79, Swedish television personality, world's first female television news presenter, after short illness.

Donald Neilson, 75, English serial killer.

Anne McCaffrey, 85, American science fiction writer (Dragonriders of Pern series), stroke.

Anis Mansour, 86, Egyptian writer and columnist, pneumonia.

Kerima Polotan Tuvera, 85, Filipino author and journalist.

Andrew Grant DeYoung, 37, American convicted murderer, executed by lethal injection.

Yelena Bonner, 88, Russian human rights activist, after long illness.

Joaquín Pérez, 75, Mexican Olympic double bronze medal-winning (1980) equestrian.

Walter van de Walle, 88, Canadian politician, MP for Pembina (1986–1988) and St. Albert (1988–1993).

Sara Ruddick, 76, American philosopher and author, pulmonary fibrosis.

Norman Corner, 68, British footballer.

Jose Kusugak, 60, Canadian Inuit leader, bladder cancer.

Johnny Raducanu, 79, Romanian jazz musician, cardiac arrest.

Don Sharp, 89, Australian-born British film director (Hammer horror).

Hal Patterson, 79, American player of Canadian football (Montreal Alouettes, Hamilton Tiger-Cats).

Tone Pavcek, 83, Slovenian author and translator.

Jack Adler, 94, American comic book artist.

Brian Pope, 100, English rugby union player.

Milly Del Rubio, 89, American singer (The Del Rubio Triplets).

Frederick Chiluba, 68, Zambian politician, President (1991–2002), heart attack.

Steve Rutt, 66, American inventor of early video animation, pancreatic cancer.

Allan Brown, 84, Scottish football player and manager (Blackpool, Scotland).

Dorothy Young, 103, American actress, assistant to Harry Houdini.

Donald L. Cox, 74, American leader of the Black Panther Party.

Ramiro Saraiva Guerreiro, 92, Brazilian politician, Minister of External Relations (1979–1985).

Ronald Wolfe, 89, British sitcom writer (The Rag Trade, On the Buses), complications from a fall.

Linda Bebko-Jones, 65, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1993–2006).

Edmundo Ros, 100, Trinidadian bandleader.

Mohammed Bassiouni, 74, Egyptian diplomat, Ambassador to Israel (1986–2000).

Raúl Ruiz, 70, Chilean film director (Three Lives and Only One Death, Time Regained), pulmonary infection.

Pedro Claro Meurice Estiu, 79, Cuban Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba (1970–2007).

Clarence Clemons, 69, American saxophonist (E Street Band) and singer ("You're a Friend Of Mine"), complications following a stroke.

Randy Savage, 58, American professional wrestler.

Tim Hetherington, 40, British photojournalist and filmmaker (Restrepo), mortar attack.

Patrick Ahern, 92, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of New York (1970–1994).

Ollie Matson, 80, American Hall of Fame football player (St. Louis Rams, Philadelphia Eagles), complications from dementia.

Wilfrid Sheed, 80, English-born American novelist and essayist, urosepsis.

John Bishop, 65, American soul and jazz guitarist, heart attack.

Fabio Betancur Tirado, 73, Colombian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Manizales (1996–2010).

Scott White, 41, American politician, member of the Washington House of Representatives (2009–2011) and State Senator (2011), cardiomegaly complications.

Tom Daly, 93, Canadian movie director and producer, long illness.

Jimmy Sangster, 83, British director and screenwriter (Hammer Films).

Elliot Handler, 95, American businessman, co-founder of Mattel, namer of the Barbie doll, creator of Hot Wheels, heart failure.

A. Whitney Ellsworth, 75, American editor and publisher (The New York Review of Books), pancreatic cancer.

Phyllis Avery, 88, American actress (Meet Mr. McNutley), heart failure.

Chris Hondros, 41, American photojournalist, mortar attack.

Kym Bonython, 90, Australian art, jazz and speedway entrepreneur.

Anson Rainey, 81, American academic and author, pancreatic cancer.

Carla Swart, 23, South African cyclist, traffic accident.

Lasse Brandeby, 66, Swedish journalist, actor and television personality.

Ronald Amess, 84, Australian Olympic ice hockey player.

Norma Holloway Johnson, 79, American federal judge, first African American woman to serve as a district court chief judge, stroke.

Vilem Sokol, 96, American conductor and music professor, cancer.

William Hildenbrand, 89, American government officer, Secretary of the United States Senate (1981–1985).

Don H. Barden, 67, American businessman, lung cancer.

Osvaldo Miranda, 95, Argentine actor (Cita en las estrellas).

Guillermo Ford, 74, Panamanian politician, Vice President of Panama (1989–1994).

Hira Devi Waiba, 71, Nepali folk singer, injuries from a fire.

Karl Frei, 94, Swiss gymnast, 1948 Olympic gold medalist .

Erno Solymosi, 70, Hungarian Olympic bronze medal-winning (1960) football player.

Sérgio Britto, 88, Brazilian actor and television host, heart failure.

Michael Gower Coleman, 72, South African Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Port Elizabeth (1986–2011).

Frank Leonard Brooks, 100, Canadian artist.

Bayless Manning, 88, American lawyer, Dean of Stanford Law School (1964–1971), first President of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Yevhen Yevseyev, 24, Ukrainian footballer, car accident.

Brian Haw, 62, British peace activist, lung cancer.

Garret FitzGerald, 85, Irish politician, Taoiseach (1981–1982; 1982–1987) and Minister for Foreign Affairs (1973–1977), after short illness.

Madelyn Pugh, 90, American screenwriter (I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, The Mothers-in-Law) and producer (Alice).

Raymond Garlick, 84, British poet and editor.

Bob Young, 87, American news journalist and anchor (ABC World News).

Dietrich Stobbe, 72, German politician, Mayor of West Berlin (1977–1981).

Jerzy Bielecki, 90, Polish social worker, survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp, Polish Righteous among the Nations recipient.

Yevgeny Lopatin, 93, Russian Olympic silver medal-winning (1952) weightlifter.

Teruo Sugihara, 74, Japanese golfer, cancer.

Zdenek Miler, 90, Czech animator and illustrator, creator of The Mole.

Bob Barry, Sr., 80, American sports commentator.

Ram Dayal Munda, 72, Indian scholar and activist.

Rosel Zech, 69, German actress (Veronika Voss, Aimée & Jaguar), cancer.

Mario Echandi Jiménez, 96, Costa Rican politician, President (1958–1962), pneumonia.

Sean Wight, 47, Scottish-born Australian football player, lung cancer.

Hugh Stewart, 100, British film editor and producer.

Harley Allen, 55, American bluegrass and country singer, cancer.

Jane Russell, 89, American actress (The Outlaw, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), respiratory illness.

Norman Uprichard, 82, British footballer.

Apostolos Santas, 89, Greek Resistance veteran.

Eva Ekvall, 28, Venezuelan TV news anchor and model, Miss Venezuela 2000, breast cancer.

David Cargill, 75, Scottish footballer.

John Bosco Manat Chuabsamai, 75, Thai Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Ratchaburi (1985–2003).

William F. May, 95, American film society founder (Film Society of Lincoln Center), heart failure.

Samir Chanda, 51, Indian art film director, cardiac arrest.

Slavomir Miklovš, 77, Croatian Greek Catholic hierarch, Bishop of Križevci (1983–2009).

Ivan Gibbs, 83, Australian politician, Queensland MLA for Albert (1974–1989), cancer.

Tul Bahadur Pun, 88, Nepali World War II veteran, recipient of the Victoria Cross, cardiac complications.

Barrington Gaynor, 45, Jamaican footballer.

David R. Thompson, 80, American federal judge.

Charlie Cowdrey, 77, American football coach (Illinois State University, Southwestern College).

Gustaf Kjellvander, 31, Swedish singer-songwriter.

Cesária Évora, 70, Cape Verdean singer, heart failure.

Shelagh Delaney, 72, English playwright (A Taste of Honey) and screenwriter (Dance with a Stranger), breast cancer and heart failure.

Barry Feinstein, 80, American photographer and photojournalist.

Marcelino Palentini, 68, Italian-born Argentinian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Jujuy (since 1995).

Simon De Jong, 69, Canadian politician, MP for Regina East (1979–1988) and Regina—Qu'Appelle (1988–1997), leukemia.

Bruce Sundlun, 91, American politician, Governor of Rhode Island (1991–1995).

Robin Nash, 84, British television producer.

David H. Kelley, 87, American-born Canadian archaeologist.

Hubert Schlafly, 91, American engineer, co-inventor of the TelePrompter.

Knut, 4, German-born polar bear, drowned.

Max Wilk, 90, American playwright, screenwriter and author.

George Crowe, 89, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals).

Kim Jong-il, 69 or 70, North Korean Supreme Leader (since 1994), heart attack.

Theodore J. Forstmann, 71, American financier (IMG, Topps, Gulfstream) and philanthropist, brain cancer.

Moatassem Gaddafi, 34, Libyan Army officer, fifth son of Muammar Gaddafi, shot.

Bill Gray, 88, American football player (Washington Redskins).

Kazimierz Swiatek, 96, Estonian-born Belarusian Roman Catholic cardinal, Archbishop of Minsk-Mohilev (1991–2006).

Bob Pease, 70, American integrated circuit engineer.

Kathy Kirby, 72, British singer, after short illness.

Kerry Smith, 58, New Zealand actress and broadcaster, melanoma.

Tom McAvoy, 74, American baseball player (Washington Senators).

Richard L. Williams, 87, American jurist, District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia (1979–1992), natural causes.

Jerre Denoble, 87, American baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).

Ivo Škrabalo, 77, Croatian writer, director and actor.

Alex Ibru, 66, Nigerian newspaper publisher and politician, Minister of Internal Affairs (1993–1995).

Muammar Gaddafi, 69, Libyan leader (1969–2011), shot.

Swian Zanoni, 23, Brazilian motocross rider, race accident.

Johnson, 58, Indian film music composer, cardiac arrest.

Jack Thompson, 82, British politician, MP for Wansbeck (1983–1997).

John Perumattam, 89, Indian Syro-Malabar Catholic hierarch, Bishop of Ujjain (1968–1998).

William Kloefkorn, 78, American poet.

Yuan Xuefen, 88, Chinese Yueju opera actress.

Erwin Strahl, 82, Austrian actor.

Mario Mannucci, 79, Italian rally co-driver.

Zew Wawa Morejno, 95, Polish-born American rabbi.

Eugenia Escudero, 96, Mexican Olympic fencer.

Harley Sewell, 80, American football player (Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams).

Lenny Lyles, 75, American football player (Baltimore Colts).

Gale Gillingham, 67, American football player (Green Bay Packers).

Ernest House Sr., 65, American tribal leader, Chairman of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe (1982–2010), injuries from a motorcycle accident.

Paul Lockyer, 61, Australian journalist, helicopter crash.

Amelia Trice, 75, American Kootenai tribal leader and activist, leader of the last Indian war against the United States, cancer.

Alda Noni, 95, Italian coloratura soprano.

Anne Blonstein, 52, British poet.

Mohammed Nabbous, 28, Libyan journalist, founder of Alhurra TV, shot.

Cayle Chernin, 63, Canadian actress (Goin' Down the Road), cancer.

Duncan Hall, 85, Australian rugby league player.

Shlomo Pinto, 57, Israeli paralympic athlete.

Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr, 59, Libyan military officer and politician, Minister of Defence (1970–2011), shot.

Colin Madigan, 90, Australian architect.

Herb Pfuhl, 83, American politician, longest-serving Mayor of Johnstown, Pennsylvania (1971–1977, 1982–1993).

Elwy Yost, 86, Canadian television host and writer.

Lynn Chandnois, 86, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers).

Navin Nischol, 65, Indian actor, heart attack.

Len Gilmore, 93, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates).

John Herivel, 92, British codebreaker at Bletchley Park.

Mario Martiradonna, 73, Italian footballer.

Kjell Bohlin, 82, Norwegian politician.

Joãosinho Trinta, 78, Brazilian Carnival designer, septic shock.

Vladimir Ryzhkin, 80, Russian Olympic gold medal-winning (1956) footballer.

David Messas, 77, French rabbi.

Hunter, 36, Australian rapper, cancer.

Maurice M. Rapport, 91, American neuroscience biochemist.

David Brockhoff, 83, Australian rugby union player and coach.

Tom West, 71, American computer hardware engineer, heart attack.

Richard P. Klocko, 96, American Air Force lieutenant general.

Jim Roslof, 64, American artist (Dungeons & Dragons), cancer.

Spook Jacobs, 85, American baseball player (Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates).

Antonín Kubálek, 75, Czech-born Canadian pianist, complications from a brain tumour.

Fedon Matheou, 87, Greek basketball player and coach.

Ulf Aas, 92, Norwegian illustrator.

Armando Martín Borque, 90, Spanish entrepreneur.

Bob Brookmeyer, 81, American jazz valve trombonist, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Sue Lloyd, 72, British actress (The Ipcress File, Crossroads).

Eleanor Mondale, 51, American television personality, daughter of Walter Mondale, brain cancer.

Scotty Robertson, 81, American basketball coach (New Orleans Jazz, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons), cancer.

Blaize Clement, 78, American mystery writer and psychologist, cancer.

Jacquie de Creed, 54, British stuntwoman, air crash.

Seiseki Abe, 96, Japanese shodo and aikido teacher.

Norm Masters, 77, American football player (Green Bay Packers), cancer.

Robert Ross, 92, American physician and medical school founder (Ross University), cancer.

Jim McManus, 70, American tennis player.

Catherine Jourdan, 62, French actress, pulmonary embolism.

Viktor Modzolevsky, 68, Russian Olympic silver (1968) and bronze-medal winning (1972) fencer, road accident.

Robert Easton, 81, American actor and dialect coach.

Larry Munson, 89, American play-by-play radio announcer (Georgia Bulldogs), pneumonia.

Iztok Puc, 45, Slovenian handball player, only Olympian handball player to represent three countries, lung cancer.

Charles H. Percy, 91, American politician, Senator from Illinois (1967–1985), Alzheimer's disease.

Jerome J. Shestack, 88, American human rights activist and attorney, President of American Bar Association (1997–1998).

Lucian Freud, 88, German-born British painter.

Betty Fox, 73, Canadian cancer research activist, founder of the Terry Fox Foundation.

Edward H. Harte, 88, American newspaper executive (Harte-Hanks).

Aage Møst, 87, Norwegian sports official, President of the Norwegian Athletics Association (1956–1965).

Bob Rush, 85, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves, Chicago White Sox).

Buddy Lewis, 94, American baseball player (Washington Senators), cancer.

Cristian Paturca, 46, Romanian composer.

Dan Frazer, 90, American actor (Kojak, As The World Turns), cardiac arrest.

Javier Pradera, 77, Spanish anti-Franco activist, publisher, political analyst and journalist, founder of El País.

Kurt Sanderling, 98, German conductor.

Ben Grussendorf, 69, American politician, Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives (1985–1989; 1991–1993).

Leonard Kastle, 82, American composer and filmmaker (The Honeymoon Killers).

Serge Nubret, 72, French bodybuilder and actor (Pumping Iron).

Leonard Webb, 89, British politician, Mayor of Thame (1975–1979).

Abdost Rind, 27, Pakistani journalist, shot.

Milton Rogovin, 101, American documentary photographer.

Isaia Italeli, 40s, Tuvaluan Cabinet minister.

Morris Tabaksblat, 74, Dutch industrialist.

Jean Tabary, 81, French comic strip artist.

Catê, 38, Brazilian footballer, car accident.

Robert Osserman, 84, American mathematician.

T. M. Jacob, 61, Indian politician, member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly.

Sir Arthur Norman, 94, British industrialist.

Vincent Kympat, 64, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, first Bishop of Jowai (since 2006).

Billy Beck, 86, American actor and clown.

Grant Sullivan, 86, American actor (Pony Express), cancer.

Eddie Turnbull, 88, Scottish football player and manager.

Doc Williams, 96, American country music performer.

Jan van Schijndel, 83, Dutch footballer (1952 Summer Olympics).

Jacques Amir, 78, Israeli politician.

Alla Bayanova, 97, Russian singer, People's Artist of Russia, cancer.

Alice Glenn, 89, Irish politician, TD for Dublin Central (1981–1982; 1982–1987).

Norm Willey, 83, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles).

Myra Kraft, 68, American philanthropist, wife of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, cancer.

Ruth M. Kirk, 81, American politician, Maryland House of Delegates (1983–2011).

Elisabeth Sladen, 65, British actress (Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures), cancer.

Princess Antoinette, Baroness of Massy, 90, Monegasque princess.

Walter Seltzer, 96, American film producer (Soylent Green, The Omega Man).

Jacques Sarr, 76, Senegalese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Thiès (since 1986).

Wlodzimierz Ksiazek, 60, Polish-born American painter.

Karl Aage Præst, 89, Danish football player.

Roger Tallon, 82, French industrial designer.

Ferenc Szojka, 80, Hungarian footballer.

Talaat Sadat, 64, Egyptian politician.

Édison Chará, 31, Colombian footballer, shot.

Augustus Aikhomu, 72, Nigerian admiral and politician, Vice President (1986–1993).

Gloria Sawai, 78, American-born Canadian author.

Rex Mossop, 83, Australian rugby player and television commentator.

Dick Wimmer, 74, American author, heart complications.

Grete Waitz, 57, Norwegian marathon runner, cancer.

Ze'ev Boim, 67, Israeli Knesset member, cancer.

Marshall Stoneham, 70, British physicist, complications of surgery.

Sargent Shriver, 95, American diplomat and politician, Ambassador to France (1968–1970), Vice Presidential nominee (1972), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Chubee Kagita, 54, Japanese politician, heart failure.

Moisés Villanueva de la Luz, 47, Mexican politician, MP (2011).

Gadzhimurat Kamalov, 46, Russian journalist, shot.

Barry Steers, 84, Canadian diplomat, Ambassador to Brazil (1971-1976), Japan (1981-1989), High Commissioner to Bermuda (1976-1979).

Kakkanadan, 76, Indian Malayalam writer.

Roger Belanger, 45, Canadian ice hockey player (Pittsburgh Penguins), heart attack.

Vasyl Dzharty, 53, Ukrainian politician, Prime Minister of Crimea (since 2010), cancer.

Mary Simpson, 85, American minister, first woman to be ordained by the American Episcopal Church.

Sean Dunphy, 73, Irish entertainer.

Olubayo Adefemi, 25, Nigerian footballer, car accident.

Bob Tanna, c. 96, Indian amateur radio operator.

Edgar Tafel, 98, American architect.

Nathan Sharon, 86, Israeli biochemist.

Enzo Cannavale, 82, Italian actor (Cinema Paradiso).

Henry Kitchener, 3rd Earl Kitchener, 92, British soldier and aristocrat.

Ömer Lütfi Akad, 95, Turkish film director.

Ken Meyerson, 47, American tennis agent.

Sir Brian Burnett, 98, British Air Chief Marshal, Chairman of the All England Club.

Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan, 79, New Zealand politician, longest-serving female member of the House of Representatives (1967–1996).

George M. White, 90, American architect, Architect of the Capitol (1971–1995), complications of Parkinson’s disease.

Joseph Galibardy, 96, Indian Olympic gold medal-winning (1936) field hockey player.

Sadiq Ali, 58, Indian politician.

Warren Christopher, 85, American diplomat, Secretary of State (1993–1997), complications from kidney and bladder cancer.

MK Binodini, 88, Indian writer.

Gualtiero Jacopetti, 91, Italian documentary film director.

Tykhon Zhylyakov, 42, Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop of Kremenchuk and Lubny (since 2009), cardiac arrest.

David Bolstad, 42, New Zealand champion woodchopper.

John P. Carroll, 12, American bulldog, mascot of Georgetown University.

Sheila Burrell, 89, British actress.

Gerald Abramovitz, 82, South African architect and designer, assault-related injuries.

James M. Hewgley, Jr., 94, American politician, Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma (1966–1970).

Pietro Ferrero Jr., 47, Italian businessman (Ferrero SpA), bicycle accident.

Jet Harris, 71, British musician (The Shadows), throat cancer.

Ricky Bell, 36, American football player (Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Winnipeg Blue Bombers).

Brian Boobbyer, 82, English rugby union player and cricketer.

Michel Mohrt, 97, French writer, member of the Académie française (since 1985).

Mark Kopytman, 82, Ukrainian-born Israeli composer.

Bohdan Osadchuk, 91, Ukrainian historian and journalist.

Bert Muhly, 88, American politician and academic, Mayor of Santa Cruz, California (1974–1975), heart failure.

Francis Cabot, 86, American gardener and horticulturist.

Hollis E. Roberts, 68, American politician, Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (1978–1997), convicted sex offender.

Bryce Crawford, 96, American scientist, member of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Pierre Quinon, 49, French pole vaulter and Olympic champion, suicide.

William Leonard D’Mello, 80, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Karwar (1976–2007).

James Allason, 98, British politician and soldier, MP for Hemel Hempstead (1959–1974).

Harmon Killebrew, 74, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals), esophageal cancer.

Drew Hill, 54, American football player (Los Angeles Rams, Houston Oilers), stroke.

David Bradby, 68, British drama and theatre scholar, cancer.

David Bradby, 68, British theatre scholar.

Kjell Håkonsen, 75, Norwegian harness racer and trainer.

Patrick V. Murphy, 91, American police chief, New York City Police Commissioner (1970–1973), heart attack.

Gordon S. Clinton, 91, American politician, Mayor of Seattle (1956–1964).

Jeff Rudom, 51, American basketball player and actor .

Andrej Bajuk, 67, Slovenian politician and economist, Prime Minister (2000), stroke.

Lil Greenwood, 86, American vocalist (Duke Ellington Orchestra).

Claudia Bryar, 93, American actress (Psycho II).

Thomas MacAnna, 84, Irish director and actor.

Yu-ri Kim, 22, South Korean fashion model, apparent suicide.

Charlie Metro, 91, American baseball player and manager (Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics), mesothelioma.

George Clarke, 89, British footballer (Ipswich Town).

Sigurjón Brink, 36, Icelandic musician and singer, complications from a stroke.

Jordi Dauder, 73, Spanish actor.

Te Paekiomeka Joy Ruha, 80, New Zealand Maori leader.

Basil D'Oliveira, 80, South African-born English cricketer.

Tadeusz Sawicz, 97, Polish World War II fighter pilot.

Norma Eberhardt, 82, American actress (Live Fast, Die Young, The Return of Dracula), stroke.

Wild Man Fischer, 66, American street musician, heart failure.

Frank Upton, 76, English footballer (Derby County, Chelsea), after short illness.

Bob Plant, 95, British soldier, recipient of the Military Cross.

Peter Weigand, 69, American Olympic sprint canoer.

Dave Duerson, 50, American football player (Phoenix Cardinals, New York Giants), suicide by gunshot.

Sir Bernard Crossland, 87, British engineer, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Queen's University Belfast (1978–1982).

Yoshio Harada, 71, Japanese actor, pneumonia.

Mihri Belli, 96, Turkish politician and writer, respiratory failure.

Slim Dunkin, 24, American rapper (1017 Brick Squad), shot.

Sonny Dixon, 87, American baseball player (Washington Senators, Philadelphia Athletics).

Dave Gavitt, 73, American basketball coach, founder of the Big East Conference.

Creed Black, 86, American newspaper publisher (Lexington Herald-Leader).

Henrique Johannpötter, 78, German-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Bacabal (1989–1997).

Abrar Hussain, 46, Pakistani Olympic boxer, shot.

Ralph Barker, 93, British air gunner and writer.

Mason Rudolph, 76, American golfer.

Kirk Wipper, 87, Canadian founder of the Canadian Canoe Museum.

Francis Anthony Gomes, 79, Bangladeshi Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mymensingh (1987–2006).

Perry Currin, 82, American baseball player (St. Louis Browns), heart failure.

Lars Sjösten, 70, Swedish jazz pianist and composer.

Keith W. Wilcox, 90, American architect and politician, member of LDS priesthood.

Russell Garcia, 95, American-born New Zealand composer.

Ronald Smith, 67, British Olympic boxer (1964).

Sir William Hawthorne, 98, British aerospace engineer.

Huw Ceredig, 69, Welsh actor.

Pierre Jonquères d'Oriola, 91, French equestrian, Olympic gold (1952, 1964) and silver (1964, 1968) medalist.

Yehuda Kiel, 94, Israeli educator and biblical scholar.

Robert Berks, 89, American sculptor, industrial designer and planner.

Ron Hickman, 78, South African-born British inventor (Black & Decker Workmate, Lotus Elan).

Keith Davey, 84, Canadian politician and campaign organizer, Senator (1966–1996).

Moisis Michail Bourlas, 92, Greek Resistance veteran.

Giovanni Saldarini, 86, Italian cardinal, Archbishop of Turin (1989–1999), natural causes.

Sir Clifford Darling, 89, Bahamian politician, Governor-General (1992–1995).

Carl Robie, 66, American Olympic gold (1968) and silver-medal winning (1964) swimmer.

Tom Keith, 64, American radio personality (A Prairie Home Companion).

Clifford Olson, 71, Canadian serial killer, cancer.

Faye Blackstone, 96, American rodeo star, cancer.

Daniel D. McCracken, 81, American computer scientist, cancer.

Larry Bogdanow, 64, American architect, brain tumor.

Ram Man Trishit, 70, Nepali lyricist, kidney problems.

Waldemar Baszanowski, 75, Polish weightlifter.

Allan Williams, 88, Canadian politician, Attorney General of British Columbia (1979–1983), after long illness.

John Barry, 77, British film score composer (From Russia with Love, Chaplin, Out of Africa), five-time Academy Award winner, heart attack.

Jorge Camacho, 77, Cuban painter.

Eduardo Barreto, 57, Uruguayan comic book artist.

Sanford Garelik, 93, American politician, President of the New York City Council (1970–1973).

Kara Kennedy, 51, American television producer, daughter of Ted Kennedy, heart attack.

Albert Facchiano, 101, American mobster.

Östen Mäkitalo, 72, Swedish electrical engineer.

Douglas Blubaugh, 76, American Olympic gold-medal winning (1960) wrestler, motorcycle accident.

William Donald Schaefer, 89, American politician, Governor of Maryland (1987–1995), pneumonia.

Banny deBrum, 54, Marshallese diplomat, Ambassador to the United States (1996–2008, 2009–2011) and Canada (1999–2011).

Steve Horn, 79, American politician, U.S. Representative from California (1993–2003), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Gita Dey, 79, Indian actress, cardiac arrest.

Jon Weaving, 80, Australian operatic tenor, pancreatic cancer.

Jacques Jouanneau, 84, French actor.

Graham Booth, 71, British politician, Member of the European Parliament for South West England (2002–2008).

Brendan Kehoe, 40, Irish software developer and author, acute myeloid leukemia.

Dorice Reid, 67, Cook Islander tourism official and businesswoman, High Commissioner designate to New Zealand.

Serghei Covaliov, 66, Romanian Olympic gold (1968) and silver (1972) medal-winning canoeist.

Michael Gough, 94, British actor (Sleepy Hollow, Batman), after short illness.

Augustine Hu Daguo, 88, Chinese Roman Catholic underground bishop of Guiyang.

Ivica Vidovic, 72, Croatian actor, after long illness.

Jean Leclant, 91, French archaeologist and Egyptologist.

Jean Dutourd, 91, French novelist.

Ladi Geisler, 83, Czech musician.

Akiko Futaba, 96, Japanese ryukoka singer.

William Claver, 75, Filipino human rights lawyer, Congressman from Kalinga-Apayao (1987–1992).

Michael Hastings, 73, English playwright.

James Yannatos, 82, American composer and conductor.

Jimmy Leeward, 74, American stunt and racing pilot, plane crash.

Frank Munro, 63, Scottish footballer (Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.), heart attack.

Twins Seven Seven, 67, Nigerian artist, complications of a stroke.

Bob Davis, 82, Australian football player.

Nasser Al-Kharafi, 67, Kuwaiti businessman (M. A. Kharafi & Sons), heart attack.

Ferlin Husky, 85, American country music singer, heart failure.

George Lewis, 93, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic track and field athlete.

Vern Kaiser, 85, Canadian ice hockey player (Montreal Canadiens).

Karen Khachaturian, 90, Russian composer.

David Fordham, 62, Australian sports commentator, cancer.

Ira Michael Heyman, 81, American lawyer and administrator, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution (1994–2000).

Bob Brunning, 68, British blues musician (Fleetwood Mac), heart attack.

Stephen Mueller, 63, American painter, cancer.

Pete Pihos, 87, American Hall of Fame football player (Philadelphia Eagles), Alzheimer's disease.

Roy Meehan, 79, New Zealand Olympic wrestler.

Bob Banner, 89, American television producer and director (The Carol Burnett Show), Parkinson's disease.

Nathaniel Davis, 86, American diplomat, cancer.

James S. Albus, 75, American engineer.

Don Kennard, 81, American politician, Texas State Senator (1963–1973).

James McLure, 59, American playwright.

Don Kirshner, 76, American record producer and songwriter, host of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, heart failure.

Jack Keeney, 89, American federal prosecutor.

George Chaloupka, 79, Czech-born Australian historian of indigenous art.

Ted Mullighan, 72, Australian jurist, cancer.

Ramesh Saxena, 66, Indian cricketer, brain haemorrhage.

James T. Molloy, 75, American government officer, last Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives (1974–1993), complications of diabetes.

Joko Beck, 94, American Zen Buddhist teacher, founder of the Ordinary Mind School, after long illness.

Edward Hardwicke, 78, British actor (Sherlock Holmes), son of Sir Cedric Hardwicke.

Bob Block, 89, British comedy writer (Rentaghost, Life with The Lyons).

Murdoch Mitchison, 88, British zoologist.

Michelle Monkhouse, 19, Canadian fashion model, car accident.

Robert W. Mackenzie, 82, Canadian labour organizer and politician, Ontario Minister of Labour (1990–1994).

Walter Giller, 84, German actor.

Christopher Hitchens, 62, British writer (God Is Not Great) and commentator (Vanity Fair), esophageal cancer.

Marti Kheel, 63, American ecofeminist.

Ruby Cohn, 89, American theater scholar, Parkinson's disease.

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, 75, American blues musician.

Bernard William Schmitt, 82, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston (1989–2004).

Sir Julian Oswald, 77, British admiral.

John Ehrman, 91, British historian.

Joel Colton, 92, American historian, heart failure.

J.B. Steane, 83, British music critic.

Bill Monroe, 90, American journalist, host of Meet the Press (1975–1984), complications from hypertension.

John Ross, 72, American activist, author and journalist, liver cancer.

Kiyoshi Kodama, 77, Japanese actor, stomach cancer.

Paula Hyman, 65, American professor of modern Jewish history (Yale University).

Pete Leichnitz, 85, Canadian ice hockey player.

Norman Corwin, 101, American radio writer, director and producer.

Tom Wilson, Sr., 80, American cartoonist (Ziggy).

Aud Talle, 65, Norwegian social anthropologist.

Cec Thompson, 85, British rugby league player.

Ted Gray, 86, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers).

Bill Skiles, 79, American comedian (Skiles and Henderson), kidney cancer.

Perry Moore, 39, American author (Hero) and film producer (The Chronicles of Narnia), apparent drug overdose.

Sándor Arnóth, 51, Hungarian politician, car accident.

Osamu Dezaki, 67, Japanese animator (Space Adventure Cobra, Tomorrow's Joe), lung cancer.

Shinichiro Sakurai, 81, Japanese automotive engineer. heart failure.

Frances Bay, 92, Canadian character actress (Happy Gilmore, Blue Velvet, The Middle).

Nat Allbright, 87, American radio broadcaster, pneumonia.

Bill Haast, 100, American snake expert, director of the Miami Serpentarium.

John Feikens, 93, American federal judge, after long illness.

Alfred Freedman, 94, American psychiatrist, declassified homosexuality as a mental illness, complications following hip surgery.

Sadiq Batcha, 47, Indian businessman and politician, suicide by hanging.

Vivien Noakes, 74, British literary critic, cancer.

Augusto Algueró, 76, Spanish composer and conductor, cardiac arrest.

Bjarne Lingås, 78, Norwegian boxer.

Paul Everac, 87, Romanian writer, cancer.

Ricardo Ibarra, 61, Argentine Olympic rower (1972, 1976, 1984).

Nenad Bijedic, 51, Bosnian football manager, cancer.

John Neville, 86, British-born Canadian actor (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The X-Files), Alzheimer's disease.

Tommy Grant, 76, Canadian football player (Hamilton Tiger-Cats).

Parey Branton, 92, American politician, Louisiana State Representative (1960–1972), Mayor of Shongaloo (1972–1990).

Pap Dean, 95, American political cartoonist.

Zack du Plessis, 61, South African actor (Orkney Snork Nie).

Bob Flanigan, 84, American singer (The Four Freshmen) and musician.

Eric Gross, 84, Austrian-born Australian composer.

Carel Boshoff, 83, South African religious and cultural activist, cancer.

Gustave Olombe Atelumbu Musilamu, 83, Congolese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Wamba (1968–1990).

Miguel Ángel Álvarez, 88, Puerto Rican comedian and actor, respiratory failure.

Guy Ignolin, 75, French professional cyclist.

Salvador Bernárdez, 58, Honduran footballer, heart attack.

Nur Khan, 88, Pakistani air marshal, Chief of Air Staff (1965–1969) and Governor of West Pakistan (1969–1970).

Ronald E. Poelman, 83, American religious leader, head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, age-related causes.

Kent Hull, 50, American football player (Buffalo Bills), liver disease.

Colin Harvey, 50, British science fiction writer and editor, stroke.

A. Dane Bowen, Jr., 84, American diplomat and educator.

Linda Scheid, 68, American politician, Minnesota state senator (since 1997), ovarian cancer.

Pete Lovely, 85, American racecar driver.

Eddie Leadbeater, 83, English cricketer, after short illness.

Betty Lowman Carey, 96, American rower.

Julian Asquith, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith, 94, British aristocrat and diplomat, Administrator of Saint Lucia (1958–1962), Governor of the Seychelles (1962–1967).

Hans Joachim Alpers, 67, German writer and editor of science fiction and fantasy.

José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, 96, Spanish scientist and professor.

Sir Michael Dummett, 86, British philosopher.

Partap Sharma, 71, Indian playwright.

Ralph M. Steinman, 68, Canadian immunologist, announced as 2011 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, pancreatic cancer.

Sam Norkin, 94, American caricaturist and illustrator.

Billy Costello, 55, American boxer, lung cancer.

Robert B. Duncan, 90, American politician, U.S. Representative from Oregon (1963–1967, 1975–1981).

Wally Yonamine, 85, American baseball (Yomiuri Giants, Chunichi Dragons) and football player (San Francisco 49ers), prostate cancer.

Revo Jõgisalu, 35, Estonian rapper, skin cancer.

Jonas Kubilius, 90, Lithuanian mathematician.

Sølvi Wang, 81, Norwegian singer and actress.

Ângelo de Sousa, 73, Portuguese artist.

Ajahn Maha Bua, 97, Thai Buddhist monk.

James M. Quigley, 93, American politician, Representative from Pennsylvania (1955–1957; 1959–1961).

Ruth Stone, 96, American poet.

Clemente Faccani, 90, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya (1983–1995) and Seychelles (1985–1994).

Michael Legat, 88, British author and publisher.

Albert Driedger, 75, Canadian politician, stroke.

Sir Apenera Short, 95, Cook Islands politician, Queen's Representative (1990–2000).

William Pennington, 88, American casino executive (Circus Circus Enterprises), Parkinson's disease.

Blair Milan, 29, Australian actor and television presenter, acute myeloid leukaemia.

Tom Dunbar, 51, American baseball player (Texas Rangers).

Neal Amundson, 95, American chemical engineer.

David Crowley, 72, American politician, cancer.

Jan Marian Kaczmarek, 90, Polish engineer and academic.

Jason Richards, 35, New Zealand race car driver (V8 Supercars), cancer.

Roy West, 70, Australian football player, lung cancer.

Friedrich Kittler, 68, German literary scholar and media theorist.

Peter Mair, 60, Irish political scientist.

Barbara Stuart, 81, American actress (Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.).

Nikos Papazoglou, 63, Greek singer-songwriter, cancer.

Thomas Nkuissi, 82, Cameroonian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Nkongsamba (1978–1992).

William A. Bablitch, 69, American politician, Wisconsin State Senator (1983–2003) and Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice (1983–2002).

Hovhannes Bedros XVIII Kasparian, 83, Egyptian-born Lebanese Armenian Catholic prelate, Patriarch of Cilicia (1982–1998).

Sean Hoare, 47, British journalist (News of the World), whistleblower of the 2011 phone hacking scandal.

Georges Fillioud, 82, French politician.

Pavel Stolbov, 81, Russian gymnast, 1956 Olympic gold medalist.

Carmen Rupe, 75, New Zealand transsexual entertainer, kidney failure.

Mark Blaug, 84, British economist.

Lee Soo-Chul, 45, South Korean football manager, suicide.

Dorothy Harrell, 87, American baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).

Solomon Mujuru, 62, Zimbabwean military officer and politician, injuries from a fire.

E. A. J. Honigmann, 83, British Shakespearean scholar.

Tom Addison, 75, American football player (New England Patriots).

F. Jay Taylor, 87, American academic, President of Louisiana Tech University (1962–1987).

AJ Perez, 18, Filipino actor, traffic accident.

Lloyd Oliver, 88, American veteran, World War II code talker.

Alfred Burke, 92, British actor (Public Eye, Enemy at the Door), chest infection.

Milton Levine, 97, American entrepreneur, inventor of Uncle Milton's Ant Farm.

Merritt Ranew, 73, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs)

John Hubert Kelly, 72, American diplomat.

Magnus Malan, 81, South African politician, Minister of Defence (1980–1991), natural causes.

Milivoj Ašner, 98, Croatian-born Austrian Nazi war criminal.

Mahendra Singh Tikait, 76, Indian farming union leader, bone cancer.

Raúl Sánchez Díaz Martell, 96, Mexican politician, Governor of Baja California (1965–1971).

James Pritchett, 88, American actor (The Doctors).

Jack Calfee, 69, American economist and author, heart attack.

Steve Prestwich, 56, British-born Australian drummer (Cold Chisel, Little River Band) and songwriter, brain tumour.

Erik Gjems-Onstad, 89, Norwegian politician and resistance member.

Mario Tovar González, 78, Mexican Olympic wrestler (1952–1968), respiratory complications.

Hugo Perié, 67, Argentine politician, MP (since 2003), Montoneros militant, lung disease.

Walt Hazzard, 69, American basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks).

Khalid Abdel Nasser, 62, Egyptian professor, eldest son of Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Giulio Rinaldi, 76, Italian Olympic boxer.

Helen Clifton, 63, British Salvation Army commissioner.

Samuel Wanjiru, 24, Kenyan Olympic gold medal-winning (2008) marathon runner, fall from balcony.

Michael Sarrazin, 70, Canadian actor (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?; The Flim-Flam Man; For Pete's Sake), cancer.

Lorenda Starfelt, 56, American producer, cancer.

Reinaldo Pünder, 72, German-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Coroatá (since 1978).

Tonny van Ede, 86, Dutch football player (Sparta Rotterdam).

Michael Staikos, 65, Greek-born Austrian Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan of Austria (since 1991).

Luigi Carpaneda, 86, Italian Olympic fencer, gold medalist (1956).

Sif Ruud, 95, Swedish actress.

Boris Chertok, 99, Soviet and Russian rocket designer.

David Langdon, 97, British cartoonist.

Mo Rothman, 92, Canadian-born American movie executive, persuaded Charlie Chaplin to return to the United States, Parkinson's disease.

Rick Rypien, 27, Canadian ice hockey player (Vancouver Canucks), suicide.

Bob Stenehjem, 59, American politician, member of the North Dakota Senate (since 1993), majority leader (since 2001), car accident.

Ambrose Griffiths, 82, British Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle (1992–2004).

Martin Woodhouse, 78, British novelist, screenwriter and inventor.

Bhawani Singh, 79, Indian noble, titular Maharaja of Jaipur (since 1970).

James C. Tyree, 53, American businessman, chairman and CEO of the Chicago Sun-Times, cancer.

Stefka Yordanova, 64, Bulgarian sprinter and middle distance runner.

Jacques Thuillier, 83, French art historian.

Dorian Gray, 75, Italian actress, suicide by gunshot.

Jones Mwewa, 38, Zambian footballer.

Nykodym Rusnak, 90, Ukrainian Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan of Kharkiv and Bohodukhiv (since 1989).

Edson Stroll, 82, American actor (McHale's Navy), cancer.

Asad Ali Khan, 74, Indian musician, recipient of the Padma Bhushan.

Dennis E. Stowell, 66, American politician, member of the Utah State Senate (2007–2011), cancer.

Murray Warmath, 98, American college football coach (Minnesota Golden Gophers), natural causes.

Len Lesser, 88, American actor (Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond), cancer-related pneumonia.

Kenneth Grant, 86, British occultist and writer, head of the Typhonian Order.

Ferial Alibali, 78, Albanian actress.

Andrea Zanzotto, 90, Italian poet.

Toru Shoriki, 92, Japanese baseball team owner (Tokyo Giants), sepsis.

Pedro Febles, 53, Venezuelan footballer and manager.

Daniel Sada, 58, Mexican author and poet, kidney disease.

John Morton Blum, 90, American political historian.

Betty Thatcher, 67, British lyricist (Renaissance), cancer.

James Wong, 89, Malaysian politician, first Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, leader of the national Opposition (1974), heart attack.

Augusto Ramírez Ocampo, 77, Colombian politician, Mayor of Bogotá (1982–1984), Foreign Minister (1984–1986), heart ailment.

James Richard Cheek, 74, American diplomat, Ambassador to Sudan (1989–1992) and Argentina (1993–1996).

Ken Taylor, 88, British television scriptwriter (The Jewel in the Crown).

Richard Wirthlin, 80, American political strategist and religious leader, renal failure.

Roy Hartsfield, 85, American baseball player (Boston Braves) and first manager of Toronto Blue Jays, complications of liver cancer.

Karl-Heinrich von Groddeck, 75, German Olympic rower, gold medalist (1960).

Justinas Marcinkevicius, 80, Lithuanian poet and playwright.

Regina Smendzianka, 86, Polish pianist.

Thomas C. Kelly, 80, American Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Louisville (1981–2007).

Olin Branstetter, 82, American politician, Oklahoma State Senator (1987–1991), plane crash.

Ramaz Chkhikvadze, 83, Georgian-born English stage actor.

Bill Taylor, 81, American baseball player (New York Giants, Detroit Tigers).

Albert Brown, 105, American veteran, oldest survivor of Bataan Death March.

Bagley Wright, 87, American developer and philanthropist.

Murray Handwerker, 89, American businessman (Nathan's Famous).

Robert Vickrey, 84, American artist.

Santi Santamaria, 53, Spanish chef.

Harvey James, 58, Australian musician (Sherbet), lung cancer.

Amos Bar, 79, Israeli author.

Oscar Sambrano Urdaneta, 82, Venezuelan writer.

Carol Murphy, 79, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (1993–2002).

Kurt Budke, 50, American women's basketball coach (Oklahoma State University), plane crash.

Barney Danson, 90, Canadian politician, MP for York North (1968–1979), Minister of National Defence (1976–1979).

Peter Schamoni, 77, German film director.

Teuvo Laukkanen, 91, Finnish Olympic silver medal-winning (1948) cross-country skier.

Victor Ward, 87, Canadian miner, survivor of the 1956 Springhill Mine disaster, after long illness.

Keith Fordyce, 82, British radio and television presenter (Ready Steady Go!).

David Shapiro, 58, American jazz musician.

Michael Langham, 91, English stage director and actor, complications from a chest infection.

Otakar Vávra, 100, Czech film director, screenwriter and pedagogue.

Yekaterina Golubeva, 44, Russian actress.

Juan Arza, 88, Spanish footballer and coach.

Helen Frankenthaler, 83, American painter.

Phyllis Love, 85, American actress (Friendly Persuasion, The Young Doctors), Alzheimer's disease.

Marv Tarplin, 70, American guitarist and songwriter (The Miracles).

Peggy Lloyd, 98, American stage actress.

Bob Peterson, 79, American basketball player (New York Knicks, Baltimore Bullets, Milwaukee Hawks), cancer.

David Dunseith, 76, British broadcaster (BBC Radio Ulster).

Salim Ghazal, 79, Syrian-born Lebanese Melkite Catholic hierarch, Curial bishop of Antioch for Melkites (2001–2005).

Jack Fulk, 78, American businessman, co-founder of Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits.

Doyald Young, 84, American logotype designer, complications of heart surgery.

J. Elliott Burch, 86, American hall of fame racehorse trainer, pneumonia.

Ricky Bruch, 64, Swedish athlete, cancer.

Benyamin Sönmez, 28, German-born Turkish cellist.

Ed Roman, 61, American guitar maker.

José de Aquino Pereira, 91, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of São José do Rio Preto (1968–1997).

Manfred Gerlach, 83, German politician, last Chairman of the State Council of East Germany (1989–1990).

Harishchandra Birajdar, 61, Indian Olympic wrestler (1972).

Shammi Kapoor, 79, Indian film actor and director, renal failure.

Mack Self, 81, American rockabilly musician and songwriter.

Michael Onslow, 7th Earl of Onslow, 73, British politician.

Gerry Alexander, 82, Jamaican cricketer.

Frank Howard, 85, Canadian politician, member of the BC Legislative Assembly for Skeena (1953–1956; 1979–1986), MP for Skeena (1957–1974).

Dame Judith Binney, 70, New Zealand historian and author.

Romulus Linney, 80, American playwright, father of actress Laura Linney, lung cancer.

Dionysios Bairaktaris, 84, Greek Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan of Chios, Psara and Inousses (since 1979).

Mark Francis Schmitt, 88, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Marquette (1978–1992).

Gary Garcia, 63, American musician (Buckner & Garcia).

Lewis Brown, 56, American basketball player (Washington Bullets), heart attack.

Juan María Bordaberry, 83, Uruguayan politician and dictator, President (1972–1976), after a long illness.

Badi Uzzaman, 72, Indian-British actor, chest infection.

Nicholas V. Riasanovsky, 87, Chinese-born American historian and author.

Bijan, 67, Iranian-born American fashion designer, stroke.

Musa Juma, 42, Kenyan musician, pneumonia.

Charles Epstein, 77, American geneticist and Unabomber victim, pancreatic cancer.

Nat Lofthouse, 85, English footballer (Bolton Wanderers, England).

Poul Glargaard, 69, Danish actor.

Fritz Korbach, 66, German football player and manager, laryngeal cancer.

Joe Simon, 98, American comic book writer (Captain America, Fighting American, Prez).

Choi Dong-Won, 53, South Korean baseball player (Lotte Giants, Samsung Lions), colon cancer.

Paul Reeves, 78, New Zealand Anglican archbishop, Primate (1980–1985), Governor-General (1985–1990), cancer.

Georges Condominas, 90, French anthropologist.

David C. Baldus, 75, American educator and anti-death penalty activist, cancer.

Diane Sinclair, 90, American actress and dancer.

Allan Blakeney, 85, Canadian politician, Premier of Saskatchewan (1971–1982), complications from liver cancer.

Yakov Kreizberg, 51, Russian-born Austrian-American conductor.

Joe Frazier, 88, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals) and manager (New York Mets).

Ed Lowe, 64, American journalist (Newsday, The Long Island Press), liver cancer.

Enric Garriga i Trullols, 85, Spanish Catalan independentist and defender of Occitan Nation.

Osvaldo Guidi, 47, Argentine actor, suicide by hanging.

David Spancer, 43, American script coordinator (Just Shoot Me, That '70s Show, The Larry Sanders Show), colon cancer.

Richard Kuh, 90, American lawyer.

Carl Lindner, Jr., 92, American businessman (United Dairy Farmers, Cincinnati Reds), cardiac arrest.

Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin, 74, Irish hereditary knight.

Aba Dunner, 73, German-born Jewish religious activist.

Hugh John Beazley, 94, British Royal Air Force airman.

Birgitta Trotzig, 81, Swedish author.

Jean Liedloff, 84, American writer.

Sidney Harth, 85, American violinist and conductor, respiratory complications.

Mike Vibert, 60, Jersey politician, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture (2005–2008), heart attack.

Friedrich Schoenfelder, 94, German actor.

Chinesinho, 76, Brazilian footballer, Alzheimer's disease.

Billie Jo Spears, 74, American country music singer ("Blanket on the Ground"), cancer.

Ng Chiau-tong, 79, Taiwanese activist, chairman of the World United Formosans for Independence (1995–2011), surgical complications.

Elaine Nile, 75, Australian politician, member of the New South Wales Legislative Council (1988–2002), cancer.

Shawn Tompkins, 37, Canadian kickboxer and mixed martial artist, suspected heart attack.

Lo' Lo' Mohd Ghazali, 53, Malaysian politician, cancer.

Ernie Walker, 82, Scottish football administrator.

Stanley Glenn, 84, American baseball player and executive (Negro league baseball).

Peter Loader, 81, British cricketer.

George Marsaglia, 87, American mathematician and computer scientist. developed diehard tests, heart attack.

Susannah York, 72, English actress (Tom Jones, Superman), bone marrow cancer.

Jorge Lavat, 78, Mexican actor.

Germano Meneghel, 49, Brazilian vocalist (Olodum).

George Whitman, 98, American bookstore proprietor (Shakespeare and Company), complications of a stroke.

Pham Van Loc, 92, Vietnamese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kontum (1975–1995).

Muiris Ó Rócháin, 67, Irish teacher and director of the Willie Clancy Summer School.

Robert Breer, 84, American experimental filmmaker.

Jan Mohammad Khan, Afghan presidential adviser, shot.

Jérôme Nday Kanyangu Lukundwe, 82, Congolese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kongolo (1971–2007).

Joseph Wershba, 90, American television producer and reporter.

Bill Kinnamon, 91, American Major League Baseball umpire.

Marty Marion, 94, American baseball player and manager, National League MVP (1944).

François Nourissier, 83, French journalist and writer, complications from Parkinsons disease.

Rudolf Mössbauer, 82, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (1961).

Hilde Zach, 68, Austrian politician, Mayor of Innsbruck (2002–2010).

James A. Zimble, 78, American Navy officer, Surgeon General of the United States Navy (1987–1991).

Peter Reading, 65, English poet.

Ken Rush, 80, American NASCAR driver.

Frank Parkin, 80, British sociologist and novelist.

Chris Lawrence, 78, British racing driver and engineer, cancer.

Jim Kincaid, 76, American news correspondent (ABC News), anchorman (WVEC) and essayist, heart attack.

Betty Neumar, 79, American murder suspect.

Derek Boogaard, 28, Canadian hockey player (Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers), accidental overdose of alcohol and oxycodone.

Serge LeClerc, 61, Canadian pardoned criminal and politician, MLA for Saskatoon Northwest (2007–2010), complications from colon and bowel cancer.

Nate Dogg, 41, American musician, heart failure.

Cyril Stein, 82, British businessman.

Zeng Xianyi, 74, Chinese professor of legal history.

T. J. Bass, 79, American writer.

Ruslan Akhtakhanov, 58, Chechen poet and academic, shot.

Piri Thomas, 83, American writer (Down These Mean Streets) and poet, pneumonia.

Buddy Tinsley, 87, American-born Canadian football player (Winnipeg Blue Bombers).

Ctirad Mašín, 81, Czech resistance fighter.

William J. Spahr, 89, American intelligence analyst (CIA) and author, pneumonia.

Stephen De Staebler, 78, American sculptor and printmaker, complications from cancer.

William A. Rusher, 87, American columnist, publisher of National Review (1957–1988).

Fred Sanford, 91, American baseball player.

Sean Boru, 57, Irish actor and author.

John Kraaijkamp, Sr., 86, Dutch actor and comedian.

Sun Axelsson, 75, Swedish novelist.

Graham Brown, 87, American actor, pulmonary failure.

Jacobus Duivenvoorde, 83, Dutch-born Indonesian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Merauke (1972–2004).

Edgar Villchur, 94, American inventor of the acoustic suspension loudspeaker.

Malcolm Wallop, 78, American politician, United States Senator from Wyoming (1977–1995).

Tareque Masud, 54, Bangladeshi independent film director, traffic collision.

Takaji Mori, 67, Japanese Olympic bronze medal-winning (1968) footballer, renal pelvic cancer.

Burt Styler, 86, American screenwriter, heart failure.

Pam Gems, 85, British playwright.

Dan Monroe Russell, Jr., 98, American federal judge, natural causes.

Smiley Culture, 48, British reggae singer and DJ, apparent suicide by stabbing.

Peter Feteris, 58, Dutch footballer.

Salvatore Cancemi, 68, Italian mafiosi, stroke.

Jesús del Pozo, 65, Spanish fashion designer, pulmonary emphysema.

Joe Morris, Sr., 85, American Navajo World War II code talker.

René Audet, 91, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Joliette (1968–1990).

Bernard Greenhouse, 95, American cellist.

Sol Saks, 100, American screenwriter, creator of Bewitched.

Melvin Sparks, 64, American jazz and soul guitarist, heart attack.

David F. Friedman, 87, American film producer (Blood Feast), heart failure.

Georgia Carroll, 91, American fashion model and actress (Yankee Doodle Dandy).

Djamel Keddou, 59, Algerian football player and manager (USM Alger).

Walter Bonatti, 81, Italian mountain climber.

Hiroshi Arikawa, 70, Japanese voice actor.

Juan Calderón, 75, Mexican journalist and announcer.

Julia Sampson Hayward, 77, American tennis player, won Australian Open doubles and mixed doubles (1963).

Bill Waller, 85, American politician, Governor of Mississippi (1972–1976), heart failure.

Giles McCrary, 91, American art collector and museum owner.

Eddie Bockman, 91, American baseball player, manager and scout (Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees).

Wambui Otieno, 75, Kenyan politician.

Elazar Abuhatzeira, 70, Moroccan-born Israeli rabbi, stabbed.

Abdul Hameed, 83, Pakistani writer and novelist.

Tamar Golan, 76, Israeli journalist and diplomat.

Frank Alesia, 67, American actor and director (Pajama Party, Riot on Sunset Strip, C'mon, Let's Live a Little), natural causes.

Bernard O'Brien, 96, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1965–1980).

Stefano Gobbi, 81, Italian Roman Catholic priest, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests.

Henri Chammartin, 92, Swiss dressage equestrian, multiple Olympic medallist.

Kabir Chowdhury, 88, Bangladeshi writer.

Henry Bathurst, 8th Earl Bathurst, 84, British aristocrat and politician.

John Calley, 81, American movie studio executive.

Topi Sorsakoski, 58, Finnish singer, lung cancer.

David Ngoombujarra, 44, Australian actor.

Geoffrey Fisken, 95, New Zealand World War II flying ace.

Bob Litherland, 80, British politician, MP for Manchester Central (1979–1997), cancer.

Gerald Barry, 63, Irish journalist and broadcaster, illness.

Cecil Kaiser, 94, American Negro league baseball player, injuries from a fall.

David Coren, 93, Israeli politician, member of the Knesset (1969–1977).

Hermod Skånland, 85, Norwegian Central Bank governor (1985–1993).

Armando Morales, 84, Nicaraguan painter.

Russell Hoban, 86, American writer.

René A. Morel, 79, French-born American violin luthier.

Ursula Cain, 84, German dancer and dance teacher.

Wilma Lee Cooper, 90, American country music singer, natural causes.

Ellen Winther, 78, Danish opera singer and actress.

Graciela Rivera, 90, Puerto Rican opera singer.

Carl Gardner, 83, American singer (The Coasters).

Harold Volkmer, 80, American politician, U.S. Representative from Missouri (1977–1997), pneumonia.

Todd Cerney, 57, American country musician and producer, melanoma.

Catherine Clark Kroeger, 85, American author, professor and New Testament scholar, brief illness.

Dr. Creep, 69, American television host.

Princess Maria Elisabeth of Orléans-Braganza, 96, German noblewoman.

Park Tae Joon, 84, South Korean businessman, honorary chairman of POSCO, lung disease.

James Fraser Mustard, 84, Canadian doctor and early childhood educator, cancer.

Elouise P. Cobell, 65, American Native American rights activist.

Sam DeLuca, 75, American football player and broadcaster (New York Jets), pancreatic cancer.

Austin-Emile Burke, 89, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Halifax (1991–1998).

Alan Haberman, 81, American grocer, first to use the barcode system, heart and lung disease.

Wallace McCain, 81, Canadian businessman, co-founder of McCain Foods, pancreatic cancer.

Leslie Collier, 90, British virologist.

Catherine Masters, 111, British supercentenarian, third-oldest living person in the UK, last living person born in Scotland in the 19th century.

Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, Italian activist, hanged.

Stephanie Glaser, 90, Swiss actress.

Stefan Sames, 59, Romanian footballer (Steaua Bucuresti), cancer.

Eddy Palchak, 71, Canadian ice hockey trainer and equipment manager.

A. Donald Davies, 91, American Episcopal bishop of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Paul Gallant, 67, Canadian entrepreneur, inventor of Puzz-3D, cancer.

Geertruida Draaisma, 109, Dutch centenarian, oldest verified person in the Netherlands.

Alex Steinweiss, 94, American graphic designer, inventor of the album cover.

John Hospers, 93, American philosopher, first Libertarian Party presidential candidate (1972).

Mel Queen, 69, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) and pitching coach (Blue Jays).

Babu Baral, 47, Pakistani comedian, cancer.

José Pinto Correia, 80, Portuguese politician, Governor of Macau (1986–1987).

Peter Pilkington, Baron Pilkington of Oxenford, 77, British academic and life peer, Chairman of the BCC (1992–1996).

Marty Gold, 95, American composer, pianist and bandleader.

Klaus-Dieter Sieloff, 69, German footballer.

Edie Stevenson, 81, American advertising copywriter, Alzheimer's disease.

Maureen Swanson, 78, British actress.

Antony Gardner, 84, British politician, MP for Rushcliffe (1966–1970).

Jack Garner, 84, American actor (The Rockford Files, My Fellow Americans), brother of James Garner.

Ernie Johnson, 87, American baseball player (Boston/Milwaukee Braves, Baltimore Orioles) and broadcaster (Atlanta Braves).

Taiji, 45, Japanese musician and singer-songwriter (X Japan), suicide by hanging.

Christopher Neame, 68, British film and TV producer and writer, aneurysm.

Jack Richardson, 81, Canadian record producer (The Guess Who).

Reno Bertoia, 76, Italian-born Canadian baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins), lymphoma.

Bob Greaves, 76, British journalist and broadcaster, cancer.

Sir George Shearing, 91, British-born American jazz pianist (Lullaby of Birdland), heart failure.

Toshiyuki Hosokawa, 70, Japanese actor, acute subdural hematoma.

Erica Wilson, 83, British-born American embroidery designer.

Miguel Ángel Granados Chapa, 70, Mexican journalist.

Richard Hamilton, 89, British artist.

Charles P. Murray, Jr., 89, American Army colonel, Medal of Honor recipient, heart failure.

Joe Lee Wilson, 75, American jazz singer.

Kathryn Tucker Windham, 93, American author and journalist.

Bruce Ricker, 68, American film documentarian and producer (Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser).

Walter Brown, 85, Australian Olympic bronze medal-winning (1956) canoer.

Jülide Gülizar, 82, Turkish anchorwoman, one of the nation's first television presenters.

John Strauss, 90, American film and television composer (Amadeus, Car 54, Where Are You?), Parkinson's disease.

Liu Huaqing, 94, Chinese naval commander (1982–1988).

Lev Borisov, 77, Russian actor, stroke.

John Atterberry, 40, American music industry executive (Death Row Records), shot.

Oba Chandler, 65, American murderer, lethal injection.

Charles Hamm, 86, American musicologist.

David Jull, 66, Australian politician, Member of the House of Representatives (1975–1983, 1984–2007).

Robert Robinson, 83, English radio and television presenter.

Sir John Wilton, 89, British diplomat.

Badal Sarkar, 85, Indian dramatist, colon cancer.

William Cook, 80, American entrepreneur, philanthropist and historic preservationist, heart failure.

Eduard Gushchin, 70, Russian Olympic bronze medal-winning (1968) athlete.

Milo Anstadt, 91, Dutch journalist and writer.

Peter Post, 77, Dutch cyclist, winner of the 1964 Paris–Roubaix event.

Arnfinn Bergmann, 82, Norwegian ski jumper and Olympic champion, after brief illness.

Sunday Bada, 42, Nigerian Olympic sprinter, gold medalist (2000).

Rick Huseman, 38, American off-road race truck driver, airplane crash.

Joe Krupa, 78, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers), heart ailment.

Laura Ziskin, 61, American film producer (Pretty Woman, Spider-Man, What About Bob?), breast cancer.

Harrison Chongo, 41, Zambian football player, malaria.

Big Jack Johnson, 70, American guitarist and blues singer.

Bustanil Arifin, 85, Indonesian politician.

Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, 88, American health official and tribal leader, first woman to lead the Seminole tribe (1967–1971).

Bertalan Bicskei, 66, Hungarian footballer and coach.

Hélio Gueiros, 85, Brazilian politician, Governor of Pará (1987–1991), Mayor of Belém (1993–1996), renal disease.

Antonio Eceiza, 76, Spanish film director and screenwriter.

Francisco Solano López, 83, Argentine comics artist (El Eternauta), complications from a stroke.

Pupi Campo, 91, Cuban-born American bandleader.

Dulcie Gray, 95, English actress (Howards' Way) and novelist, bronchial pneumonia.

Virginia Knauer, 96, American consumer advocate and government official.

DJ Mehdi, 34, French musician.

Agustín Romualdo Alvarez Rodríguez, 88, Spanish-born Venezuelan Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Machiques (1986–1995).

Forrest Blue, 65, American football player (San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Colts).

Paul Alter, 89, American television director (Family Feud).

Charles F. Haas, 97, American television director (Bonanza, The Outer Limits, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.).

Michael Hurley, 87, Irish Jesuit and ecumenical theologian, co-founder of the Irish School of Ecumenics.

Ben Wada, 80, Japanese television director, esophageal cancer.

Giora Leshem, 71, Israeli poet and publisher.

Manuel Esperón, 99, Mexican composer and actor, respiratory arrest.

John Hart, 75, English schoolmaster, first man to win Mastermind.

Tony Marchington, 55, English biotechnology entrepreneur and preservationist (Flying Scotsman).

Harlan Erwin Mitchell, 87, American politician, U.S. Representative from Georgia (1958–1961).

Don Chandler, 76, American football player (New York Giants, Green Bay Packers).

Geraint Bowen, 95, Welsh poet.

Mose Jefferson, 68, American businessman, cancer.

Vincenzo La Scola, 53, Italian tenor, heart attack.

G. Alan Marlatt, 69, American professor, kidney failure.

Oakley Hall III, 60, American playwright, heart attack.

Mississippi Winn, 113, American supercentenarian, Louisiana's oldest person.

Predrag Ceramilac, 67, Serbian actor, suicide.

Giorgio Celli, 75, Italian entomologist and politician (The Greens–European Free Alliance).

Rusty Hevelin, 89, American science fiction fanzine publisher.

Annetto Despasquale, 73, Maltese Roman Catholic prelate, Titular Bishop of Aradi, Auxiliary Bishop of Malta (since 1998).

Christopher Mega, 80, American politician and judge.

Cactus Pryor, 88, American broadcaster, Alzheimer's disease.

John Edward Anderson, 93, American businessman and philanthropist, pneumonia.

Paul B. Ferrara, 68, American scientist and administrator, pioneer of genetic fingerprinting, brain tumor.

Jeff Kargola, 27, American freestyle motocross rider, race accident.

Frank Buckles, 110, American supercentenarian soldier, last living U.S. World War I veteran, natural causes.

Ian R. Porteous, 80, British mathematician.

Hella Haasse, 93, Dutch writer.

Lyudmila Gurchenko, 75, Russian film actress and singer, People's Artist of the USSR.

Kaya Köstepen, 76, Turkish footballer.

Clyde Conner, 78, American football player (San Francisco 49ers).

Thomas Worrall Kent, 89, Canadian journalist and public servant, cardiac arrest.

Stanley Mitchell, 69, British translator, academic and author.

Carl Oglesby, 76, American anti-war activist, lung cancer.

George Devol, 99, American inventor, creator of Unimate, the first industrial robot.

Gustav Ciamaga, 81, Canadian composer, music educator and writer, cancer.

Jack Jones, 86, American Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter (Los Angeles Times), lung disease.

Bobo Osborne, 75, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers).

Larry Zolf, 76, Canadian journalist and humorist.

Dona Hardy, 97, American film and television actress, natural causes.

Wali Khan Babar, 29, Pakistani journalist, gunshot.

Rouhollah Dadashi, 30, Iranian powerlifter and bodybuilder, stabbed.

John Gardner, 94, British classical music composer.

Moogy Klingman, 61, American rock keyboardist (Utopia) and songwriter, cancer.

Caerwyn Roderick, 84, British politician, MP for Brecon & Radnor (1970–1979).

Gautam Rajadhyaksha, 60, Indian photographer.

Karen Drambjan, 57, Armenian-born Estonian activist, shot.

Robert Marie Jean Victor de Chevigny, 90, French-born Mauritanian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Nouakchott (1973–1995).

Lloyd Knibb, 80, Jamaican drummer (The Skatalites), liver cancer.

Nicholas Selby, 85, British actor.

Roy Flatt, 63, Scottish Anglican priest.

Larry Holden, 49, Irish actor (Batman Begins, Memento), cancer.

Alan Butler, 80, South African priest.

Albin Malysiak, 94, Polish Roman Catholic prelate, auxiliary bishop of Krakow (1970–1993).

Louise Henry, 100, American film actress.

Pete Rugolo, 95, Italian-born American film and television composer (Kiss Me Kate, The Fugitive).

Steven Michael Woods, Jr., 31, American murderer, executed by lethal injection.

Dame Katerina Mataira, 79, New Zealand educator and Maori language proponent, co-founder of Kura Kaupapa Maori.

Jyotirmoy Dey, 56, Indian journalist, shot.

Noreen Murray, 76, British geneticist.

Beryl Shipley, 84, American basketball coach (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, San Diego Conquistadors).

Sir Michael Gray, 78, British army general.

Frank Calabro, 86, Italian-born Australian transport operator and politician, MLC (1970–1988).

Inese Jaunzeme, 78, Latvian javelin thrower and Olympic gold medalist (1956 Melbourne).

Ignacio Flores, 58, Mexican football player (Cruz Azul, national team), shot.

Ingrid Sandahl, 87, Swedish Olympic gold medal-winning (1952) gymnast.

Heini Lohrer, 93, Swiss Olympic ice hockey player (1948).

Karl Slover, 93, Slovak-born American actor (The Wizard of Oz).

Bill Cash, 92, American Negro league baseball player.

Cesare Mazzolari, 74, Italian-born South Sudanese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Rumbek (since 1998).

Gunnar Fischer, 100, Swedish cinematographer (The Seventh Seal).

David Orton, 77, Canadian environmentalist, pancreatic cancer.

E. T. York, 88, American agronomist, educator and presidential adviser.

Virginia Klinekole, 86, American politician, first female President of the Mescalero Apache.

Nobutoshi Kihara, 84, Japanese electronics engineer for Sony.

Mick Cremin, 87, Australian rugby union footballer.

Mateo Flores, 89, Guatemalan Olympic athlete.

Henning Sjöström, 89, Swedish defense attorney, long illness.

Alberto de Mendoza, 88, Argentine actor (Horror Express).

Franz Josef Degenhardt, 79, German poet, satirist, novelist and folk singer.

Elisabeth Tankeu, 67, Cameroonian politician, Minister for Planning and Regional Development (1988–1992).

Noah Flug, 86, Polish-born Israeli economist, advocate for rights of Holocaust survivors.

Joe McNamee, 84, American basketball player (Rochester Royals, Baltimore Bullets).

Eliyahu M. Goldratt, 64, Israeli physicist and management guru.

Carlos Pascual, 80, Cuban baseball player (Washington Senators).

Rosihan Anwar, 88, Indonesian journalist, heart failure.

Brian Lanker, 63, American photojournalist, pancreatic cancer.

Paul Marcus, 56, British television producer; cancer.

Tuviah Friedman, 88, Israeli Nazi hunter.

Frits Castricum, 64, Dutch politician, Member of the House of Representatives (1977–1994) and the Senate (1999–2003).

Dan Wheldon, 33, British IndyCar driver, racing accident.

Alexander Galimov, 26, Russian ice hockey player, injuries sustained in the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash.

Richard Floyd, 80, American politician and lawmaker.

Keith Smith, 96, Australian engineer.

Luigi del Gallo Roccagiovine, 88, Italian nobleman and Roman Catholic prelate, Titular Bishop of Camplum (since 1982).

Trevor Bannister, 76, British actor (Are You Being Served?, Last of the Summer Wine, The Dustbinmen), heart attack.

Rick Martin, 59, Canadian ice hockey player (Buffalo Sabres, Los Angeles Kings), heart attack.

T. P. McKenna, 81, Irish actor (The Avengers, Doctor Who).

Kurt Nielsen, 80, Danish tennis player, only Dane to have played in a men's Grand Slam singles final.

Guy Dejouany, 90, French businessman.

Michel Gratton, 58, Canadian journalist, Press Secretary to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (1984–1987).

Malina Olinescu, 37, Romanian singer (Eurovision Song Contest 1998), suicide.

Robert Peliza, 91, Gibraltarian politician, Chief Minister (1969–1972).

Richard Douthwaite, 69, British economist and ecologist.

Don Williams, 80, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Athletics).

Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, 82, Iraqi sculptor, kidney failure.

Clair George, 81, American CIA officer (Iran–Contra affair), cardiac arrest.

Charlie Woollett, 90, British footballer.

Graham B. Purcell, Jr., 92, American politician, U.S. Representative from Texas (1962–1973).

Ron Springs, 54, American football player (Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), complications from surgery.

Walter Breuning, 114, American supercentenarian, world's third oldest man ever.

Ritchie Pickett, 56, New Zealand country singer.

Brian Shaw, 79/80, British rugby league player.

Albert Heijn, 83, Dutch entrepreneur, owner of the Albert Heijn supermarket chain.

Bert Schneider, 78, American film and television producer (Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, The Monkees), natural causes.

Alf Fields, 92, English footballer (Arsenal F.C.).

David P. Demarest, 79, American academic and writer.

Ralph Lomma, 87, American mini golf entrepreneur.

David Holbrook, 88, English writer and academic.

Helen Beverley, 94, American actress (Green Fields), natural causes.

Seth Putnam, 43, American musician (Anal Cunt).

Bill Summers, 75, American car builder (Goldenrod).

Jon Cedar, 80, American character actor (Hogan's Heroes), leukemia.

David Rumelhart, 68, American psychologist, created computer simulations of neural processing, Pick's disease.

Shi Yafeng, 91, Chinese geologist.

Hellmut Lange, 87, German actor (Serenade for Two Spies, Diamond Safari).

Merih Sezen, 93, Turkish Olympic fencer (1948).

Maurice-Adolphe Gaidon, 83, French Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Cahors (1987–2004).

Betty Driver, 91, British singer and actress (Coronation Street), pneumonia.

Wade Mainer, 104, American bluegrass musician, heart failure.

Jani Lane, 47, American musician (Warrant).

Luis Enrique Sam Colop, 56, Guatemalan linguist.

Raúl Marcelo Pacífico Scozzina, 89, Argentinian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Formosa (1957–1978).

Miyu Uehara, 24, Japanese glamour model, apparent suicide by hanging.

Patrick Cullinan, 77, South African writer.

Nicholas Smisko, 75, American clergyman, Head of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese (since 1984), cancer.

Charles Muscat, 48, Maltese footballer.

Peter Alexander, 84, Austrian actor and singer.

Gene Summers, 83, American architect (McCormick Place)), liver disease.

Sir Donald Dunstan, 88, Australian military officer, Governor of South Australia (1982–1991).

Douglas Allen, Baron Croham, 93, British civil servant, Head of the Home Civil Service (1974–1977).

Scott LeDoux, 62, American boxer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Jack Smith, 82, British artist.

Jack Wolf, 76, American information theorist, cancer.

Louis Jean Dufaux, 79, French Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Grenoble (1989–2006).

Jean Smith, 82, American baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).

Ching Arellano, 50, Filipino actor and comedian, heart failure.

Prabhakar Panshikar, 79, Indian stage actor, after long illness.

Brikt Jensen, 83, Norwegian literary critic and publisher.

Manuel Corral, 76, Spanish religious leader, Pope of the Palmarian Catholic Church (since 2005).

J. Blackfoot, 65, American soul singer, cancer.

João d'Avila Moreira Lima, 92, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro (1982–2002).

Wade Belak, 35, Canadian ice hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs, Nashville Predators), suicide.

Dorothy Brunson, 72, American businesswoman, first black woman to own a radio station, ovarian cancer.

Barry Bremen, 64, American marketing executive and sports imposter, cancer.

Jonas Bevacqua, 33, American fashion designer (Lifted Research Group).

Pete Gray, 30, Australian environmental activist, bowel cancer.

Gil Clancy, 88, American Hall of Fame boxing trainer.

Scott Cary, 87, American baseball player (Washington Senators).

Bartolomeu Anania, 89, Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Crisana and Maramures (since 1993).

Vasily Starodubtsev, 80, Russian politician, Governor of Tula Oblast (1997–2005) and member of the GKChP (1991).

Alberto Anchart, 80, Argentine actor (Venga a bailar el rock), cancer.

Donatus Djagom, 92, Indonesian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Ende (1968–1996).

Mickey Scott, 64, German-born American baseball player (Orioles, Expos, Angels).

Philip Hannan, 98, American Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of New Orleans (1965–1988).

Lou Zaeske, 69, American founder of English-only movement, advocate for Czech ethnic causes.

Domenico Pecile, 88, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Latina-Terracina-Sezze-Priverno (1983–1998).

Eddie Morrison, 63, Scottish footballer and manager (Kilmarnock).

Johnny Harra, 64, American actor, Elvis impersonator.

J. Elliot Cameron, 88, American educator and religious leader, natural causes.

Hisaye Yamamoto, 89, American author.

Arild Braastad, 64, Norwegian diplomat.

Vladimir Krainev, 67, Russian pianist, People's Artist of the USSR, aortic aneurysm.

Mykola Koltsov, 75, Russian-born Ukrainian footballer and youth trainer.

Will Townsend, 33, American video game producer (DJ Hero), car crash.

Jackie Leven, 61, Scottish musician, lung cancer.

Pierre Mamboundou, 65, Gabonese politician, leader of the Union of the Gabonese People (since 1989), heart attack.

Christian Bakkerud, 26, Danish racing driver, injuries sustained in a car accident.

Karen Overington, 59, Australian politician, Victorian MLA for Ballarat West (1999–2010).

John Crook, 80, British ethologist.

William Carrington Thompson, 95, American politician and jurist, Virginia House of Delegates (1959–1968), Virginia Senate (1968–1973) and Supreme Court (1980–1983).

Maurice Goldhaber, 100, American physicist.

Bernie Flowers, 81, American football player (Baltimore Colts).

Owsley Stanley, 76, American-born Australian underground LSD chemist and sound engineer (Grateful Dead), traffic accident.

Kevin Barry, Sr., 74, New Zealand boxing coach, after long illness.

Ellen Stewart, 91, American theater director.

Ahmed Bahgat, 79, Egyptian writer and journalist.

John Lincoln, 95, Australian judge.

Matthew G. Martínez, 82, American politician, U.S. Representative from California (1982–2001).

Cliff Brittle, 69, English sports administrator, Chairman of the Rugby Football Union (1996–1998).

Bob Shamansky, 84, American politician, U.S. Representative from Ohio (1981–1983).

Cuddly Dudley, 87, British rock and roll singer, natural causes.

Art Balinger, 96, American actor.

Leo Kahn, 94, American entrepreneur, co-founder of Staples, complications from a series of strokes.

Jean Gratton, 86, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mont-Laurier (1978–2001).

Leo Steinberg, 90, American art historian and critic.

Gino Cimoli, 81, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates), heart and kidney complications.

Marian Woyna-Orlewicz, 97, Polish cross country skier.

Teresa P. Pica, 66, American academic and educator.

Earl McRae, 69, Canadian journalist (Ottawa Sun), apparent heart attack.

Arthur Evans, 68, American gay rights activist and author, aortic aneurysm.

Joe Trimble, 80, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates).

Ed Flesh, 79, American art director, inventor of the Wheel of Fortune wheel, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jeanne Bice, 71, American entrepreneur and television personality.

Albert Kanene Obiefuna, 81, Nigerian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Onitsha (1995–2003).

Cyrus Harvey, Jr., 85, American entrepreneur, stroke.

Vitaly Vulf, 80, Russian theater critic and television host.

Mato Damjanovic, 83, Croatian chess grandmaster.

Clemar Bucci, 90, Argentine racing driver.

Enric Barbat, 68, Spanish Catalan language singer, member of Els Setze Jutges.

Lee Pockriss, 87, American songwriter ("Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini").

Sue Mengers, 79, American talent agent, pneumonia.

Ralph Gubbins, 79, English football player (Bolton Wanderers, Hull City, Tranmere Rovers).

Paul Wilkinson, 74, British academic, expert on the study of terrorism (University of St Andrews).

Cornell MacNeil, 88, American operatic baritone.

Pam Brown, 58, American politician, Nebraska state senator (1995–2006), ovarian cancer.

Reach Sambath, 47, Cambodian journalist, stroke.

William Lipscomb, 91, American chemist, pneumonia.

Ali Hassan al-Jaber, 56, Qatari photojournalist (Al Jazeera), shot.

Ernesto De Pascale, 52, Italian music promoter, producer and critic.

Hans Bütikofer, 95, Swiss Olympic silver medal-winning (1936) bobsledder.

Rodolfo Bottino, 52, Brazilian actor, pulmonary embolism.

Trevor Christian, 69, Australian boxer, first Indigenous Australian to referee world title bout.

Jo Ann Sayers, 93, American actress.

Tongai Moyo, 43, Zimbabwean musician, non Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Isabell Masters, 98, American politician, third-party candidate for President of the United States (1984, 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004).

Bob Will, 80, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs).

John S. Toll, 87, American physicist and educational administrator, heart failure.

Yuri Budanov, 47, Russian military officer and war criminal, shot.

Elisabeth Svendsen, 81, British hotelier and animal welfare campaigner, founder of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Arthur Marx, 89, American writer, son of Groucho Marx.

Donald Brenner, 64, Canadian judge, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia (2000–2009).

Mark C. Ebersole, 89, American educator.

Howard Engleman, 91, American college basketball player.

Phillip Cottrell, 43, Scottish journalist (BBC Scotland, Radio New Zealand), assaulted.

Gerald Shapiro, 61, American fiction writer and academic.

Yuli Ofer, 87, Romanian-born Israeli businessman and entrepreneur.

P. C. Alexander, 90, Indian politician, Governor of Tamil Nadu (1988–1990), Maharashtra (1993–2002) and Goa (1996–1998).

Googie Withers, 94, English actress.

Cosimo Caliandro, 29, Italian middle distance runner, motorcycle collision.

Robert Traylor, 34, American basketball player (Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Hornets), suspected heart attack.

Rami Reddy, 52, Indian actor, kidney failure.

Bruce Campbell, 87, Canadian politician.

James Elliott, 82, British-born Australian actor (Number 96), Lewy body dementia.

Josephine Harris, 69, American bookkeeper, survivor of the September 11 attacks, heart attack.

Cestmír Vejdelek, 86, Czech writer.

Titus Thotawatte, 82, Sri Lankan director.

Walter Righter, 87, American clergyman, bishop in the Episcopal Church, after long illness.

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, 47, Kenyan peace activist, recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, car accident.

Theo Dubois, 100, Canadian rower.

Snooky Young, 92, American jazz trumpeter, complications of a lung ailment.

Danny Fiszman, 66, British football director (Arsenal), cancer.

Olive Dickason, 91, Canadian historian and author.

Betty Garrett, 91, American actress (On the Town, All in the Family, Laverne & Shirley), aortic aneurysm.

Paul Picerni, 88, American actor (The Untouchables), heart attack.

Mimi Darwish, 69, Egyptian Olympic footballer (1964).

Anders John Aune, 87, Norwegian politician.

Moraíto Chico II, 54, Spanish musician, cancer.

John Patrick Foley, 76, American Roman Catholic Cardinal and Grand Master Emeritus of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, leukemia and anemia.

Reg Alcock, 63, Canadian politician, MP for Winnipeg South (1993–2006); President of the Treasury Board (2003–2006), heart attack.

Andy Whitfield, 39, Welsh-born Australian actor (Spartacus: Blood and Sand), non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan, Somali politician, Interior Minister (since 2010), suicide bombing.

Omar Ahmad, 46, American entrepreneur (Napster) and politician, Mayor of San Carlos, California (2010–2011), heart attack.

Seeta bint Abdul Aziz, 80, Saudi royal, sister of King Abdullah, after long illness.

Margaret Fish, 112, British supercentenarian, oldest person in the United Kingdom.

Fedor den Hertog, 64, Dutch cyclist and Olympic medallist, prostate cancer.

Kenneth Stevenson, 61, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Portsmouth (1995–2009), cancer.

Bobsam Elejiko, 30, Nigerian footballer, traumatic aortic rupture.

Arnaud Desjardins, 86, French philosopher.

Sissel Solbjørg Bjugn, 63, Norwegian poet and children's writer.

Guido Falaschi, 22, Argentine racing driver, racing accident.

Margaret Draper, 94, American radio actress and disc jockey, natural causes.

David E. L. Choong, 82, Malaysian badminton player.

Norton Fredrick, 73, Sri Lankan cricketer, illness.

Eric Delaney, 87, British percussionist and band leader.

Kenny Hawkes, 42, British DJ and music producer, after short illness.

Michael Baze, 24, American jockey.

Sachin Bhowmick, 80, Indian screenwriter, heart attack.

Juan García-Santacruz Ortiz, 77, Spanish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Guadix (1992–2009).

Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, 52, American dog trainer (Bo) and author, respiratory distress.

Konstantinos Kosmopoulos, 83, Greek politician, Mayor of Thessaloniki (1989–1999), cardiac arrest.

Mihnea Gheorghiu, 92, Romanian writer and filmmaker, natural causes.

Susan Gordon, 62, American child actress (The Five Pennies, My Three Sons, The Twilight Zone), cancer.

Patrick Ford, 55, Guyanan featherweight boxing champion, heart attack.

Michael Fitzpatrick, 69, Irish politician, TD for Kildare North (2007–2011), motor neurone disease.

Graham Collier, 74, British jazz bassist.

Billy Grammer, 85, American country singer.

William Lockhart Garwood, 79, American jurist (United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit), heart attack.

James P. Hosty, 86, American law-enforcement agent (FBI), prostate cancer.

Bill Bergesch, 89, American baseball executive (Kansas City Athletics, New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds).

Lee Bradley Brown, 39, British tourist, beaten in police custody.

Kumar Indrajitsinhji, 73, Indian cricketer, cancer.

Kenneth Mars, 75, American actor (Young Frankenstein, The Producers, The Little Mermaid), pancreatic cancer.

Zoltán Berczik, 73, Hungarian table tennis player and coach.

David Utz, 87, American surgeon, removed Ronald Reagan's prostate, heart failure.

Nonie Lynch, 101, Irish traditional singer.

Ayala Zacks Abramov, 99, Israeli art patron.

Joseph V. Brady, 89, American behavioral neuroscientist.

K. D. Sethna, 106, Indian scholar and writer.

David Mason, 85, British trumpeter, played trumpet solo on "Penny Lane", leukemia.

Denis McLean, 80, New Zealand diplomat, academic, author and civil servant.

Margaret Eliot, 97, British music teacher and musician.

Milton Babbitt, 94, American composer.

Ante Cedo Martinic, 51, Croatian actor (Ruža vjetrova), cancer.

Hans Nogler, 91, Austrian Olympic alpine skier.

Guillermo O'Donnell, 75, Argentine political scientist.

J. Lynn Helms, 86, American Marine Corps officer, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (1981–1984), cardiopulmonary failure and pneumonia.

Pat Passlof, 83, American painter, cancer.

Joe B. Finley, 87, American rancher, co-founder of United Independent School District.

Noel Gayler, 96, American Navy admiral.

Esmond Kentish, 94, Jamaican Test cricketer.

Frank Boston, 72, American politician, member of the Maryland House of Delegates (1987–1999).

Ronnie Coyle, 46, Scottish footballer (Celtic, Raith Rovers), leukemia.

Shifra Lerer, 95, Argentinian-born American Yiddish theatre actress, stroke.

John Monson, 11th Baron Monson, 78, British aristocrat and politician, head injuries following a fall.

Ralph Campbell, 64, American politician, North Carolina state auditor (1992–2004), lung cancer.

Pierangelo Garegnani, 81, Italian economist and professor.

Selwyn Griffith, 83, Welsh poet.

Ashawna Hailey, 62, American computer scientist.

Bernice Lake, 78, Anguillan-born Antiguan jurist, first Eastern Caribbean woman to be appointed Queen's Counsel.

Oldrich Machac, 65, Czech Olympic silver (1968, 1976) and bronze (1972) medal-winning ice hockey player, heart failure.

Leo Kirch, 84, German media entrepreneur.

Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, 96, British author and soldier.

Mia Amber Davis, 36, American plus-size model and actress (Road Trip), postoperative complications.

Sidney Harman, 92, American businessman and publisher (Newsweek), acute myeloid leukemia.

Joe Morello, 82, American drummer (The Dave Brubeck Quartet).

Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, 99, Saudi Arabian businessman, founder of Al-Rajhi Bank, heart attack.

Susana Chávez, 36, Mexican poet and human rights activist, strangled.

Hans Heinz Holz, 84, German Marxist philosopher.

Esperanza Pérez Labrador, 89, Cuban-born Argentine human rights activist (Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo).

Harold Hopkins, 67, Australian actor (Don's Party, Gallipoli, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities), mesothelioma.

Jamie Pierre, 38, American professional skier, avalanche.

Adam Hunter, 48, Scottish golfer, leukemia.

Cecil Marshall, 71, Canadian cricketer.

Brian Lenihan, Jnr, 52, Irish politician, TD for Dublin West (since 1996) and Minister for Finance (2008–2011), pancreatic cancer.

Bill Gallo, 88, American cartoonist and newspaper columnist, complications from pneumonia.

Eddie Joost, 94, American baseball player and manager (Philadelphia Athletics, Cincinnati Reds).

John Nettleship, 71, British teacher, inspiration for character of Severus Snape, cancer.

Bridgett Rollins, 54, American model (Playboy), cancer.

Zoë Dominic, 90, English photographer.

Babak Masoumi, 39, Iranian futsal player and coach, blood cancer.

Vladimir Kosinsky, 66, Russian swimmer, 1968 Olympic silver and bronze medalist.

Ke Yan, 82, Chinese poet and writer.

Masao Nakayama, 70, Micronesian politician and diplomat.

Laura Pollán, 63, Cuban opposition leader, founder of the Ladies in White, cardiorespiratory arrest.

Sabino Augusto Montanaro, 89, Paraguayan politician, Minister of the Interior (1968–1989).

Terrence Lanni, 68, American casino executive, cancer.

Godfrey Myles, 42, American football player (Dallas Cowboys), stroke.

Patrick Galvin, 83, Irish writer.

Buster Martin, 104?, French-born British longevity claimant.

Mitchell Page, 59, American baseball player (Oakland Athletics), and coach (St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals).

Joanne Siegel, 93, American widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, model for Lois Lane.

Egon Drews, 84, German Olympic bronze medal-winning (1952) flatwater canoer.

Lilia Michel, 85, Mexican actress.

Artemio Lomboy Rillera, 69, Philippine Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Bangued (1993–2005) and San Fernando de La Union (since 2005).

Gunilla von Post, 79, Swedish socialite.

Eric Prabhakar, 86, Indian Olympic athlete (1948).

Mark Sinyangwe, 38, Zambian footballer.

Kennedy Ondiek, 44, Kenyan Olympic athlete.

Jim Rodnunsky, 54, Canadian-born American cinematographer and technician, inventor of the Cablecam system, brain cancer.

Zim Ngqawana, 51, South African jazz saxophonist, stroke.

Nilla Pizzi, 91, Italian singer.

Vipindas, 72, Indian cinematographer and director, short illness.

Milan Ercegan, 95, Yugoslavian president of the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (1972–2002).

Aleksandar Petakovic, 81, Serbian football player.

Ahmed Ihsan Kirimli, 91, Turkish doctor, politician, poet and philanthropist.

Leonida Lari, 62, Moldovan-born Romanian writer and politician, member of the Supreme Soviet (1989–1991) and Romanian Parliament (1992–2008), breast cancer.

Solly Tyibilika, 32, South African rugby player, shot.

Jaladi Raja Rao, 79, Indian film lyricist and playwright.

Cliff Robertson, 88, American actor (Charly, Spider-Man, PT 109), natural causes.

Wendy Babcock, 32, Canadian advocate for the rights of prostitutes, suspected suicide.

Hoda Saber, 52, Iranian dissident, heart attack following a hunger strike.

Burt Reinhardt, 91, American broadcast executive, President of CNN (1982–1990), complications from strokes.

Frank Whitten, 68, New Zealand actor (Outrageous Fortune), cancer.

Kozo Haraguchi, 100, Japanese track and field athlete, respiratory failure.

Janis Polis, 72, Latvian pharmacologist, discovered rimantadine.

Antonio Prieto, 85, Chilean singer and actor, cardiac arrest.

Italo Pizzolante, 82, Venezuelan musician and composer.

Mario Miranda, 85, Indian cartoonist.

Gavin Bornholdt, 63, New Zealand Olympic sailor (1976).

Chuck Ruff, 60, American drummer (Edgar Winter, Sammy Hagar), after long illness.

Sam Pata Emani Tagelagi, 75, Niuean politician, first Speaker of the Niue Assembly (1976–1993), long illness.

Roberto Busa, 97, Italian Jesuit priest, pioneer in Digital Humanities.

Raymond Beckman, 86, American Olympic soccer player, coronary artery disease.

Al Schwimmer, 94, American-born Israeli businessman, founder of Israel Aerospace Industries.

Norma Zimmer, 87, American entertainer (The Lawrence Welk Show).

Ioan Sisestean, 74, Romanian Catholic hierarch, Bishop of Maramures (since 1994).

Tawfik Toubi, 88, Israeli Arab politician, last surviving member of the first Knesset.

Nubia Barahona, 10, American child abuse victim, beaten.

Audrey Lawson-Johnston, 95, American-born British RMS Lusitania passenger and last survivor.

Bonnie Prudden, 97, American rock climber and physical fitness advocate.

Doyle Bramhall, 62, American blues musician, heart failure.

Sheila Allen, 78, British actress (Love Actually).

Adolphe-Maria Gustave Hardy, 91, French Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Beauvais (1985–1995).

Carol Montgomery Stone, 96, American actress.

David Cairns, 44, British politician, MP for Greenock and Inverclyde (2001–2005) and Inverclyde (since 2005), acute pancreatitis.

Désiré Tagro, 52, Ivorian politician, Interior Minister, chief of staff for Laurent Gbagbo, shot.

David Brown, 69, British cricketer, brain tumour.

John Patrick Barnes, 69, American civic leader, heart attack.

Matti Mattson, 94, American veteran of the Spanish Civil War (Abraham Lincoln Brigade).

Valentino Braitenberg, 85, Italian neuroscientist.

Giacomo Benevelli, 96, Italian sculptor.

Cary D. Allred, 64, American politician, member of the North Carolina Senate (1980–1984) and North Carolina House of Representatives (1994–2009).

Alun Evans, 69, Welsh football administrator, General Secretary of the Football Association of Wales (1982–1995), after long illness.

Chris Doig, 63, New Zealand opera singer and sports administrator, bowel cancer.

Yoshihiro Hamaguchi, 85, Japanese Olympic swimmer, heart failure.

W. K. Brown, 88, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (1960–1972), Alzheimer's disease.

György Szabados, 71, Hungarian physician, pianist, and composer.

Robert Ellsworth, 84, American politician and diplomat, Representative from Kansas (1961–1967), Ambassador to NATO (1969–1971), complications from pneumonia.

Miroslav Tichý, 84, Czech photographer.

Bad News Brown, 33, Canadian rapper and harmonica player, beaten and shot.

John Modinos, 84, Cypriot opera baritone, heart failure.

Werner Geeser, 63, Swiss Olympic cross-country skier, cancer.

Osvaldo Rodrigues da Cunha, 80, Brazilian paleontologist and herpetologist.

Jean Baucus, 94, American author, historian and arts patron, mother of Max Baucus.

Zbigniew Jaworowski, 84, Polish physicist.

Barbara Kent, 103, Canadian-born American silent film actress.

Laurie Hughes, 87, English football player (Liverpool).

Jimmy Harris, 76, American football player (University of Oklahoma, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles), natural causes.

Epiphanios of Vryoula, 76. American Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Spain and Portugal.

Billy Bang, 63, American jazz violinist, lung cancer.

Alfred Genovese, 79, American oboist, complications from cardiac arrest.

Sir Arthur Bryan, 87, British businessman.

David Nelson, 74, American actor (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet), colon cancer.

Sven-Olof Walldoff, 82, Swedish conductor and composer.

Per-Erik Burud, 48, Norwegian businessman, boating accident.

Thinley Norbu, 81, Tibetan Buddhist writer and teacher.

Patrice O'Neal, 41, American actor and comedian (Web Junk 20, The Opie and Anthony Show), complications from stroke.

Richard Walls, 74, New Zealand politician and businessman, MP for Dunedin North (1975–1978) and Mayor of Dunedin (1989–1995).

John Bancroft, 82, British architect.

Claude Laydu, 84, Belgian actor, heart condition.

Billy Baldwin, 62, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, New York Mets).

Isikia Savua, 59, Fijian diplomat and police commissioner.

Siamak Pourzand, 79, Iranian journalist and dissident, suicide by jumping.

Wally Peterson, 93, American actor, singer and stage manager.

Necmettin Erbakan, 84, Turkish politician, Prime Minister (1996–1997).

Zahra Bahrami, 46, Dutch-Iranian protestor and convicted drug trafficker, execution by hanging.

Tatyana Lioznova, 87, Russian film director (Seventeen Moments of Spring), People's Artist of the USSR.

Hamilton Bobby, 44, Indian footballer.

Evelyn Lauder, 75, Austrian-born American philanthropist (The Breast Cancer Research Foundation), creator of pink ribbon symbol, complications from ovarian cancer.

Tufele Liamatua, 71, American Samoan politician and paramount chief, first elected Lieutenant Governor of American Samoa (1978–1985).

William Lesick, 88, Canadian politician, MP for Edmonton East (1984–1988).

Kolapo Ishola, 77, Nigerian politician, Governor of Oyo State (1991–1993).

Al Debbo, 87, South African comedian.

Jamil Fakhri, 65, Pakistani actor, after long illness.

Henry Feffer, 93, American professor and spine surgeon, treated Saddam Hussein, heart failure.

Lewis Binford, 80, American archaeologist, heart failure.

Jack Hardy, 63, American singer-songwriter.

Tom Carnegie, 91, American sports announcer (Indianapolis Motor Speedway).

Knut Olsen, 57, Norwegian journalist and television presenter, cancer.

Julius C. Michaelson, 89, American politician, Rhode Island Attorney General (1975–1979) and State Senator (1962–1974).

Herbert Lomas, 87, British poet.

Eleanor Josaitis, 79, American activist, co-founder of Focus: HOPE, peritoneal cancer.

Allan Jeans, 77, Australian football player and coach, pulmonary fibrosis.

M. F. Husain, 95, Indian artist, heart attack.

Dolores Fuller, 88, American actress (Glen or Glenda), and songwriter ("Rock-A-Hula Baby").

Akis Cleanthous, 47, Cypriot politician, chairman of the Stock Exchange (2003–2007), Minister of Education and Culture (2007–2008), heart attack.

Nancy Kominsky, 95, American art teacher and broadcaster.

Bo Carpelan, 84, Finnish poet and author.

Abdoulaye Seye, 77, Senegalese Olympic bronze medal-winning (1960) athlete.

Won-il Rhee, 50, South Korean digital art curator, heart attack.

Dragan Dostanic, 54, Serbian football manager (LKS Lódz).

John Gower, 70, American politician, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly (1973–1979).

Eva Monley, 88, German-born Kenyan film location scout (Empire of the Sun, Lawrence of Arabia).

Franz Jozef Van Beeck, 81, Dutch author and Christian theologian.

Ignace Matondo Kwa Nzambi, 79, Congolese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Basankusu (1974–1998) and Molegbe (1998–2007).

Julian Kenny, 81, Trinidadian zoologist, environmentalist and politician, Senator (1995–2001).

John Mosca, 86, American restaurateur (Mosca's), prostate cancer.

Jeff Gralnick, 72, American television news producer.

John D'Orazio, 55, Australian politician, member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly for Ballajura (2001–2008), heart attack during surgery.

Hugh Martin, 96, American songwriter ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas") and film composer (Meet Me in St. Louis), natural causes.

John Clay, 86, English cricketer.

Ze'ev Segal, 64, Israeli jurist and legal analyst.

Josip Katalinski, 63, Bosnian footballer, after long illness.

Peter Roebuck, 55, British-Australian cricketer and columnist, suicide by defenestration.

Khairy Shalaby, 73, Egyptian writer.

Mimi Lee, 91, American chemist, First Lady of Maryland (1977–1979), heart failure.

Jerry Ragovoy, 80, American songwriter ("Time Is on My Side"), stroke.

Tomoko Kawakami, 41, Japanese voice actress (Fushigi Yûgi, Revolutionary Girl Utena), ovarian cancer.

Lidia Gueiler Tejada, 89, Bolivian politician, acting President (1979–1980), after a long illness.

La Esterella, 91, Flemish singer.

Steve Dacri, 58, American magician, cancer.

Marcel Trudel, 93, Canadian historian and author, cancer.

Heinz Bennent, 90, German actor.

Shinichi Ichikawa, 70, Japanese scriptwriter.

Héctor Francisco Medina Polanco, 37, Honduran television journalist, shot.

Jim Sullivan, 43, Canadian curler, world junior champion (1988).

Patricia Breslin, 80, American actress (The People's Choice, Peyton Place, The Twilight Zone), wife of Art Modell, pancreatitis.

Peter Sneath, 87, British microbiologist.

Neal Abberley, 67, English cricketer, heart and lung condition.

Mike Mitchell, 55, American basketball player (Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs), cancer.

Doug Leeds, 63, American executive, vice-chairman of American Theatre Wing, cancer.

Billy Gray, 83, English footballer (Nottingham Forest).

Frank Neuhauser, 97, American patent attorney and spelling bee champion, winner of the 1925 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Joe R. Greenhill, 96, American attorney, Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (1972–1982).

Vida Jerman, 72, Croatian actress, lung cancer.

Heinz Reincke, 86, German actor.

Liana Alexandra, 63, Romanian music educator and composer.

Albert Overhauser, 86, American physicist.

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, 22, Russian-born American Internet entrepreneur, co-founder of Diaspora social network site, apparent suicide.

Joel DiGregorio, 67, American keyboardist (The Charlie Daniels Band), car crash.

Dušan Trbojevic, 86, Serbian composer.

Ray Anderson, 77, American entrepreneur, cancer.

Aftab Ahmad Khan, 87, Pakistani military officer, heart attack.

Idwal Robling, 84, Welsh Olympic footballer and broadcaster.

Murtaza Hassan, Pakistani stage comedian, hepatitis and liver cancer.

Roy Gussow. 92, American sculptor, heart attack.

Naseerullah Babar, 82, Pakistani soldier and politician, Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (1976–1977) and Interior Minister (1993–1996).

Ivo Pešák, 66, Czech singer, dancer and comic performer.

Valter Nyström, 95, Swedish Olympic track and field athlete.

Stephen Schlossberg, 90, American union leader.

William Aramony, 84, American charity executive.

Peter Hammond, 87, British actor and television director.

David Bitner, 62, American political leader, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida (2011), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Mike Barrett, 67, American Olympic and professional basketball player (Virginia Squires, San Diego Conquistadors).

Premangsu Chatterjee, 83, Indian cricketer.

Billy Shipp, 80, American football player (New York Giants, Toronto Argonauts, Montreal Alouettes).

Newton Thornburg, 81, American novelist.

Sir Simon Milton, 49, British politician, London Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, after short illness.

Danny Stiles, 87, American radio host.

Gerry Huth, 77, American football player (New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings).

Bill Bower, 93, American aviator, last surviving pilot of Doolittle Raid, complications from a fall.

Francisco Blake Mora, 45, Mexican politician, Secretary of the Interior (since 2010), helicopter crash.

Lowell H. Harrison, 88, American historian.

Mary Fickett, 83, American actress (All My Children), complications of Alzheimer's disease.

Ruth Brinker, 89, American AIDS and nutrition activist, founder of Project Open Hand, vascular dementia.

Peter Crampton, 79, British politician, member of the European Parliament (1989–1999), suspected brain haemorrhage.

Ignazio Vella, 82, American artisanal cheesemaker and businessman, long illness.

Shailendra Kumar Upadhyaya, 82, Nepali politician, Foreign Minister (1986–1990), altitude sickness.

Doug Newlands, 79, Scottish footballer (Aberdeen, Burnley).

Donny George Youkhanna, 60, Iraqi archaeologist, anthropologist and author, heart attack.

Christian J. Lambertsen, 93, American diving engineer, inventor of first SCUBA device, renal failure.

John Dye, 47, American actor (Touched by an Angel), heart attack.

Panagiotis Sideris, 33, Greek handball player, heart attack.

Karryl Smith, American rapper (The Conscious Daughters).

Domenico Tarcisio Cortese, 80, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mileto-Nicotera-Tropea (1979–2007).

Jesse Jefferson, 62, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays), prostate cancer.

Royal Copeland, 86, Canadian football player (Toronto Argonauts), Alzheimer's disease.

William Crozier, 81, Irish artist.

Wouter Weylandt, 26, Belgian road bicycle racer, race crash.

Peter Ruehl, 64, American-born Australian columnist.

Bill Blackbeard, 84, American comic strip writer and editor.

Earle Morris, Jr., 82, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina (1971–1975).

Dorothy Franey, 97, American Olympic speed skater.

Anatole Abragam, 96, French physicist.

János Herskó, 85, Hungarian film director and actor.

John Francis Donoghue, 83, American Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Atlanta (1993–2004), after short illness.

Paul Leka, 68, American pianist, arranger and songwriter ("Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", "Green Tambourine").

Keo Nakama, 91, American swimmer.

Bob Fraser, 65–66, American actor, producer and writer, melanoma.

Larry Border, 60, American politician, member of the West Virginia House of Delegates (since 1990), stroke.

Huthaifa al-Batawi, Iraqi al-Qaeda leader, shot.

Angela Scoular, 65, British actress, suicide by poisoning.

Bob Callahan, 87, American football player (Buffalo Bills).

Cookie Gilchrist, 75, American football player (Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos), cancer.

Josef Pirrung, 61, German footballer, cancer.

Sotia Tsotou, 69, Greek lyricist, cancer.

Cem Erman, 64, Turkish actor and composer.

Martino Scarafile, 84, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Castellaneta (1985–2003).

Mamoni Raisom Goswami, 69, Indian writer and academic, multiple organ failure.

Abbas-Ali Amid Zanjani, 74, Iranian cleric and politician, President of Tehran University (2005–2008), heart failure.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards, 96, American blues guitarist and singer, heart failure.

Richard Marsh, Baron Marsh, 83, British politician and businessman, MP for Greenwich (1959–1971), Chairman of British Rail (1971–1976).

Joanna Russ, 74, American science fiction author, following a series of strokes.

Nutan Prasad, 65, Indian actor, after long illness.

James Gruber, 82, American teacher and early gay rights activist, last surviving member of the Mattachine Society.

José Llopis Corona, 92, Spanish footballer.

Giorgio Bernardin, 83, Italian footballer.

Marek Siemek, 68, Polish philosopher and historian of philosophy.

Vera Popkova, 68, Russian athlete, Olympic bronze medalist (1968).

Emory Folmar, 81, American politician, Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama (1977–1999), after long illness.

Vic Miles, 79, American reporter and news anchor.

Sir Hilary Synnott, 66, British diplomat.

Nasir Jalil, 56, Singaporean footballer.

Larry Sweeney, 30, American professional wrestler and manager, suicide by hanging.

Nick Harbaruk, 67, Polish-born Canadian ice hockey player, bone cancer.

Chuck Tanner, 82, American baseball manager (Pittsburgh Pirates) and player (Los Angeles Dodgers), after long illness.

Joe Gores, 79, American novelist and screenwriter.

Alf R. Bjercke, 90, Norwegian business magnate.

Boleslaw Gladych, 93, Polish World War II flying ace.

Hans-Georg Borck, 89, German military officer.

Kurt Johansson, 97, Swedish Olympic sport shooter.

Michael Garrick, 78, English jazz pianist and composer.

Lewis Mills, 74, American college basketball coach (University of Richmond) and athletic director.

Vo Chi Cong, 99, Vietnamese politician, President (1987–1992).

Howard Hilton, 47, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals).

George Landow, 67, American experimental filmmaker.

Wallace Clark, 84, Northern Irish maritime writer.

Eric Wall, 95, British Bishop of Huntingdon.

Don Boven, 86, American basketball player and coach (Western Michigan University), heart disease.

Trevor Bailey, 87, British Test cricketer and BBC radio broadcaster (Test Match Special), house fire.

John Gross, 75, British literary critic.

Anastasios Peponis, 87, Greek politician and author, heart problems.

Davida Karol, 94, Israeli actress.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, 50, Afghan politician, brother of President Hamid Karzai, shot.

Clara Luper, 88, American civil rights activist, after long illness.

Cornell Dupree, 68, American jazz and R&B guitarist, complications from emphysema.

Jimmy Briggs, 74, Scottish footballer (Dundee United).

Baliram Kashyap, 74, Indian politician, MP for Bastar (since 1998), after long illness.

Emory Bellard, 83, American college football coach (Texas A&M University, Mississippi State University), creator of wishbone offense, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Dennis Ritchie, 70, American computer scientist, developer of the C programming language and the Unix operating system.

Emilianos Zacharopoulos, 96, Turkish-born Greek Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan (since 1959).

Miklós Hofer, 79, Hungarian architect.

Fridtjof Frank Gundersen, 77, Norwegian jurist and politician.

João Pereira dos Santos, 93, Brazilian martial artist (Capoeira).

Federico Richter Fernandez-Prada, 89, Peruvian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Ayacucho/Huamanga (1979–1991).

Len Phillips, 89, British footballer.

Choiseul Henriquez, 51, Haitian politician.

Dick Thornett, 71, Australian triple international sportsman (water polo, rugby union and rugby league), heart disease.

Max Boisot, 67, British academic, cancer.

Hind Rostom, 81, Egyptian actress, heart attack.

Jokapeci Koroi, 79, Fijian politician, President of Fiji Labour Party (1991–2011).

John Mackenzie, 83, British film director (The Long Good Friday, Ruby).

Gheorghe Gutiu, 87, Romanian Catholic hierarch, Archbishop of Cluj-Gherla (1994–2002).

Bill Brill, 79, American sportswriter and newspaper editor, esophageal cancer.

Gabriel Laderman, 81, American painter, cancer,

Doug Davis, 66, American football player (Minnesota Vikings).

Bora Kostic, 80, Serbian footballer (Red Star Belgrade).

Charlie Lea, 54, French-born American baseball player (Montreal Expos).

Martin White, 102, Irish hurler.

Gabriel Bullet, 90, Swiss Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg (1970–1993).

Francisco Villagrán Kramer, 84, Guatemalan politician, Vice President (1978–1980).

Paul Massie, 78, Canadian BAFTA-winning actor and educator.

Corwin Hansch, 92, American chemist, pneumonia.

Violet Cowden, 94, American pilot, member of Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II, heart failure.

Danny Paton, 75, Scottish footballer.

Gideon Njoku, 63, Nigerian footballer and coach, cardiac arrest.

Jirina Švorcová, 83, Czech actress and pro-Communist activist.

Claus Helmut Drese, 88, German theatre and opera administrator.

Stanislaw Podemski, 82, Polish journalist.

Richard J. Rabbitt, 76, American politician, Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives (1973–1977), heart failure.

Bernd Methe, 47, German handball referee, traffic accident.

Winstone Zulu, Zambian AIDS and tuberculosis activist.

Derek Grierson, 79, Scottish footballer.

Harry Hillel Wellington, 84, American lawyer, Dean of Yale Law School (1975–1985) and New York Law School (1992–2000), brain tumor.

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, 38?, Comorian al-Qaeda terrorist, planned 1998 United States embassy bombings, shot.

Don Merton, 72, New Zealand conservationist.

Emmett J. Rice, 91, American economist and banking official, heart failure.

Saad El Shazly, 88, Egyptian military leader.

Vivek Shauq, 47, Indian actor, comedian, writer and singer, heart attack.

Li Desheng, 95, Chinese People's Liberation Army general.

Kurt Lundquist, 85, Swedish Olympic bronze medal-winning (1948) athlete.

Roy Tattersall, 89, British Test cricketer.

Reiner Methe, 47, German handball referee, traffic accident.

Amin al-Shami, Yemeni air force colonel, car bomb.

Jang Hyo-Jo, 55, South Korean baseball player (Samsung Lions, Lotte Giants), liver cancer.

Peter Newmark, 95, British educator and scholar.

Jim Northrup, 71, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Montreal Expos, Baltimore Orioles), seizure.

Charles McPhee, 49, American radio host, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Thelma Pressman, 89, American microwave cooking consultant, opened first microwave cooking school in the United States.

Eddie Snyder, 92, American composer ("Strangers in the Night", "Spanish Eyes").

Joshua Goldberg, 43, American website editor, son of Lucianne Goldberg and brother of Jonah Goldberg, injuries sustained in a fall.

A. W. B. Simpson, 79, British legal historian.

Guillermo Zarur, 72, Mexican actor, complications of kidney and heart disease.

Myra Taylor, 94, American jazz singer.

David Myers, 73, American politician, Oklahoma State Senator (since 2002), pneumonia.

Harold Mair, 92, Australian politician.

Charles Asa Schleck, 86, American Roman Catholic prelate, titular archbishop and under-secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (1995–2000).

Steve Popovich, 68, American record executive, founder of Cleveland International Records.

Greg Percival, 86, Australian politician, member of the New South Wales Legislative Council (1977–1978; 1986–1988).

David Viñas, 83, Argentine dramatist, critic and novelist, pneumonic infection.

Michael Harsegor, 86, Israeli historian.

María Elena Walsh, 80, Argentine musician, poet and writer ("Manuelita la tortuga"), after long illness.

Kim Brown, 66, British-born Finnish musician, cancer.

Joseph Candolfi, 89, Swiss Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Basel (1983–1996).

Mikhail Rusyayev, 46, Russian footballer.

Gilbert Adair, 66, Scottish author, film critic and journalist, brain haemorrhage.

Pushpa Ratna Sagar, 89, Nepalese grammarian.

George "Mojo" Buford, 81, American blues harmonica player.

Eddie Marshall, 73, American jazz drummer.

Hugh Carey, 92, American politician, Governor of New York (1975–1982) and U.S. Representative (1961–1974).

Sherwood Schwartz, 94, American television producer, creator of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island.

Alan Rubin, 68, American trumpeter (The Blues Brothers), lung cancer .

Sona Pertlová, 23, Czech chessplayer, cancer.

Bob Shaw, 89, American football player (Los Angeles Rams).

Sona Aslanova, 86, Azerbaijanian soprano.

Bill Justice, 97, American animator, natural causes.

John J. Ward, 90, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (1963–1996).

Nick Strincevich, 96, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Braves).

Cy Buker, 92, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers).

Gabriel Valdés, 92, Chilean politician and diplomat, President of the Senate of Chile (1990-1996), Foreign Minister (1964-1970).

Rocco Colonna, 77, American politician, Member of the Ohio House of Representatives (1975–1988).

Tony Stevens, 63, American choreographer, dancer and actor, Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Roy Skelton, 79, British actor (Rainbow, Doctor Who), stroke.

Lionel Rose, 62, Australian world champion boxer.

Homer Smith, 79, American football coach (Army Black Knights), cancer.

Blanche Honegger Moyse, 101, American conductor.

Gary Whitbread, 53, British cricketer.

Jacques Brichant, 80, Belgian tennis player.

Roman Baembaev, 55, Ukrainian-born Israeli poet.

Dan Terry, 87, American jazz trumpeter and big band leader.

Aruwa Ameh, 20, Nigerian footballer (Bayelsa United).

Axel Axgil, 96, Danish gay rights activist.

Sylvia Robinson, 75, American singer (Mickey & Sylvia), music producer and record label executive, heart failure.

Nella Martinetti, 65, Swiss singer-songwriter, pancreatic cancer.

Clarice Taylor, 93, American actress (Sesame Street, The Cosby Show).

Liaquat Soldier, 56, Pakistani comedian, heart attack.

Maurice Guigue, 98, French football referee (1958 FIFA World Cup Final).

Le Hoang Hung, 50, Vietnamese journalist, burned.

Khamis Gaddafi, 28, Libyan seventh son of Muammar Gaddafi, commander of the Khamis Brigade, airstrike.

Carlos Diarte, 57, Paraguayan footballer, cancer.

Walter Santoro, 89, Uruguayan politician, Minister of Industry (1963–1964), natural causes.

Peter Brown, 77, English footballer.

Peter J. Biondi, 69, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (since 1998), mesothelioma.

Adrian Cowell, 77, British documentary film maker.

Hiroe Yuki, 62, Japanese badminton player.

Zdenek Sýkora, 91, Czech abstract painter.

Oliver William Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 85, British Anglican priest, Dean of Lincoln (1969–1989).

Hilton Rosemarin, 58, Canadian set decorator (Three Men and a Baby, Cocktail, Jumper), brain cancer.

Francis E. Sweeney, 77, American jurist, Ohio Supreme Court justice (1993–2004).

David S. Broder, 81, American journalist (The Washington Post), complications from diabetes.

Margaret Whiting, 86, American pop singer ("A Tree in the Meadow", "Moonlight in Vermont"), natural causes.

Cornelius Elanjikal, 92, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Verapoly (1987–1996).

Oleg Lavrentiev, 84, Russian nuclear physicist.

David Boyd, 87, Australian artist.

Marshall Grant, 83, American double bassist (Tennessee Two).

Henry Carlisle, 84, American translator, novelist and anti-censorship activist.

Paul Dickson, 74, American football player (St. Louis Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings), blood infection.

Stephen Watson, 56, South African writer and critic, cancer.

Edward A. Burdick, 89, American civil servant.

Jon Petrovich, 63, American journalist, executive at CNN, cancer.

Robert Brown, 61, American politician, Georgia State Senator (1991–2011), suicide by gunshot.

Vítor Alves, 75, Portuguese soldier and politician, member of the MFA, responsible for the Carnation Revolution, cancer.

Ion Diaconescu, 94, Romanian politician, President of Chamber of Deputies (1996–2000), heart failure.

Carlos Trillo, 68, Argentine comic book writer (Cybersix).

Notable ice hockey players and coaches among the 44 killed in the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash:

Lewis Bush, 42, American football player (San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs), apparent heart attack.

Manuel Carbonell, 93, Cuban-born American sculptor.

Shigeri Akabane, 70, Japanese professional wrestler, heart attack.

F. M. Hardacre, 96, American academic and college football coach.

Helen Crummy, 91, British social activist.

Galina Urbanovich, 93, Russian Olympic gold and silver medal-winning (1952) gymnast.

Doris Burn, 87, American children's book author and illustrator.

Fred Speck, 63, Canadian ice hockey player (Detroit Red Wings).

Noel Andrews, 79, Irish boxing commentator.

Pierre Celis, 86, Belgian brewer (Celis), cancer.

Doctor X, 43, Mexican professional wrestler, shot.

Angelino Fons, 75, Spanish film director.

Sir Zelman Cowen, 92, Australian constitutional lawyer and academic, 19th Governor-General of Australia (1977–1982).

Bob Galvin, 89, American businessman, CEO of Motorola (1959–1986).

Mark Hatfield, 89, American politician, Governor of Oregon (1959–1967) and U.S. Senator (1967–1997).

Michael Evans, 59, British Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of East Anglia (since 2003), prostate cancer.

Walid Gholmieh, 73, Lebanese musician, director of Conservatoire Libanais.

Sir Ronald Waterhouse, 85, British jurist.

Robert Coleman-Senghor, 71, American English professor, torn aorta.

Seán Cronin, 91, Irish journalist and republican, Irish Republican Army chief of staff (1957–1958, 1959–1960), after long illness.

Lynne Walker, 54, British music and theatre critic, cancer.

Richard Butcher, 29, English footballer (Macclesfield Town), natural causes.

Ana Grepo, 36, Croatian model, carbon monoxide asphyxiation.

Hans Apel, 79, German politician, Finance Minister (1974–1978) and Defence Minister (1978–1982).

Barbara Grier, 78, American publisher (Naiad Press) and writer, cancer.

Freddie Gruber, 84, American jazz drummer.

Jordan Belson, 85, American filmmaker, heart failure.

Harri Holkeri, 74, Finnish politician, Prime Minister (1987–1991), after long illness.

Tom Gehrels, 86, Dutch-born American astronomer.

Genaro Hernández, 45, American boxer, cancer.

Nicholas Goodhart, 91, British marine engineer and glider pilot.

Armando Goyena, 88, Filipino actor.

Józef Zycinski, 62, Polish Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Lublin (since 1997), myocardial infarction.

Ruth Cavin, 92, American mystery novel editor, lung cancer.

Vinko Cuzzi, 72, Croatian footballer.

Johnny Albino, 93, Puerto Rican bolero singer, heart attack.

Nauman Habib, 32, Pakistani cricketer, murdered.

Bruce Dan, 64, American researcher (toxic shock syndrome), complicatons of a bone marrow transplant.

Paul Meier, 87, American mathematician (Kaplan–Meier estimator), complications from a stroke.

Rob Grill, 67, American singer and songwriter (The Grass Roots).

Liam Kelly, 88, Irish republican and politician.

Seve Ballesteros, 54, Spanish golfer, brain cancer.

Jerry Lawson, 70, American videogame console engineer.

Andrew Hao Jinli, 95, Chinese Roman Catholic underground Bishop of Xiwanzi (since 1984).

Miltiadis Evert, 71, Greek politician and minister, Mayor of Athens (1987–1989) and President of New Democracy (1993–1997), after a long illness.

Debbie Friedman, 59, American songwriter, pneumonia.

Ladislas de Hoyos, 72, French journalist and news anchor (TF1).

Andrei Igorov, 71, Romanian sprint canoer.

Nancy Hoyt, 56, American reality show contestant (The Amazing Race), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Ivan Martin Jirous, 67, Czech poet and dissident.

Dan David, 82, Romanian-born Israeli businessman and philanthropist, brain hemorrhage.

George Naghi, 59, Romanian businessman, founder of Aldis SRL, boating accident.

Alex Hay, 78, British golf journalist.

José Pagán, 76, Puerto Rican baseball player (San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates), Alzheimer's disease.

Big George, 53, British broadcaster and music arranger.

Sidney Lumet, 86, American film director (12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, Network), lymphoma.

Bob Marcucci, 81, American talent agent, respiratory complications.

Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., 55, American jurist, Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court (since 1989) and Chief Justice (2003–2011).

Sir Ernest Lee-Steere, 98, Australian horse racing official, Lord Mayor of Perth (1972–1978).

Henk Hofs, 60, Dutch footballer (Vitesse).

Gene Huff, 82, American politician, member of the Kentucky House of Representatives (1967–1971) and State Senator (1971–1994), lung disease.

Alan Keen, 73, British politician, MP for Feltham and Heston (since 1992), cancer.

Keith Holman, 84, Australian rugby league player and referee.

Archduke Felix of Austria, 95, Austrian royal, last surviving child of Charles I of Austria.

Tom Radney, 79, American politician, member of the Alabama Senate (1967–1971), after long illness.

Andreas Ioannides, 53, Cypriot navy chief, explosion.

Mietek Pemper, 91, Polish-born German Holocaust survivor, compiled and typed Oskar Schindler's list.

Willard Boyle, 86, Canadian physicist, Nobel laureate (2009).

Roger Nichols, 66, American sound engineer and record producer (Steely Dan), pancreatic cancer.

Bob McNamara, 94, American baseball player (Philadelphia Athletics).

Makinti Napanangka, 80s, Australian Papunya Tula artist.

David Sánchez Juliao, 65, Colombian author.

Killer Karl Kox, 80, American professional wrestler.

Dieudonné Kabongo, 61, Congolese-born Belgian comedian, musician and actor (Lumumba).

Michael S. Hart, 64, American author, inventor of the e-book and founder of Project Gutenberg, heart attack.

Jaroslav Jirík, 71, Czech hockey player (St. Louis Blues), plane crash.

Nataraja Ramakrishna, 88, Indian dance guru, after long illness.

Jack Gordon, 66, American politician, member of the Mississippi House of Representatives (1972–1980), State Senator (1980–1992; 1996–2011), brain cancer.

Yolande Palfrey, 54, British actress (Blake's 7, Doctor Who), brain tumour.

Des Meagher, 67, Australian footballer (Hawthorn).

Jimmy Lemi Milla, 62, Southern Sudanese politician, shot.

Howard Wallace Pollock, 90, American politician, U.S. Representative from Alaska (1967–1971).

Jirí Traxler, 99, Czech-born Canadian jazz pianist.

Giorgio Mariani, 65, Italian footballer.

Frank Kameny, 86, American gay rights activist.

George Kuchar, 69, American film director, prostate cancer.

Nancy Wake, 98, New Zealand-born Australian French Resistance leader, chest infection.

George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, 88, British aristocrat, magazine editor and arts administrator, first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Maksud Sadikov, 48, Russian Islamic scholar and theologian, shot.

Ross Hagen, 72, American actor (Daktari, Speedway).

Orrin Tucker, 100, American orchestra leader.

Lindy Pearson, 82, American football player (Detroit Lions).

Alicia Pietri, 87, Venezuelan First Lady (1969–1974; 1994–1999), widow of President Rafael Caldera.

Dave Sisler, 79, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds), prostate cancer.

Minoru Miki, 81, Japanese composer.

Petar Kralj, 70, Serbian actor.

Dennis Utter, 72, American politician, Nebraska State Senator (since 2009).

Vittorio De Seta, 88, Italian film director and screenwriter.

Dolores Duffy, 76, American Olympic athlete and actress.

Miriam Schmierer, 112, Australian supercentenarian, nation's oldest person.

R. B. McDowell, 97, Irish historian.

Gene McDaniels, 76, American singer-songwriter.

Benton Flippen, 90, American fiddler, heart attack.

Giorgio Tozzi, 88, American operatic bass, heart attack.

José Alencar, 79, Brazilian entrepreneur and politician, Vice-President (2003–2010), multiple organ failure.

Eddie Kirkland, 88, American blues guitarist, car accident.

Bruce Jackson, 62, American audio engineer, plane crash.

Enrique Arancibia Clavel, 66, Chilean DINA agent.

Andrew Pataki, 84, American Eastern Catholic hierarch, Bishop of Parma for Ruthenian (1984–1995) and Passaic for Ruthenian (1995–2007).

Andy Tielman, 75, Dutch Indorock musician.

Ewald Osers, 94, Czech translator and poet.

Janusz Morgenstern, 88, Polish filmmaker.

Charles Wyly, 77, American businessman and philanthropist, co-founder of Michaels Stores, automobile accident.

Herbert Matayoshi, 82, American politician, Mayor of Hawaii County (1974–1984).

Allyson Hennessy, 63, Trinidadian broadcaster.

Randy Wood, 94, American record producer, founder of Dot Records.

Nick Arundel, 83, American journalist and publisher, pulmonary failure.

Inge Sørensen, 86, Danish swimmer and Olympic bronze medalist (1936).

Jerzy Wozniak, 78, Polish footballer (Legia Warszawa).

Jorge Semprún, 87, Spanish writer and politician.

Joe Restic, 85, American NCAA and CFL football coach (Harvard Crimson, Hamilton Tiger-Cats).

Derek Ward, 76. English footballer.

Wardell Quezergue, 81, American music arranger, producer and bandleader, heart failure.

Richard F. Pedersen, 86, American diplomat, President of American University of Cairo (1977–1990).

Leonard B. Stern, 87, American television director, producer, and writer (Get Smart), creator of The Honeymooners, co-creator of Mad Libs.

Mario Branch, 31, American football player (Tennessee Titans, Amsterdam Admirals, Philadelphia Soul), heart failure.

Toshiko Takaezu, 88, American ceramic artist.

Peter Yates, 81, British film director and producer (Bullitt, Breaking Away, Krull).

Joe Yamanaka, 64, Japanese rock singer, lung cancer.

Roza Baglanova, 89, Kazakh singer, People's Artist of the USSR.

Adrián Yospe, 41, Argentine actor, cancer.

Eilert Määttä, 75, Swedish ice hockey player and coach.

Nakdimon Rogel, 86, Israeli journalist and broadcaster, author of the Nakdi Report.

Shmuel Ben-Artzi, 96, Israeli writer, father-in-law of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ray Aghayan, 83, Iranian-born American costume designer (Funny Lady, Doctor Dolittle).

Raphaël Marie Ze, 78, Cameroonian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Sangmélima (1992–2008).

Bernadine Healy, 67, American cardiologist, director of the National Institutes of Health (1991–1993), brain cancer.

Sir Filoimea Telito, 66, Tuvaluan President of the Church of Tuvalu, Governor General (2005–2010), heart attack.

Edgar Tekere, 74, Zimbabwean politician, cancer.

Gunter Sachs, 78, German photographer, author and multi-millionaire industrialist, suicide by gunshot.

Daniel Catán, 62, Mexican composer.

Iraj Afshar, 85, Iranian bibliographer and historian.

Josep Artigas, 87, Spanish international footballer.

Luiz Bueno, 74, Brazilian race car driver, cancer.

Roman Simakov, 27, Russian boxer, injuries sustained during a fight.

Bob Carney, 79, American basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers).

Steve Trimble, 53, American football player (Denver Broncos), heart attack.

Ella Schuler, 113, American supercentenarian, oldest person from Kansas.

David S. Clarke, 69, Australian businessman, chairman of Macquarie Group (1985–2007), stomach cancer.

Victor Manuel Blanco, 92, American astronomer, director of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory.

Elaine Crowley, 83, Irish author.

Joey Carew, 73, Trinidadian cricketer (West Indies), arteriosclerosis.

Fred Imus, 69, American songwriter and radio talk show host, brother of Don Imus.

Gavriel Tsifroni, 96, Israeli journalist.

Reidar Børjeson, 80, Norwegian Olympic figure skater (1952).

Milton Castellanos Everardo, 91, Mexican politician, President of Chamber of Deputies (1951), Governor of Baja California (1971–1977).

Dick Sims, 60, American keyboardist (Eric Clapton, Bob Seger).

Roger Christian, 75, American Olympic gold medal-winning (1960) ice hockey player.

Alan Fudge, 67, American actor (7th Heaven, Matlock, Hawaii 5-O), lung and liver cancer.

Andrew Zolile T. Brook, 81, South African Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Umtata (1979–1995).

Pierrette Alarie, 89, Canadian soprano, wife of tenor Léopold Simoneau.

Haim Yisraeli, 84, Israeli civil servant.

Robert Stempel, 77, American automobile executive, Chairman and CEO of General Motors (1990–1992).

John McCracken, 76, American sculptor.

Masoud Boroumand, 83, Iranian football player.

Cliff Dapper, 91, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers).

Willi Dansgaard, 88, Danish paleoclimatologist.

Kuno Klötzer, 89, German football coach.

Dan Spears, 62, American musician (Willie Nelson and Family), exposure.

Har Gobind Khorana, 89, Indian-born American biochemist, Nobel laureate (1968), natural causes.

Shikan Nakamura VII, 83, Japanese kabuki performer, Living National Treasure.

Fe del Mundo, 99, Filipino pediatrician, National Scientist of the Philippines, heart attack.

Travis Bean, 63, American guitar maker, cancer.

John R. Alison, 98, American airman, launched the Allied Reoccupation of Burma during World War II.

Kate Swift, 87, American writer, stomach cancer.

John Pugsley, 77, American libertarian speaker and writer.

Richard Campbell, 55, British player of cello and viola da gamba.

Bob Faulkner, 60, British football manager (Solihull Moors F.C.), prostate cancer.

Jirí Dienstbier, 73, Czech politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1989–1992).

Angioletta Coradini, 65, Italian astrophysicist, cancer.

Alan Styles, 75, British roadie (Pink Floyd), subject of the song "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast".

Wilfred G. Lambert. 85, English historian and archaeologist.

Charles S. Dubin, 92, American film and television director (Hawaii Five-O, Kojak, M*A*S*H), natural causes.

John Boswall, 91, British actor.

John Walker, 67, American musician (The Walker Brothers), liver cancer.

Donald Shanks, 70, Australian operatic bass-baritone, heart attack.

Herb Kawainui Kane, 82, American artist, Hawaiian cultural advocate, participant in the Hokulea voyage.

Bradley C. Livezey, 56, American ornithologist, car accident.

Peter Donaldson, 58, Canadian actor (The Sweet Hereafter, Emily of New Moon, Road to Avonlea), lung cancer.

Uno Röndahl, 87, Swedish author.

Roman Opalka, 79, French-born Polish painter.

Ragnar Lundberg, 86, Swedish athlete.

Albert Rosellini, 101, American politician, Governor of Washington (1957–1965), complications from pneumonia.

Salvatore Licitra, 43, Italian tenor, injuries from a motor scooter accident.

John W. Ryan, 81, American academic administrator, President of Indiana University (1971–1987).

Frank Mascara, 81, American politician, U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1995–2003), lung cancer.

Claudio Cavazza, 77, Italian entrepreneur, founder of Sigma-Tau pharmaceuticals.

Doric Wilson, 72, American playwright and gay activist.

Moses Katjiuongua, 68, Namibian politician.

Tony Malinosky, 101, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers).

Hans Ulrich Engelmann, 89, German composer.

Vasilijs Stepanovs, 83, Latvian weightlifter and Olympic silver medalist (1956 Melbourne).

Ézio Leal Moraes Filho, 45, Brazilian football player.

Oscar Angeletti, 64, Argentine racing driver.

Benny McCoy, 96, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics).

Jagjit Singh, 70, Indian musician, brain haemorrhage.

Vann Nath, 66, Cambodian painter.

Jerry Smith, 80, American football player (San Francisco 49ers) and coach (Denver Broncos).

Roland Petit, 87, French ballet dancer and choreographer, leukemia.

Bill Closs, 89, American basketball player (Philadelphia Warriors, Fort Wayne Pistons).

Barry Connolly, 72, Australian football player.

Hedda Sterne, 100, Romanian-born American painter and printmaker.

Jim Keane, 87, American football player (Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers).

Marie-Rose Morel, 38, Belgian politician, cancer.

Mike Gambrill, 75, British Olympic cyclist, bronze medalist (1956).

Josip Barkovic, 94, Croatian writer.

Bob Burnett, 71, American musician (The Highwaymen), brain cancer.

Richard Morant, 66, British actor.

Bobby Rhine, 35, American soccer player (FC Dallas), heart attack.

John Wood, 81, English actor (WarGames, Chocolat).

Kelly Thomas, 37, American homeless man, beaten.

Declan Costello, 84, Irish politician, TD for Dublin North West (1951–1969); Dublin South West (1973–1977), Attorney General (1973–1977) and High Court judge.

Oniroku Dan, 80, Japanese author, esophageal cancer.

Steven Kroll, 69, American children's book author, surgical complications.

Oleg Grabar, 81, American Islamic art historian, heart failure.

Jorma Ojaharju, 72, Finnish author.

Otto Tausig, 89, Austrian writer, director and actor.

Elena Zuasti, 75, Uruguayan stage actress and comedienne, heart failure.

Johnny Wilson, 82, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (Detroit Red Wings).

Jon Driver, 49, British psychologist and neuroscientist.

Lloyd G. Jackson, 93, American politician, President of West Virginia Senate (1969–1971).

Mark Ovendale, 37, English footballer (Luton Town, Bournemouth), cancer.

Richard Fox, 57, Irish-born British jockey and actor.

William Campbell, 87, American film and television actor (Love Me Tender, Star Trek, Dementia 13).

Bob Benny, 84, Belgian singer.

Agnes Milowka, 29, Australian technical diver, drowning.

Loreen Rice Lucas, 96, Canadian author.

Ivan Milas, 72, Croatian politician.

Tillmann Uhrmacher, 44, German DJ, music producer and radio host.

Lojze Slak, 79, Slovene accordion player, bone cancer.

Pearse Cahill, 95, Irish aviation pioneer.

Dani Wadada Nabudere, 79, Ugandan academic.

Kei Aoyama, 32, Japanese mangaka, suicide by hanging.

Peter Thuruthikonam, 82, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Vijayapuram (1988–2006), heart attack.

Jean-Claude Bajeux, 79, Haitian activist and scholar, lung cancer.

Deacon Turner, 56, American football player (Cincinnati Bengals), shot.

Eleanor Dapkus, 87, American baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League), breast cancer.

Lawrence Johnson, 97, American boat trailer inventor and manufacturer, natural causes.

Bruce Cowan, 85, Australian politician, member of the House of Representatives (1980–1993).

St. Clair Lee, 66, American musician (Hues Corporation).

Charles O. Perry, 81, American sculptor, stomach cancer.

Ángel Pedraza, 48, Spanish footballer and manager, cancer.

Peter Croker, 89, British footballer.

Jean-Paul Randriamanana, 61, Malagasy Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Antananarivo (since 1999).

Ray Aranha, 72, American actor (Dead Man Walking, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Married People).

Lalla Aicha, 81, Moroccan princess, first female Arab ambassador, Ambassador to United Kingdom (1965–1969); Greece (1969–1970); Italy (1970–1973).

Gerry Davidson, 90, American masters athlete, stroke.

Malcolm Wild, 79, Australian soccer player.

Horace Freeland Judson, 80, American science historian (The Great Betrayal: Fraud In Science), complications of a stroke.

Edward Edwards, 77, American serial killer, natural causes.

Bronko Nagurski Jr., 73, American player of Canadian football (Hamilton Tiger-Cats).

Angelo Reyes, 65, Filipino general and politician, suicide by gunshot.

Manuel Pestana Filho, 82, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Anápolis (1978–2004).

Dulce Figueiredo, 83, Brazilian First Lady (1979–1985), widow of João Figueiredo.

Ofield Dukes, 79, American civil rights activist, multiple myeloma.

Terry Willers, 76, Irish cartoonist.

Robert Boochever, 94, American federal judge.

Victor Bussie, 92, American labor activist, president of Louisiana AFL–CIO, stomach cancer.

Erol Erduran, 78, Cypriot educator and writer.

Don Ackerman, 80, American basketball player (New York Knicks), after short illness.

Quazi Nuruzzaman, 86, Bangladeshi veteran of the Liberation War, natural causes.

Hugh FitzRoy, 11th Duke of Grafton, 92, British aristocrat.

John Olmsted, 73, American naturalist and conservationist, liver cancer.

Juan Piquer Simón, 74, Spanish film director (Pieces, Slugs), lung cancer.

Cesare Rubini, 87, Italian basketball player and coach, water polo player.

Benjamín González, 53, Spanish Olympic athlete, mountaineering accident.

Don Duong, 54, Vietnamese-born American actor (We Were Soldiers), complications following post-stroke surgery.

Jimmy Adamson, 82, British football player and coach.

Bill Brown, 69, American disc jockey (WCBS-FM).

Hugh Fox, 79, American poet and novelist.

Dudley E. Faver, 94, American Air Force major general and academic.

Facundo Cabral, 74, Argentine singer and songwriter, shot.

Stefan Kurylowicz, 62, Polish architect, plane crash.

Duane Pillette, 88, American baseball player (New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies).

Donald S. Sanford, 92, American film and television writer (Midway).

John Roll, 63, American jurist, shot.

Mike Starr, 44, American bassist (Alice in Chains, Sun Red Sun).

Pierre Gauvreau, 88, Canadian painter and television screenplay writer.

Teresa Hsu Chih, 113, Chinese-born Singaporean social worker.

Al Boeke, 88, American architect, developer of Sea Ranch, California, and Mililani, Hawai'i.

Rob Buckman, 63, British-born Canadian oncologist and comedian.

Hilde Heltberg, 51, Norwegian musician, cancer.

Marion D. Hanks, 89, American Mormon leader.

Ralph Goldston, 82, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles, Hamilton Tiger-Cats).

Masashi Ohuchi, 67, Japanese weightlifter, Olympic silver (1968) and bronze (1964) medalist.

Dick Walsh, 85, American baseball executive, first commissioner of the North American Soccer League.

Frank Dezelan, 80, American baseball umpire (1958–1970).

Marvin Sease, 64, American blues singer, pneumonia.

Del Reisman, 86, American television producer (The Twilight Zone, The Untouchables) and writer, President of WGAW (1991–1993), cardiac arrest.

Blažena Holišová, 80, Czech film and theatre actress.

Nuno Viriato Tavares de Melo Egídio, 89, Portuguese general, Governor of Macau (1979–1981).

Hal Bruno, 83, American journalist, political director of ABC News (1980–1999), heart arrhythmia after a fall.

Dave Hoover, 56, American comics artist.

Hazel Johnson-Brown, 83, American Army nurse and general, Alzheimer's disease.

Carl T. Langford, 92, American politician, Mayor of Orlando, Florida (1967–1980).

Shrek, 16, New Zealand celebrity sheep, euthanised.

Yoon Ki-Won, 24, South Korean football player, suicide by inhaling toxic fumes.

Arthur Lessac, 101, American voice trainer.

Elfa Secioria, 51, Indonesian jazz pianist.

Ferbent Shehu, 78, Albanian dancer and choreographer, heart attack.

Antonis Christeas, 74, Greek basketball player (AEK Athens) and coach.

Adrián Escudero, 83, Spanish footballer.

Harry Morgan, 96, American actor (M*A*S*H, Dragnet), pneumonia.

Gene Cantamessa, 80, American Academy Award-winning sound engineer (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial).

Bill Kunkel, 61, American video game designer and magazine editor, heart attack.

Donald Ray Kennard, 74, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (1976–2008), brain aneurysm rupture.

Percy Oliver, 92, Australian Olympic swimmer.

Mark H. Beaubien, Jr., 68, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (since 1997).

Leslie Audus, 99, British botany professor (University of London), expert on plant growth hormones.

E. J. McGuire, 58, Canadian ice hockey coach and scout, cancer.

Samuel Hazard Gillespie, Jr., 100, American lawyer and politician, pancreatic cancer.

Eugenio Toussaint, 56, Mexican composer and jazz musician, heart attack.

Thorbjørn Svenssen, 86, Norwegian footballer, record 104 appearances for the national team, stroke.

Chauncey Hardy, 23, American basketball player, heart attack following beating.

Oscar Rolando Cantuarias Pastor, 80, Peruvian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Piura (1981–2006).

Andrzej Lepper, 57, Polish politician, suspected suicide by hanging.

Alice Bridges, 94, American Olympic bronze medal-winning (1936) swimmer.

Rudy Salud, 72, Filipino sports executive, PBA Commissioner (1988–1992), complications from surgery.

Maria Altmann, 94, Austrian-born American art heiress, after long illness.

Morton Sweig, 95, American businessman.

Hedzer Rijpstra, 91, Dutch politician.

Arvo Salo, 79, Finnish writer and politician, MP (1966–1970, 1979–1983) and Minister of Culture (1982–1983).

Fermo Mino Martinazzoli, 79, Italian politician, after long illness.

Léon Bollendorff, 96, Luxembourgian politician.

Pavel Karelin, 21, Russian ski jumper, traffic accident.

Gilberto Pinto, 82, Venezuelan playwright.

Jerry Robinson, 89, American comic book artist (Batman) and reputed creator of The Joker.

Nosson Tzvi Finkel, 68, American-born Israeli Haredi rabbi and rosh yeshiva.

Mark Kingston, 77, British actor.

Jag Mundhra, 62, Indian film director (Bawandar).

Gary Nixon, 70, American motorcycle racer, complications from a heart attack.

Scott Bostwick, 49, American football player and coach (Western Washington, Northwest Missouri State), heart attack.

Claude Choules, 110, British-born Australian veteran, last combat veteran of World War I.

Victor Surdu, 63, Romanian politician, first post-Communist Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Jean Bartel, 87, American actress, Miss America 1943.

Jerry Ames, 80, American tapdancer and choreographer.

Christopher Trumbo, 70, American screenwriter, kidney cancer.

Hideo Tanaka, 78, Japanese director (Sukeban Deka The Movie), stomach cancer.

Charlie Russell, 74, American country music DJ.

Katherine Grant, 12th Countess of Dysart, 93, Scottish peeress.

Jakkampudi Rammohan Rao, 58, Indian politician, member of the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh.

Lee Roy Selmon, 56, American Hall of Fame football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), stroke.

Francesco Quinn, 48, Italian-born American actor (Platoon, The Young and the Restless), son of Anthony Quinn, heart attack.

Lee Vines, 92, Canadian-born American television announcer (What's My Line?) and actor, complications from a fall and pneumonia.

J. Donald Crump, 78, Canadian commissioner of the Canadian Football League (1990–1991).

Marie Andrée Bertrand, 85, Canadian criminologist, feminist and anti-prohibitionist.

William F. Walsh, 98, American politician, Mayor of Syracuse, New York (1961–1969), Congressman (1973–1979).

Leon Botha, 26, South African artist and musical performer, progeria-related heart failure.

Hysen Hakani, 78, Albanian screenwriter and director, directed first Albanian short film.

Thøger Birkeland, 89, Danish children's book author.

Houston Antwine, 72, American football player (Boston/New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles), AFL All-Star (1963–1968), heart failure.

Jaime González, 78, Spanish Olympic sport shooter (1968, 1972, 1976, 1980).

Iain Sproat, 72, Scottish politician and journalist.

David P. Reynolds, 96, American businessman and Thoroughbred racehorse breeder.

Takeshi Miyaji, 45, Japanese video game designer and business executive (GunGriffon, Grandia).

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, 89, American Nobel laureate.

Gene Fekete, 88, American football player (Cleveland Browns).

Amparo Muñoz, 56, Spanish actress, Miss Universe 1974.

Hemayel Martina, 20, Curaçaon poet, complications of car accident.

Robert Lamoureux, 91, French comedian and film director.

Iakovos Kambanelis, 88, Greek author, playwright, poet, lyricist and journalist, kidney failure.

Osamu Kobayashi, 76, Japanese voice actor and executive director, pancreatic cancer.

T. A. Springer, 85, Dutch mathematician.

Heavy D, 44, Jamaican-born American rapper ("Now That We Found Love") and actor (The Cider House Rules, Life), pulmonary embolism.

Manuel Prado Perez-Rosas, 88, Peruvian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Trujillo (1976–1999).

Dana Wilson, 28, New Zealand rugby league player, car accident.

Aziz Shavershian, 22, Australian bodybuilder and model, heart attack.

Würzel, 61, British guitarist (Motörhead), ventricular fibrillation.

John Glasby, 82, British chemist and writer.

Igor Birman, 85, Russian-born American writer and economist.

Patricia Brennan, 66, Australian feminist and clinician, advocate of women Anglican priests, cancer.

Bobby Kuntz, 79, American CFL player (Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger-Cats), Parkinson's disease.

Moshe Yess, 67, Canadian composer and singer, cancer.

Oliver Elmes, British graphic designer (Doctor Who).

Fred Thompson, 19, American football player (Oregon State University).

James Worrall, 97, Canadian Olympic athlete (1936) and administrator.

Julio Casas Regueiro, 75, Cuban politician, Vice President and Defense Minister (since 2008), heart attack.

Adi Talmor, 58, Israeli journalist and news presenter, assisted suicide.

Kenny Baker, 85, American fiddler, complications from a stroke.

Azam Khan, 61, Bangladeshi pop singer, cancer.

Salomón Hakim, 81, Colombian neurosurgeon, researcher and inventor.

Jim Blair, 64, Scottish footballer, natural causes.

Eric Parsons, 87, British footballer.

Red Borom, 95, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers).

Ricky Hui, 65, Hong Kong actor.

Rostislav Ctvrtlík, 47, Czech stage, television and voice actor, brain tumor.

Paul Blair, 69, American magazine editor and tour guide.

David Jack, 87, Scottish pharmacologist.

Al Davis, 82, American football coach and team owner (Oakland Raiders), heart failure.

Andrzej Maria Deskur, 87, Polish Roman Catholic cardinal, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications (1973–1984).

Stan Willemse, 86, British footballer (Chelsea).

Roberts Blossom, 87, American actor (Doc Hollywood, Escape from Alcatraz, Home Alone).

Gordon Lorenz, 61, British songwriter.

Arthur Laurents, 93, American playwright, librettist, stage director, and screenwriter (Anastasia, Rope, West Side Story).

John Bottomley, 50, Canadian singer-songwriter, suicide.

Mike DeStefano, 44, American comedian (Last Comic Standing), heart attack.

Frank Roberts, 65, Australian boxer, first Australian Aboriginal Olympian (1964), heart attack.

Carlos Castro, 65, Portuguese journalist, bludgeoned.

Brent Darby, 30, American basketball player (Ohio State University), blood clots.

Bil Keane, 89, American cartoonist (The Family Circus), heart failure.

José de las Fuentes Rodríguez, 91, Mexican politician and lawyer, Governor of Coahuila (1981–1987).

Don Fambrough, 88, American football player and head coach (University of Kansas), injuries from a fall.

Alan Blackshaw, 78, English mountaineer and civil servant, cancer.

William R. Corliss, 84, American physicist and writer.

Dougie McCracken, 46, Scottish football player (Ayr United), suspected suicide.

Mike Campbell, 78, Zimbabwean farmer, challenged Robert Mugabe (Campbell v Zimbabwe), complications from torture.

Andrée Chedid, 90, Egyptian-born French poet and novelist.

Derek Gardner, 79, British vehicle and Formula One car designer.

Célestin Oliver, 80, French Olympic footballer.

Oddmund Jensen, 82, Norwegian Olympic cross-country skier.

Tony Fell, 79, British music publisher.

Dorothy Heathcote, 85, British drama teacher and academic.

Michael Bukht, 69, British radio executive, television personality and chef who worked as Michael Barry.

Sam Denoff, 83, American Emmy Award-winning television writer (The Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl), Alzheimer's disease.

Dimi Mint Abba, 52, Mauritanian singer, brain haemorrhage.

L. J. Davis, 70, American writer.

Ján Popluhár, 75, Slovak footballer (1962 FIFA World Cup).

Billy Gallier, 78, British footballer (Tamworth) and manager.

George Harris, 77, American Olympic judoka, leukemia.

Yosef Merimovich, 86, Israeli football player and manager.

Finn Helgesen, 92, Norwegian Olympic gold medal-winning (1948) speed skater.

Valentin Kozmich Ivanov, 76, Russian football player and coach.

Ron Fletcher, 90, American dancer and pilates teacher, heart failure.

Ed Macauley, 83, American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks, Boston Celtics).

David Hess, 75, American actor (The Last House on the Left), singer and songwriter, heart attack.

John Hoover, 91, American artist.

Naoki Matsuda, 34, Japanese footballer, suspected heart attack.

Aleksis Dreimanis, 96, Latvian-born Canadian geologist.

Lilian Jackson Braun, 97, American author (Cat Who series), natural causes.

Rolo Puente, 71, Argentine actor, pulmonary emphysema.

Frederick Lindsay, 97, British Olympic silver medal-winning (1948) field hockey player.

Louie Ramsay, 81, British actress (The Ruth Rendell Mysteries).

Josefa Iloilo, 90, Fijian politician, President (2000–2006; 2007–2009).

Bill Johnson, 84, American football player (San Francisco 49ers) and coach (Cincinnati Bengals).

Sum Ying Fung, 112, Canadian supercentenarian, oldest person in Canada at time of death, natural causes.

Jimmy Norman, 74, American rhythm and blues and jazz musician and songwriter.

Arthur F. Holmes, 87, American professor of Philosophy.

Sándor Képíró, 97, Hungarian World War II veteran acquitted of Nazi war crimes.

Conrad Schnitzler, 74, German musician (Tangerine Dream, Kluster, Eruption, Berlin Express), stomach cancer.

Pete Duranko, 67, American football player (Denver Broncos), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Claudio Bravo, 74, Chilean painter, epilepsy.

Tommy Wright, 83, Scottish footballer.

Coyote McCloud, 68, American disc jockey.

Reg Stewart, 85, British footballer, natural causes.

Gary Moore, 58, Irish rock guitarist and singer (Thin Lizzy), heart attack.

Krzysztof Kolberger, 60, Polish actor, cancer.

Dobie Gray, 71, American singer ("The 'In' Crowd", "Drift Away").

Herbert S. Okun, 80, American diplomat.

Sumant Misra, 88, Indian tennis player.

Mary Fenech Adami, 77, Maltese First Lady (2004–2009), wife of Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami, heart attack.

Tommy Brent, 88, American theatrical producer.

Dana Wynter, 79, German-born British actress (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), heart failure.

Johnny Morris, 87, English footballer.

Edward Ullendorff, 91, British historian.

Erika Thijs, 51, Belgian politician, Senator (since 1995), cancer.

Wlodzimierz Lawniczak, 51, Polish journalist, Chairman of Telewizja Polska, after long illness.

William Morais, 19, Brazilian footballer (América-MG), shot.

Ovidio de Jesús, 78, Puerto Rican Olympic sprinter (1956, 1960).

Barbara Orbison, 61, German-born American record producer and music publisher, widow of Roy Orbison, pancreatic cancer.

Floyd Rice, 62, American football player (San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders), lung cancer.

Gregory Possehl, 70, American archaeologist.

Edgar Benson, 88, Canadian politician and diplomat.

Sherman White, 82, American basketball player (Long Island University).

Betty Ford, 93, American First Lady (1974–1977) and co-founder of Betty Ford Center.

Lindsey Durlacher, 36, American Greco-Roman wrestler.

Skip O'Brien, 60, American actor (CSI).

Frank Ziegler, 87, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles).

John Nisby, 74, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins), pneumonia.

Val Puccio, 45, American professional wrestler.

Lázaro Blanco, 73, Mexican photographer, cancer.

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, 55, Sri Lankan politician, Member of Parliament (1994–2000), shot.

Roberto Bruce, 32, Chilean television journalist, plane crash.

Rudolf Brazda, 98, German concentration camp prisoner, last known survivor of pink triangle homosexual deportation.

Norman Hampson, 89, British historian.

Lawrence Eagleburger, 80, American diplomat and politician, Secretary of State (1992–1993).

Fritiof S. Sjöstrand, 98, Swedish physician and histologist.

Jimmy Carnes, 76, American track and field athlete, coach and administrator, cancer.

Ken Olsen, 84, American engineer, co-founder of Digital Equipment Corporation.

Bobby Robinson, 93, American record producer.

Frans de Kok, 87, Dutch conductor.

Lauri Sutela, 93, Finnish military officer, Chief of Defence (1974–1983).

Paul Ramírez, 25, Venezuelan footballer, stroke.

Pedro Armendáriz, Jr., 71, Mexican actor (Zorro series), cancer.

Charles Hoeflich, 97, American businessman.

James E. Bowman, 88, American physician.

Matthew J. Perry, 89, American federal judge.

Newt Loken, 92, American gymnastics coach (University of Michigan).

Sergei Bagapsh, 62, Abkhazian politician, President (since 2005), complications after surgery.

Erhard Loretan, 52, Swiss mountaineer, third climber to scale all 14 eight-thousanders, climbing accident.

Neil Reimer, 89, Canadian politician, Leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party (1962–1968).

Skonk Nicholson, 94, South African teacher and rugby union coach (Maritzburg College, 1948–1982).

Raymond McClean, 78, Irish politician and doctor, Mayor of Derry (1973–1974).

Abdullah Senussi, 61/62, Libyan brother-in-law of Muammar Gaddafi, airstrike.

Yoland Levèque, 74, French Olympic boxer.

Lawrie Tierney, 52, Scottish footballer.

Joe Frazier, 67, American boxer, World Heavyweight Champion (1970–1973), liver cancer.

Harold W. Rood, 89, American political scientist and author.

Felipe Camiroaga, 44, Chilean television presenter, plane crash.

Richard Cates, 85, American lawyer.

Bidzina Kvernadze, 82, Georgian composer, Parkinson's disease.

Jacques Georges Habib Hafouri, 94, Syrian Catholic hierarch, Archbishop of Hassaké-Nisibi (1982–1996).

F. Gordon A. Stone, 85, British chemist.

James Watson, 59, British trumpeter, heart attack.

Simona Senoner, 17, Italian ski jumper.

Curth Flatow, 91, German dramatist and screenwriter, natural causes.

Mario Coppola, 74, Italian nuclear physicist.

Mikey Welsh, 40, American artist and musician (Weezer).

Annette Charles, 63, American actress (Grease), complications of lung cancer.

Sammy McCrory, 86, Northern Irish footballer.

Sujatha, 58, Indian actress.

Alberto Granado, 88, Argentine-born Cuban biochemist and writer, travel companion of Che Guevara (The Motorcycle Diaries).

Fanizani Akuda, 78, Zimbabwean sculptor.

Marie Ljalková, 90, Czech soldier, sniper of the Soviet Union.

Erik Werner, 81, Danish cartoonist.

Tony Corsari, 84, Belgian television host, cancer.

Maurice Garrel, 88, French actor.

Camille Lembi Zaneli, 61, Congolese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Isangi (since 2000), plane crash.

José Vidal, 70, Dominican baseball player (Cleveland Indians, Seattle Pilots), cancer.

Dan Biggers, 80, American actor (In the Heat of the Night, Glory).

Roger Williams, 87, American pianist (Autumn Leaves), pancreatic cancer.

Allan Hubbard, 83, New Zealand businessman, car accident.

Antonio M. Diaz, 83, Filipino politician, Representative from Zambales (1969–1972, 1992–2001, 2004–2011).

Donald Hewlett, 90, English actor, pneumonia.

Mary Murphy, 80, American actress (The Wild One).

Hans Tiedge, 73, German spy.

Oswald Georg Hirmer, 81, German-born South African Roman Catholic missionary, Bishop of Umtata (1997–2008).

Omar Amiralay, 67, Syrian filmmaker, heart attack.

Rudi Bass, Austrian-born American graphic artist, illustrator and writer.

Lisbeth Movin, 94, Danish actress.

George McAnthony, 45, Italian country singer, heart attack.

Shrinivas Khale, 85, Indian composer.

Paul Michael, 84, American actor, heart failure.

Juan Francisco Luis, 70, U.S. Virgin Islands politician, Governor of the United States Virgin Islands (1978–1987), Lieutenant Governor (1975–1978).

Thomas G. Nelson, 74, American federal judge, complications from declining health.

Baruch Samuel Blumberg, 85, American doctor, Nobel laureate in medicine, heart attack.

Manolis Rasoulis, 65, Greek singer-songwriter, author and journalist.

John Bendor-Samuel, 81, British missionary and linguist, car accident.

Eugeniusz Czajka, 83, Polish Olympic field hockey player.

Georgi Movsesyan, 66, Russian composer, heart attack.

Michel Descombey, 81, French choreographer.

Ingvar Wixell, 80, Swedish opera singer.

Ingrid Luterkort, 101, Swedish actress.

Paul M. Doty, 91, American scientist.

Dov Schwartzman, 90, Russian-born Israeli Haredi rabbi and rosh yeshiva.

Zaheer Ahmad, 63, Pakistani-born American doctor, brain hemorrhage.

Lennart Magnusson, 87, Swedish Olympic silver medal-winning (1952) fencer.

Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez, 95, Spanish-born Mexican philosopher, writer and educator.

Ian Mitchell, 86, English cricketer, natural causes.

Ange-Félix Patassé, 74, Central African politician, Prime Minister (1976–1978) and President (1993–2003).

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, 86, Nepali Prime Minister (1990–1991, 1999–2000), multiple organ failure.

Ruth H. Funk, 93, American youth leader (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

Tom Cavanagh, 28, American ice hockey player (San Jose Sharks), blunt force trauma.

Françoise Olivier-Coupeau, 51, French politician, cancer.

Andrew McDermott, 45, British singer (Threshold), complications of kidney failure.

Tomás Segovia, 84, Spanish-born Mexican poet, cancer.

John Alderson, 89, British police officer and media commentator, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary (1973–1982).

José María Montes, 91, Argentine Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Chascomús (1983–1996).

Acacio Valbuena Rodríguez, 88, Spanish Roman Catholic prelate, Prefect for Western Sahara (1994–2009).

Gil Robbins, 80, American folk singer (The Highwaymen) and actor, father of Tim Robbins, prostate cancer.

Mary Bowermaster, 93, American masters athletics champion.

John Paul Getty III, 54, American heir and kidnapping victim, grandson of J. Paul Getty and father of Balthazar Getty, after long illness.

Susana Chávez, 36, Mexican poet and human rights activist, strangled.

Simona Monyová, 44, Czech writer, stabbed.

Andreas P. Nielsen, 58, Danish author and composer, cancer.

Tetsuzo Fuyushiba, 75, Japanese politician, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (2006–2008), acute pneumonia.

Ricardo Alegría, 90, Puerto Rican anthropologist, complications of heart disease.

Peter Gethin, 71, British Formula One driver (1970–1974).

F. Springer, 79, Dutch writer.

Ramiz Alia, 85, Albanian politician, First Secretary of the Party of Labour (1985–1991), President (1991–1992), lung disease.

Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, 39, Malaysian television camera operator (Bernama), shot.

Ray Patterson, 89, American basketball executive (Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets).

Peter Aucoin, 67, Canadian educator (Dalhousie University).

Martin Rushent, 63, English record producer (Buzzcocks, Human League, The Stranglers).

Frans Sammut, 66, Maltese writer, natural causes.

Larry Shepard, 92, American baseball manager (Pittsburgh Pirates) and coach (Cincinnati Reds).

Frank Chirkinian, 84, American producer (CBS Sports), lung cancer.

Miriam Hansen, 61, American cinema scholar and professor (University of Chicago ), cancer.

Francisco de la Rosa, 44, Dominican baseball player (Baltimore Orioles), after a long illness.

Jorge Maria Hourton Poisson, 85, French-born Chilean Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Temuco (1992–2001).

Takanosato Toshihide, 59, Japanese sumo wrestler.

Julien Bailleul, 23, French footballer.

Trulshik Rinpoche, 88, Tibetan lama.

Nikolai Arnoldovich Petrov, 68, Russian pianist, People's Artist of the USSR, stroke.

Bill Boddy, 98, British motor sport journalist.

Betty Taylor, 91, American performer (Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue).

John Adler, 51, American politician, U.S. Representative from New Jersey (2009–2011), infective endocarditis.

Brian Jacques, 71, British fantasy author (Redwall), heart attack.

Ryne Duren, 81, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees).

Bernard Stasi, 80, French politician, Minister for Overseas Departments and Territories (1973–1974), Alzheimer's disease.

Annie Fargue, 76, American actress and manager, cancer.

Andrea True, 68, American adult film star and disco singer, heart failure.

George Baker, 80, British actor (I, Claudius, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries), pneumonia following a stroke.

Jehangir Sabavala, 89, Indian artist.

William Sleator, 66, American science fiction writer (Interstellar Pig).

Allan W. Eckert, 80, American historian.

Felix Zandman, 83, American entrepreneur.

Richard Steinheimer, 81, American railroad photographer, Alzheimer's disease.

Scott Columbus, 54, American drummer (Manowar).

Vivienne Harris, 89, British businesswoman and newspaper publisher, co-founder of the Jewish Telegraph.

Adjie Massaid, 43, Indonesian actor, under-23 national football team manager and politician, heart attack.

Ohan Durian, 88, Armenian composer.

Gennady Logofet, 69, Russian footballer.

Joe Lonnett, 84, American baseball player and coach.

Frederick Cardozo, 94, British soldier and SOE veteran.

Bernard William Smith, 94, Australian art historian and critic.

Bubba Smith, 66, American football player (Baltimore Colts) and actor (Police Academy).

Manuel Galbán, 80, Cuban guitarist (Buena Vista Social Club), heart attack.

Lee J. Ames, 90, American artist and illustrator, heart failure.

Sada Thompson, 83, American actress (Family), lung disease.

Charles Jarrott, 83, British film and television director (Anne of the Thousand Days), prostate cancer.

Hiroko Nagata, 65, Japanese radical and murderer, vice-chairman of United Red Army.

Gad Granach, 95, German memoirist, son of Alexander Granach.

Géza Alföldy, 76, Hungarian historian.

Jackson Lago, 76, Brazilian politician, Governor of Maranhão (2007–2009), cancer.

Sarekoppa Bangarappa, 79, Indian politician, Chief Minister of Karnataka (1990–1992).

Thomas Kirwan, 78, American politician, member of the New York State Assembly (1995–2008; 2011).

Walter Norris, 79, American jazz pianist.

Patrick Collinson, 82, British historian.

Junpei Takiguchi, 80, Japanese voice actor and narrator (Dragon Ball, Yatterman, Mazinger Z), stomach cancer.

Agnes Varis, 81, American philanthropist, cancer.

Angélico Vieira, 28, Portuguese actor (Morangos com Açúcar) and singer (D'ZRT), car accident.

Jon Blake, 52, Australian actor, pneumonia.

Jim Seymour, 64, American football player (Chicago Bears).

Emerson Rodwell, 89, Australian cricketer and soldier.

Emilio Ogñénovich, 88, Argentine Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Mercedes-Luján (1982–2000).

Willie O'Neill, 70, Scottish football player (Celtic).

Gregg Madill, 67, Canadian National Hockey League referee.

Gordon Beck, 75, British jazz pianist and composer.

Fernando Charrier, 80, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Alessandria della Paglia (1989–2007).

Alberto Zalamea, 82, Colombian journalist and politician, Ambassador to Côte d'Ivoire, Venezuela and Italy.

Rasika Joshi, 39, Indian actress, leukemia.

James Arness, 88, American actor (Gunsmoke), natural causes.

Paul Ackerley, 61, New Zealand hockey player and coach, skin cancer.

Ned McWherter, 80, American politician, Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1973–1987) and Governor (1987–1995), cancer.

Chester Kahapea, 65, American soil scientist, known as the "face of Hawaiian statehood", complications of Lou Gehrig's disease.

Donald Peterman, 79, American cinematographer (Flashdance, Men in Black, Cocoon), complications from myelodysplastic syndrome.

John D. Kendall. 93, American musical educator (Suzuki method), complications of a stroke.

Mohsen Koochebaghi Tabrizi, 87, Iranian Shi'ite Muslim marja, heart attack.

Dan Mills, 80, American animator (Family Guy, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe).

Allan Watkins, 89, Welsh cricketer, after short illness.

Harry Bernstein, 101, British-born American author.

Bob Balog, 86, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers).

Juliano Mer-Khamis, 52, Israeli actor and political activist, shot.

Ed Manning, 68, American basketball player (Baltimore Bullets) and coach (San Antonio Spurs), heart condition.

Aron Kincaid, 70, American actor (The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini) and voice actor (Batman, The Transformers), heart failure.

Jan Lammers, 84, Dutch Olympic athlete (1948).

Pertti Purhonen, 68, Finnish Olympic bronze medal-winning (1964) boxer, Alzheimer's disease.

Yuri Kukin, 78, Russian singer-songwriter.

Isaac Chocrón, 81, Venezuelan playwright.

Charles Cuprill Oppenheimer, 95, Puerto Rican general.

Pusuke, 26, Japanese dog, world's oldest known living dog at time of death, natural causes.

Margaret Field, 89, American actress (The Man from Planet X, Captive Women), mother of Sally Field, cancer.

Haji Amir Bux Junejo, 95, Pakistani politician.

Liu Huang A-tao, 90, Taiwanese activist, first comfort woman to sue Japan for compensation.

Leslie Esdaile Banks, 51, American author (The Vampire Huntress Legend Series), adrenal cancer.

Humberto Leal Garcia, 38, Mexican murderer, lethal injection.

Wally Boag, 90, American performer (Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue).

Wayne Robson, 64, Canadian actor (The Red Green Show).

Johnny Preston, 71, American pop singer ("Running Bear"), heart failure.

Martin Quigley, Jr., 93, American publisher, spy and author.

Gary Mason, 48, British boxer, cycling collision.

Robert Brout, 82, American-born Belgian theoretical physicist.

Bill Stits, 80, American football player (Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Philip Gould, Baron Gould of Brookwood, 61, British advertising executive and political adviser, cancer.

Paul Kent, 80, American actor (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Three's Company), multiple myeloma.

Abdulrahman al-Nuaimi, 67, Bahraini opposition leader, founder of the PFLB and the NDA.

Baruj Benacerraf, 90, Venezuelan-born American immunologist, Nobel laureate (1980).

Marion Fuller Brown, 94, American politician and environmental activist.

Odell Brown, 70, American jazz organist and songwriter ("Sexual Healing").

Craig Thomas, 68, Welsh author, pneumonia.

Mikhail Simonov, 81, Russian aircraft designer, chief designer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau (1983–2011), after long illness.

Peggy Rea, 89, American character actress (Grace Under Fire, The Dukes of Hazzard, Step by Step, The Waltons), heart failure.

Uche Okafor, 43, Nigerian footballer, murdered.

José Carlos Martínez, 48, Argentine politician, Senator (since 2007), car crash.

Darrell K. Sweet, 77, American artist.

Fred Kingsbury, 84, American Olympic bronze medal-winning (1948) rower.

Alexandru Pesamosca, 81, Romanian surgeon and pediatrician, cardiac arrest.

Ralph Berkowitz, 100, American composer.

Rizalino Navarro, 72, Filipino business executive, Secretary of Trade and Industry (1992–1996), heart attack.

Papa Joe Chevalier, 62, American sports talk radio host, stroke.

Jackie Cooper, 88, American actor (Skippy, Our Gang, Superman) and director (M*A*S*H).

Arjun Singh, 80, Indian politician, Minister of Human Resource Development (2004–2009), heart attack.

Charles E. Silberman, 86, American journalist and author (Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice), heart attack.

Giacomo Gualco, 75, Italian politician, President of Liguria (1990–1992).

Andrzej Przezdziecki, 84, Polish Olympic fencer and trainer.

Juan Tuñas, 93, Cuban footballer.

Bill Vann, 71, American artist.

Mel Hancock, 82, American politician, U.S. Representative from Missouri (1989–1997).

Andrew Laszlo, 85, Hungarian-born American cinematographer (First Blood, The Warriors, Newsies).

Kamal Salibi, 82, Lebanese historian.

DeLois Barrett Campbell, 85, American gospel singer (The Barrett Sisters), pulmonary embolism.

Miguel Gatan Purugganan, 79, Filipino Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Ilagan (1974–1999).

Bruce Crozier, 72, Canadian politician, Ontario MPP for Essex South (1993–1999) and Essex (since 1999), aortic aneurysm.

Alenush Terian, 90, Iranian astronomer and physicist.

Anthony Seminerio, 75, American politician and convicted felon, member of the New York State Assembly (1979–2009).

Pavel Vondruška, 85, Czech conductor and actor, accidental fall.

Sergo Kotrikadze, 74, Georgian football player and coach, heart attack.

Vakur Versan, 93, Turkish jurist, professor of administrative law (Istanbul University).

Violetta Villas, 73, Belgian-born Polish singer.

Hickstead, 15, Dutch-born Canadian show jumping horse, Olympic champion (2008), ruptured aorta.

Lulama Masikazana, 38, South African cricketer.

Al Federoff, 87, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers).

Andrew Gold, 59, American singer-songwriter ("Lonely Boy", "Thank You for Being a Friend"), heart attack.

Mildred Robbins Leet, 88, American philanthropist, co-founder of Trickle Up, complications of a fall.

Simon van der Meer, 85, Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate.

Albert Yator, 17, Kenyan long-distance runner, world junior steeplechase medallist, bronchopneumonia.

Boško Vuksanovic, 83, Croatian water polo player.

Olav Versto, 60, Norwegian journalist and editor (Verdens Gang), apparent drowning.

Pyotr Sumin, 64, Russian politician, Governor of Chelyabinsk Oblast (1996–2010).

Allan Cameron, 94, Scottish soldier and curler.

Hal Kanter, 92, American screenwriter, director and producer (Julia), complications from pneumonia.

Enrique Monsonís, 80, Spanish politician, President of the Generalitat Valenciana (1979–1982).

James M. Flinchum, 94, American journalist.

Dick Williams, 82, American baseball player and manager (Oakland Athletics), Hall of Famer, ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Pat Jackson, 95, English film and television director.

Rafique Alam, 81, Indian politician, heart attack.

Aldo Clementi, 85, Italian composer.

Donald J. Tyson, 80, American business executive, Chairman of Tyson Foods (1967–2001), cancer.

Patrick Roy, 53, French politician, pancreatic cancer.

Martial Célestin, 97, Haitian lawyer and diplomat, Prime Minister (1988).

Ambika Charan Choudhury, 81, Indian writer.

Michel Peissel, 74, French explorer and author, heart attack.

Steve Cardiff, 53, Canadian politician, automobile accident.

John Henry Johnson, 81, American football player (San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers) and Hall of Famer .

Thanasis Veggos, 83, Greek actor, stroke.

Amy Applegren, 83, American baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).

May Cutler, 87, Canadian author and publisher, founder of Tundra Books, first female Mayor of Westmount, Quebec (1987–1991).

Robert L. Frye, 84, American educator.

Vang Pao, 81, Lao army general and Hmong community leader, Commander of the Secret Army, pneumonia.

Peretz Kidron, 78, Israeli writer, journalist and translator.

Asadullo Gulomov, 58, Tajik politician, Deputy Prime Minister (since 2006).

Marion Dougherty, 88, American casting director (Lethal Weapon, Full Metal Jacket).

Milan Puskar, 77, American pharmacist, co-founder of Mylan, cancer.

Andrey Kapitsa, 80, Russian geographer and explorer, discovered and named Lake Vostok.

Paul-André Crépeau, 85, Canadian legal academic.

Miriam Karlin, 85, British actress and activist, cancer.

Ulli Beier, 88, German writer.

Paquito Diaz, 73, Filipino actor, complications from a stroke.

Woodie Fryman, 70, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Montreal Expos).

Reg Ward, 82, British developer, chief executive of London Docklands Development Corporation (1981–1987).

Leonid Abalkin, 80, Russian economist.

Carl Nyrén, 93, Swedish architect.

Liz Anderson, 81, American country music singer-songwriter, mother of Lynn Anderson, complications from heart and lung disease.

Anwar al-Awlaki, 40, American-born Yemeni cleric and Al-Qaeda official, airstrike.

Cal Christensen, 84, American basketball player (Milwaukee Hawks, Rochester Royals), heart failure.

Willie Corbett, 88, Scottish footballer (Celtic).

Richard Holmes, 65, British military historian.

Alan Fitzgerald, 75, Australian journalist, cancer.

Harvey Dorfman, 75, American sports psychologist.

Raymond Challinor, 81, British historian.

Conrado Estrella, Sr., 93, Filipino politician, Governor of Pangasinan (1954–1963), Agrarian Reform Minister (1978–1986).

Nelly Byl, 92, Belgian songwriter.

Karl Brommann, 90, German Waffen-SS officer.

Rosman García, 32, Venezuelan baseball player (Texas Rangers), traffic collision.

Joe Bodolai, 63, American comedy writer (Saturday Night Live) and producer, suicide by poisoning.

Charles T. Kowal, 71, American astronomer.

Robert Pitts, 92, American Olympic gold medal-winning (1948) basketball player.

Billy Drake, 93, British fighter pilot.

Frank Bender, 70, American forensic artist, pleural mesothelioma.

Michael Wenning, 75, South African-born American minister, leukemia and kidney failure.

Simon Brint, 60, British musician, suicide.

Nora Sun, 72, Chinese-born American diplomat, businesswoman and author, granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen, injuries from car crash.

Pierre Dansereau, 99, Canadian ecologist.

Wilhelm Weidenbrück, 96, German Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipient.

Ângelo de Sousa, 73, Portuguese painter, sculptor, draftsman and professor, cancer.

Moacyr Scliar, 73, Brazilian physician and writer, stroke.

Patricia C. Dunn, 58, American businesswoman, Chairman of Hewlett-Packard (2005–2006), ovarian cancer.

Allan Peachey, 62, New Zealand politician, Member of Parliament for Tamaki (2005–2011), cancer.

Clarence E. Miller, 93, American politician, U.S. Representative from Ohio (1967–1993), pneumonia.

Daniel Mortimer Friedman, 95, American jurist.

Ilyas Kashmiri, 47, Pakistani jihadist militant, leader of Harkatul Jihad al-Islami, drone strike.

Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, 46, Kuwaiti Al-Qaeda computer expert, shot.

William Henry Bullock, 83, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Des Moines (1987–1993) and Madison (1993–2003), lung cancer.

James L. Elliot, 67, American astronomer, discovered rings of Uranus.

Dagmar Wilson, 94, American anti-nuclear activist, heart failure.

Michael Habeck, 66, German actor, after short illness.

Julio Mario Santo Domingo, 88, Colombian businessman (SABMiller).

Charles Walton, 89, American electrical engineer, patentee of RFID.

Mildred Savage, 92, American author (Parrish).

Mani Kaul, 66, Indian filmmaker, after long illness.

Jack Kevorkian, 83, American physician and right to die activist, pulmonary thrombosis.

Robert W. Clower, 85, American economist.

Martin Horton, 76, English cricketer, after long illness.

Dame Olga Lopes-Seale, 92, Guyanese-born Barbadian broadcaster and singer.

Jim Duncan, 86, American football player and coach.

Andrew Ali Aga Khan Embiricos, 25, American HIV activist, grandson of Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan, suicide.

Attilio Pavesi, 100, Italian Olympic cyclist, oldest living Olympic champion.

Lasse Eriksson, 61, Swedish comedian.

Richard Pearson, 93, Welsh actor (The Yellow Rolls-Royce).

George Edward Kimball, 67, American boxing columnist (Boston Herald), esophageal cancer.

Bhajan Lal, 80, Indian politician, Chief Minister of Haryana (1979–1985; 1991–1996), cardiac arrest.

Danny Kassap, 28, Congolese-born Canadian long-distance runner.

Kevin Jarre, 56, American screenwriter (Tombstone, Glory, The Mummy), heart failure.

Goga Kapoor, 70, Indian actor.

Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, 41, Egyptian journalist, shot.

Paul Egertson, 75, American Lutheran bishop, heart attack.

Bill Smith, 75, British fell runner and author.

Adam Hanuszkiewicz, 87, Polish actor and theatre director.

Mario Roberto Álvarez, 97, Argentine architect.

George Ansbro, 96, American radio announcer.

Avner Treinin, 83, Israeli poet and chemist.

Venere Pizzinato, 114, Italian supercentenarian, oldest person in Europe and third-oldest living person in the world.

Marketa Kimbrell, 82, American actress, Alzheimer's disease.

Peter Murphy, 88, Irish television presenter (RTÉ).

Osama bin Laden, 54, Saudi founder of Al-Qaeda, planned September 11 attacks, shot.

Irena Kwiatkowska, 98, Polish actress.

Lena Nyman, 66, Swedish actress (I Am Curious (Yellow), I Am Curious (Blue), Autumn Sonata), cancer.

David Hart, 66, British political activist, author and playwright, motor neurone disease.

Edith Klestil, 78, Austrian first lady (1992–1998), first wife of President Thomas Klestil, cancer.

Matti Yrjänä Joensuu, 63, Finnish crime fiction writer.

Luigi Belloli, 88, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of the Anagni-Alatri (1987–1999).

Diane Cilento, 78, Australian actress (Tom Jones, The Wicker Man), cancer.

Warren Leslie, 84, American author, journalist and buisness executive.

Sammy Ofer, 89, Israeli businessman, after long illness.

Al Morgan, 91, American novelist and television producer (The Today Show), after long illness.

Besim Kabashi, 35, Albanian kickboxer.

Lily Marinho, 89, Brazilian philanthropist, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, respiratory failure.

Vasile Paraschiv, 82, Romanian political activist and dissident.

Alexander Lazarev, 73, Russian actor.

Yevgeny Lyadin, 84, Russian footballer.

José Sanchis Grau, 79, Spanish comic book artist.

Alamein Kopu, 68, New Zealand politician, MP (1996–1999).

Les Daniels, 68, American writer.

William S. Dietrich II, 73, American industrialist and philanthropist.

James Ford Seale, 76, American murderer, Ku Klux Klan member.

John Mackey, 69, American Hall of Fame football player (Baltimore Colts, San Diego Chargers).

Ray Pahl, 75, British sociologist, cancer.

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan, 81, Indian astrophysicist, cardiac complications.

Tura Satana, 72, American actress (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), heart failure.

Malangatana Ngwenya, 74, Mozambican poet and painter, after long illness.

Eddie Lewis, 76, English footballer (Manchester United, West Ham United), cancer.

Marian Pankowski, 91, Polish writer.

James S. Malosky, 82, American football coach (Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs), respiratory failure.

Norton Dodge, 84, American economist and art collector.

Mathur Krishnamurthy, 82, Indian arts patron.

Stan Barstow, 83, English novelist.

Josef Suk, 81, Czech violinist, prostate cancer.

Benny Spellman, 79, American R&B singer, respiratory failure.

René Emilio Ponce, 64, Salvadoran general and defence minister, army chief of staff during the Civil War.

William Prusoff, 90, American pharmacologist.

Theron Strinden, 91, American politician.

Lee Winfield, 64, American basketball player (Seattle SuperSonics, Buffalo Braves), colon cancer.

Jack Ertle Oliver, 87, American scientist, provided seismic evidence supporting plate tectonics.

Solange Pierre, 48, Dominican Republic human rights advocate, winner of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award (2006), heart attack.

Loulou de la Falaise, 63, French fashion muse and designer (Yves Saint-Laurent).

Joe Caffie, 80, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Buckeyes).

Gus Tyler, 99, American socialist activist.

David Sencer, 86, American public health official, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1966–1977), heart disease.

Calvin Russell, 62, American protest singer-songwriter and guitarist.

James Travers, 62, Canadian journalist, political correspondent (Toronto Star), editor in chief (Ottawa Citizen, 1991–1996), post-surgery complications.

Ajib Ahmad, 63, Malaysian politician, Chief Minister of Johor (1982–1986).

Helene Palmer, 82, British actress (Coronation Street).

Andreas Waldherr, 43, Austrian rally driver, workshop accident.

Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 42, Swedish director, presumed drowned.

RJ Rosales, 37, Filipino-born Australian singer and actor.

Marilyn Nash, 84, American actress (Monsieur Verdoux, Unknown World).

Carmela Marie Cristiano, 83, American Roman Catholic nun (Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth); first nun to seek political office in New Jersey.

Mark Whitehead, 50, American Olympic cyclist.

Jan van Roessel, 86, Dutch Olympic footballer (Willem II Tilburg).

Mandi Schwartz, 23, Canadian college ice hockey player, acute myeloid leukemia.

Simeonie Amagoalik, 77, Canadian carver, cancer.

Édouard Glissant, 82, Martiniquan poet and writer.

Agustin Perdices, 76, Filipino politician, Governor of Negros Oriental (since 2010), stomach cancer.

Hannu Haapalainen, 60, Finnish ice hockey player (SM-liiga).

Shigeo Yaegashi, 78, Japanese footballer.

Sócrates, 57, Brazilian footballer, septic shock.

Bhupen Hazarika, 85, Indian singer.

Florentina Gómez Miranda, 99, Argentine lawyer and women's rights activist.

Keith Wilson, 69, British production designer (Space: 1999).

Ray Bryant, 79, American jazz pianist, after long illness.

Shahbaz Bhatti, 42, Pakistani politician, Minister for Minorities (since 2008), shot.

LeRoy Grannis, 93, American surfing photographer.

Gustavo Sondermann, 29, Brazilian racing driver, race crash.

Spyrydon Babskyi, 52, Ukrainian Orthodox hierarch, Archbishop of Vinnytsya in UOC-KP (1992–1993).

Birgit Rosengren, 98, Swedish actress.

Assar Rönnlund, 75, Swedish cross-country skier, world and Olympic champion.

Sean Collins, 59, American surfer and surf forecaster (Surfline), heart attack.

Ram Revilla, 22, Filipino actor, shot and stabbed.

Heidi, 3, American-born cross-eyed opossum at Leipzig Zoo, euthanised.

Bernie Gallacher, 44, British footballer (Aston Villa).

James E. Dyer, 64, American politician, Mayor of Danbury, Connecticut (1979–1987).

Stuart Appelle, 65, American professor and writer.

Bill Clements, 94, American politician, Governor of Texas (1979–1983; 1987–1991).

Orlando Bosch, 84, Cuban exile, after long illness.

Alan Tang, 64, Hong Kong actor, film producer and director, stroke.

Duke Snider, 84, American Baseball Hall of Famer (Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants).

Dorothy Thompson, 87, British social historian.

Lucio Magri, 79, Italian journalist and politician, assisted suicide.

Hubert Sumlin, 80, American blues guitarist, heart failure.

Sir Gordon Higginson, 81, British educationalist and engineer.

Neil Street, 80, Australian speedway rider.

Gamini Goonesena, 80, Sri Lankan cricketer.

Jaap Blokker, 69, Dutch businessman, cancer.

Mark Cooney, 60, American football player (Green Bay Packers).

Sir Henry Cooper, 76, British Olympic heavyweight boxer.

John A. Tory, 81, Canadian lawyer and corporate executive, stroke.

Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke, 98, British heir to the Sarawakan throne.

Tony Levin, 71, British jazz drummer.

Brian Rust, 88, British jazz discographer and music journalist.

Takeo Nishioka, 75, Japanese politician, Minister of Education (1988–1989) and Speaker of the House of Councillors (since 2010), pneumonia.

Phil Walker, 67, British newspaper editor.

Chieko N. Okazaki, 84, American Mormon women's leader, first non-Caucasian woman to hold a senior position in the LDS church, heart failure.

Neil Dougherty, 50, American basketball coach (TCU).

Reshat Bardhi, 76, Albanian religious figure, head of the Bektashi order.

Bernard Cywinski, 70, American architect (Apple Store), partner and founder of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, cancer.

David G. Trager, 73, American jurist, pancreatic cancer.

Willem Duys, 82, Dutch radio and television presenter and record producer, infection.

Ron Piché, 75, Canadian baseball player (Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals), cancer.

Andrey Tverdokhlebov, 70, Soviet dissident.

Agustín García-Gasco Vicente, 80, Spanish Roman Catholic cardinal, Archbishop of Valencia (1992–2009), cardiac arrest.

Henry D. Owen, 91, American diplomat.

Edward Acquah, 76, Ghanaian Olympic footballer (1964).

Ken Payne, 60, American football player (Green Bay Packers).

Joy F. Evans, 85, American women's leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Josephine Hart, 69, Irish-born British novelist and poetry promoter, ovarian cancer.

Moshe Landau, 99, Israeli jurist, Chief Justice (1980–1982), presided over Adolf Eichmann's trial (1961).

Larry Finch, 60, American basketball player and coach (Memphis Tigers).

John Haines, 86, American poet.

Maria Schneider, 58, French actress (Last Tango in Paris), cancer.

Bill Zeller, 27, American computer programmer, injuries from a suicide attempt.

Juan Carlos Adrianza, 28, Venezuelan actor and entertainer, road accident.

Jalal Alamgir, 40, Bangladeshi academic, drowning.

Alex Pitko, 97, American baseball player.

Malcolm Forsyth, 74, South African-born Canadian trombonist and composer, pancreatic cancer.

Sir Philip Holland, 94, British politician, MP for Acton (1959–1964); Carlton (1966–1983) and Gedling (1983–1987).

Ted Lowe, 90, British snooker commentator.

John C. Haas, 92, American businessman (Rohm and Haas), natural causes.

Tatyana Shmyga, 82, Russian operetta singer and film actress (Hussar Ballad), People's Artist of the USSR, vascular disease.

Mohamed Bouazizi, 26, Tunisian protestor, self-immolation.

Erling Kroner, 67, Danish trombonist and bandleader, cancer.

Damaskinos Papandreou, 75, Greek-born Turkish Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan of Hadrianopolis (since 2003).

Níver Arboleda, 43, Colombian footballer, heart attack.

Dev Anand, 88, Indian actor (Ziddi), cardiac arrest.

Derrick Bell, 80, American law professor (Harvard University), originated critical race theory, carcinoid cancer.

David Getches, 68, American educator and Native American rights lawyer, pancreatic cancer.

Walter R. Peterson, Jr., 88, American politician, Governor of New Hampshire (1969–1973), lung cancer.

Steven Orszag, 68, American mathematician, chronic lymphomic leukemia.

Efrain Loyola, 94, Cuban flautist.

Edward Barnes Leisenring, Jr., 85, American businessman.

Machan Varghese, 50, Indian Malayalam film actor, cancer.

Grady Chapman, 81, American doo-wop singer (The Robins), heart failure.

Yuvan Shestalov, 74, Russian Mansi language writer.

Zhanna Prokhorenko, 71, Russian film actress (Ballad of a Soldier).

Alfonso Cano, 63, Colombian guerrilla leader (FARC), shot.

Anita Caspary, 95, American Catholic nun, founder of the Immaculate Heart Community.

Armen Gilliam, 47, American basketball player (Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets, Milwaukee Bucks), heart attack.

Willie Phiri, 57, Zambian footballer.

Ivan Slavkov, 70, Bulgarian sports official.

James McNulty, 92, Canadian politician, MP for Lincoln (1962–1968) and St. Catharines (1968–1972).

Sir Allan Louisy, 94, Saint Lucian politician and judge, Prime Minister (1979–1981).

Neil Young, 66, British footballer (Manchester City), cancer.

Louky Bersianik, 81, Canadian novelist.

Chrysanth Chepil, 73, Russian Orthodox prelate, Metropolitan of Vyatka-Slobodskoy.

Philip "Fatis" Burrell, 57, Jamaican record producer, stroke.

Graham Dilley, 52, British cricketer, cancer.

George Lang, 86, Hungarian-born American restaurateur and cookbook author, Alzheimer's disease.

Geronimo Pratt, 63, American political activist (Black Panther Party), heart attack.

William O. Taylor II, 78, American journalist and publisher (The Boston Globe), brain tumor.

Jess Osuna, 82, American character actor (Three Days of the Condor).

Luis Martínez Villicaña, 71, Mexican politician, Governor of Michoacán (1986–1988), Secretary of Agrarian Reform (1982–1986).

Robert Young, 95, American Olympic silver medal-winning (1936) athlete.

B. H. Friedman, 84, American author and art critic, pneumonia.

Emmanuel de Bethune, 82, Belgian politician, Mayor of Kortrijk (1987–1989, 1995–2000), after long illness.

Enver Faja, 77, Albanian architect and diplomat, Ambassador to Poland (1992–1996), after long illness.

Fonce Mizell, 68, American jazz and R&B record producer (Mizell Brothers).

Philip Rahtz, 90, British archaeologist.

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr., 87, American mathematician and nuclear scientist.

Ruby Muhammad, 103, American spiritual figure, lung cancer.

Geoff Ainsworth, 64, Australian football player, cancer.

Cyril M. Harris, 93, American acoustical engineer.

Sabri Godo, 82, Albanian politician, writer and scriptwriter, founder and president of the Republican Party of Albania, lung cancer.

Arnold Green, 91, Estonian politician, President of the Estonian Olympic Committee (1989–1997).

Tom Silverio, 65, Dominican-born American baseball player (California Angels).

Diana Gould, 85, British political critic.

Annabelle Lyon, 95, American ballet dancer.

Joel Rosenberg, 57, American science fiction author, heart attack.

Bill Varney, 77, American sound editor (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Dune).

Art Statuto, 85, American football player (Los Angeles Rams).

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, 78, Filipino painter.

Mika Myllylä, 41, Finnish cross country skier, 1998 Olympic gold medalist.

Hadayatullah Hübsch, 64, German journalist.

Richard Holmlund, 47, Swedish football manager, car accident.

Cynthia Myers, 61, American model (Playboy) and actress (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls).

Peter Jaks, 45, Swiss Olympic ice hockey player (1998, 1992), suicide by standing in front of a train.

Theodore Roszak, 77, American scholar (The Making of a Counter Culture), cancer.

Albertina Sisulu, 92, South African anti-apartheid activist.

Paul Violi, 66, American poet, cancer.

Edward Amy, 92, Canadian brigadier general.

Mick Karn, 52, Cypriot-born British musician (Japan), cancer.

Thor Vilhjálmsson, 85, Icelandic author, natural causes.

Karl-Axel Karlsson, 72, Swedish Olympic sport shooter (1972, 1976).

Fred Fono, 49, Solomon Islander politician, Deputy Prime Minister (2006) and MP for Central Kwara'ae (1997–2010).

Ante Markovic, 87, Croatian politician, Prime Minister of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1989–1991).

Sir Jimmy Savile, 84, British disc jockey, television presenter (Top of the Pops, Jim'll Fix It) and charity fundraiser.

Claude R. Kirk, Jr., 85, American politician, Governor of Florida (1967–1971).

Bruno Gamberini, 61, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Campinas (since 2004).

Ahmed Omed Khpulwak, 25, Afghan journalist (BBC News), explosion.

Billy Crook, 84, English footballer (Wolverhampton Wanderers).

Ibrahim Coulibaly, 47, Ivorian militia leader.

Robert Tear, 72, British opera singer, cancer.

Gary Winick, 49, American film director (13 Going on 30, Letters to Juliet), pneumonia.

Emanuel Vardi, 95, Israeli-born American violist, cancer.

Ken Bainbridge, 90, British footballer.

Sam Loxton, 90, Australian cricketer (The Invincibles), Australian rules footballer and politician, Victorian MLA for Prahran (1955–1979).

Norman Foster Ramsey, Jr., 96, American physicist, Nobel Laureate (1989).

Bert Jansch, 67, Scottish folk guitarist, singer and songwriter (Pentangle), cancer.

Hanna Segal, 92, British psychoanalyst.

Keith Smith, 93, Australian radio and television personality (The Pied Piper), children's writer.

Barklie Lakin, 96, British industrialist (Chairman of Vickers Armstrong) and naval officer, natural causes

Ian Anderson, 57, British politician, brain tumour.

Dick King-Smith, 88, British author (The Sheep-Pig, The Water Horse).

Peter Baumann, 75, Swiss psychiatrist.

Andy Rooney, 92, American journalist, 60 Minutes correspondent (1978–2011), surgical complications.

Steve Jobs, 56, American computer entrepreneur and inventor, co-founder of Apple Inc., pancreatic cancer.

John Sweet, 95, American actor (A Canterbury Tale).

Lavina Washines, 71, American tribal leader, first female leader of the Yakima Nation (2006–2008).

Lou Gorman, 82, American baseball executive and general manager (Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners).

Leonard Lomell, 91, American World War II veteran, recipient of the Silver Star and Purple Heart, natural causes.

Darrel Baldock, 72, Australian football player and coach, member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly (1972–1987) and Minister (1975–1982), stroke.

Gustavo Kupinski, 36, Argentine guitarist (Los Piojos), car crash.

Julia Marichal, 67, Mexican actress.

Larry Rickles, 41, American Emmy Award-winning producer (Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project), pneumonia.

Theadora Van Runkle, 83, American costume designer, lung cancer.

Charles Napier, 75, American actor (The Silence of the Lambs, The Blues Brothers).

Gordon Tootoosis, 69, Canadian actor (Pocahontas, Legends of the Fall) and activist, pneumonia.

Jaehoon Ahn, 70, North Korean-born American journalist and researcher, founding director of Radio Free Asia Korean language service.

Jane Gregory, 51, British Olympic equestrian, heart attack.

John M. Lounge, 64, American NASA astronaut (1981–1991), complications from liver cancer.

Coen Moulijn, 73, Dutch footballer.

Daniela Castelo, 47, Argentine journalist and radio host, aneurysm.

Rafael Rodríguez Barrera, 74, Mexican politician, Governor of Campeche (1973–1979), President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (1992–1993).

Sarah Watt, 53, Australian film director, cancer.

Fred Shuttlesworth, 89, American civil rights leader.

Cy Twombly, 83, American painter, cancer.

Munir Dar, 76, Pakistani field hockey player, 1960 Olympic gold medalist.

Armando Chin Yong, 53, Malaysian opera singer, heart disease.

Ali-Reza Pahlavi, 44, Iranian royal, son of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, suicide by gunshot.

Ion Monea, 70, Romanian Olympic silver (1968) and bronze (1960) medal-winning boxer.

George Gryaznov, 77, Russian Orthodox Archbishop of Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust (1989–1996), stroke.

Rob Schroeder, 85, American racing driver.

Dieudonné Yougbaré, 94, Burkinabé Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Koupéla (1956–1995).

Sarkis Soghanalian, 82, Syrian-born Armenian arms dealer.

Matt Fong, 57, American politician, California State Treasurer (1995–1999), skin cancer.

Manning Marable, 60, American professor (Columbia University).

Fateh Singh Rathore, 72, Indian wildlife conservationist.

Jimmy Fell, 75, British footballer (Grimsby Town), natural causes.

Ronald Parfitt, 97, British Olympic fencer.

Shinji Wada, 61, Japanese manga artist (Sukeban Deka).

Doris Belack, 85, American actress (Law & Order, One Life to Live, Tootsie), natural causes.

Serban Cantacuzino, 70, Romanian actor and nobleman, descendant of Wallachian Prince Serban Cantacuzino.

Frank Ponta, 75, Australian paralympian, after long illness.

Hazel Rowley, 59, British-born Australian writer (Tête-à-tête), cerebral haemorrhage.

Bill Foster, 78, American television director (Benson, Full House, The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults), cancer.

Gerry Rafferty, 63, Scottish singer-songwriter (Stealers Wheel), liver failure.

Tadeusz Walasek, 75, Polish Olympic silver (1960) and bronze (1964) medal-winning boxer.

Heinrich Sonne, 94, German Waffen-SS member, recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

Edel Ojeda, 82, Mexican Olympic boxer.

Robert Lawrence Balzer, 99, American wine journalist.

Matty Alou, 72, Dominican Republic-born American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals), diabetes.

Wes Covington, 79, American baseball player (Milwaukee Braves, Kansas City Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies), cancer.

Devi Prasad, 89, Indian artist and peace activist.

Defne Joy Foster, 35, Turkish actress, presenter and VJ.

Jack Richardson, 90, British chemical engineer.

Georgi Rusev, 82, Bulgarian theatre and film actor.

Yelena Chernykh, 32, Russian actress, traffic collision.

Bruno Bianchi, 56, French cartoonist and animator (Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats), co-creator of Inspector Gadget.

Tamás Eszes, 47, Hungarian politician and paramilitary leader, suicide.

Ruth Currier, 85, American dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

John Davies Evans, 86, British archaeologist.

Haleh Sahabi, 54, Iranian humanitarian, daughter of Ezzatollah Sahabi, cardiac arrest.

Douglas M. Head, 80, American politician, Minnesota Attorney General (1967–1971), natural causes.

Salmaan Taseer, 66, Pakistani politician, Governor of Punjab (since 2008), shot.

Siri Skare, 52, Norwegian lieutenant colonel, first Norwegian female military pilot.

Leo Friedman, 92, American photographer.

Bob Forsch, 61, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals), aneurysm.

Rusty Farley, 57, American politician, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (2011).

Al Wiggins, 76, American Olympic swimmer, aortic dissection.

Mar Varkey Vithayathil, 83, Indian Syro-Malabar Catholic hierarch, Cardinal (from 2001), Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly (from 1999).

Rodney Hill, 89, British mathematician.

Bob Usdane, 74, American politician, member of the Arizona Senate (1977–1991), after a short illness.

Vittorio Curtoni, 61, Italian science fiction writer and translator.

Laurent Fuahea, 84, Tongan-born Wallisian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Wallis et Futuna (1974–2005).

Kenneth H. Dahlberg, 94, American businessman and World War II fighter ace, natural causes.

Otto von Habsburg, 98, Austro-Hungarian royal and politician, MEP (1979–1999).

Brynle Williams, 62, Welsh activist (fuel protests) and politician, AM for North Wales (from 2003).

Clark Hulings, 88, American realist painter and physicist.

Julia Bonds, 58, American activist, cancer.

H. G. Francis, 75, German science fiction author.

Barbara Lea, 82, American jazz singer and actress.

Lloyd J. Old, 78, American immunologist and cancer researcher, prostate cancer.

K. Suppu, 70, Indian politician.

Nick Navarro, 81, American law enforcement official, Sheriff of Broward County, Florida (1985–1992), complications of cancer.

Len Ganley, 68, Northern Irish snooker referee.

Agapito Lozada, 72, Filipino Olympic swimmer.

Betty Callaway, 83, British ice skating trainer (Torvill and Dean).

Wally Jay, 93, American martial arts teacher, founder of Small Circle JuJitsu, after long illness.

Paul Vincent Donovan, 86, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kalamazoo (1971–1994).

Endre Wolf, 97, Hungarian violinist.

Liza Vorfi, 86, Albanian stage actress, after long illness.

Kostas Andriopoulos, 26, Greek footballer (PAOK, Veria), leukemia.

Len Gendle, 90s, British football administrator (Tamworth F.C.).

Peeter Kreitzberg, 62, Estonian politician, Minister of Culture and Education (1995).

Ralph Hodgin, 96, American baseball player (Boston Bees, Chicago White Sox).

Billy Hardee, 56, American football player (Denver Broncos, Ottawa Rough Riders), motorcycle accident.

Margaret John, 84, British actress (Gavin & Stacey).

Fadil Hadžic, 88, Croatian filmmaker, screenwriter, playwright and journalist.

Chiyono Hasegawa, 115, Japanese supercentenarian, nation's oldest person.

Justo Oscar Laguna, 82, Argentinian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Morón (1980–2004).

Hanan Porat, 67, Israeli rabbi, educator and politician, cancer.

Zurab Kapianidze, 74, Georgian actor and politician, MP (1999–2003).

Eric Nicol, 91, Canadian writer.

Jill Haworth, 65, English actress (Exodus, In Harm's Way, Cabaret, The Outer Limits), natural causes.

Shmuel Shilo, 81, Israeli actor and director, cancer.

Pablo McNeil, 71, Jamaican Olympic athlete and coach, after long illness.

René Verdon, 86, French-born American White House Executive Chef, leukemia.

Pavle Jurina, 57, Croatian handball player and coach.

Ivar Nørgaard, 89, Danish politician, negotiated Denmark's entry to the European Community.

Zbigniew Jaremski, 61, Polish athlete, 1976 Olympic silver medalist.

John R. Opel, 86, American computer businessman, president and CEO of IBM.

Lawrence R. Newman, 86, American advocate for the deaf.

Ernst Badian, 85, Austrian classical scholar and history professor (Harvard University), complications from a fall.

Michael Kennelly, 96, Irish-born American Jesuit, President of Loyola University New Orleans (1970–1974), founder of Strake Jesuit College Prep.

Branimir Koštan, 32, Croatian disc jockey, cancer.

Muzaffer Tema, 92, Turkish actor.

Christopher Logue, 85, British poet.

Morris Philipson, 85, American book publisher and novelist.

Géza Tóth, 79, Hungarian Olympic silver medal-winning (1964) weightlifter.

Jane Scott, 92, American rock music critic.

Suchitra Mitra, 86, Indian singer, cardiac arrest.

Julio Barragán, 82, Argentine painter.

David Montgomery, 84, American historian, brain hemorrhage.

Sir Timothy Raison, 82, British politician, Member of Parliament for Aylesbury (1970–1992).

George Harrison, 72, American Olympic gold medal-winning (1960) swimmer, cancer.

William G. Thrash, 94, American Marine Corps lieutenant general.

Lennox Fyfe, Baron Fyfe of Fairfield, 69, British politician.

Alfred Proksch, 102, Austrian athlete and graphic designer.

Bruno Rubeo, 65, Italian production designer (Platoon, Driving Miss Daisy).

Aden Meinel, 88, American astronomer and optical scientist.

Neil Turner, 77, Australian politician, Speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly (1996–1998); MLA for Warrego (1974–1986) and Nicklin (1990–1998).

Douglas Haig, 90, American child actor.

Yosef Shiloach, 69, Israeli actor.

Artur Quaresma, 94, Portuguese footballer.

John Young, 80, Scottish politician, MSP for West of Scotland (1999–2003).

Jim Neal, 81, American basketball player (Syracuse Nationals, Baltimore Bullets).

Gerhard Unger, 95, German opera singer.

Anatoliy Skorokhod, 81, Ukrainian mathematician.

Martin Reucher, 56, German lawyer.

Stanislaw Michalski, 78, Polish actor.

Patrick Sheridan, 89, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of New York (1990–2001).

Stan Bergstein, 87, American harness racing executive.

Iain Blair, 69, British romance novelist, published under the name Emma Blair.

Derek Rawcliffe, 89, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway (1981–1991).

Paul Soldner, 89, American ceramicist.

Zakaria Zerouali, 33, Moroccan footballer.

Dugald Stermer, 74, American illustrator and art director (Ramparts), cardiac and respiratory failure.

Vasily Aleksanyan, 39, Russian lawyer and businessman, Executive Vice President of Yukos, complications from AIDS.

Francis King, 88, British writer.

Eva Strittmatter, 80, German writer.

Knut Risan, 80, Norwegian actor.

Sickan Carlsson, 96, Swedish actress and singer.

Sam Rivers, 88, American jazz musician and composer, pneumonia.

Samdup Taso, 83, Indian hereditary priest.

David Croft, 89, British television comedy writer and producer (Are You Being Served?, Dad's Army).

George Green, 59, American songwriter ("Hurts So Good", "Crumblin' Down"), lung cancer.

John Marburger, 70, American physicist and presidential adviser, non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Lorenzo Charles, 47, American basketball player (NC State, Atlanta Hawks), bus accident.

Jack H. Goaslind, 83, American leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Judith Coplon, 89, American political analyst, convicted of espionage.

Norman Wilkinson, 79, English football player.

Zhu Zhaoxiang, 90, Chinese engineer.

Ferenc Mádl, 80, Hungarian politician, President of the Republic (2000–2005).

Wenche Foss, 93, Norwegian actress, natural causes.

Bill Tapia, 103, American ukulelist.

Andrija Fuderer, 80, Croatian-born Belgian chess player.

Anna Massey, 73, British actress (Frenzy, Hotel du Lac), cancer.

Husik Santurjan, 91, Turkish-born Armenian archbishop of Armenian Apostolic Church.

William Takaku, Papua New Guinean film and theatre actor, screenwriter and theatre director.

Rijk de Gooyer, 85, Dutch actor, pancreatic cancer.

Howard Tate, 72, American soul singer.

Don Lapre, 47, American television pitchman, suicide by cutting throat.

Fred Newman, 76, American psychotherapist.

Les Stubbs, 81, British footballer.

Stanley Tolliver, 85, American attorney and civil rights advocate.

Ilmar Kullam, 89, Estonian Olympic silver medal-winning (1952) basketball player.

Al Vega, 90, American jazz pianist.

Lou Maletta, 74, American media executive, founder of Gay Cable Network, liver cancer.

Taha Muhammad Ali, 80, Palestinian poet.

Sir Roy Redgrave, 85, British Army general.

Nakamura Tomijyuro V, 81, Japanese Kabuki actor, Living National Treasure.

Len Sassaman, 31, American cryptographer, suicide.

Alec Woodall, 92, British politician, MP for Hemsworth (1974–1987).

Shingo Araki, 72, Japanese animation artist and character designer.

Peter Przygodda, 69, German film editor, cancer.

Eugene Maslov, 66, Russian billiards coach.

Arthur Beetson, 66, Australian rugby league footballer, first Indigenous Australian to captain a national team in any sport, heart attack.

Efraín Recinos, 83, Guatemalan architect, muralist and artist, designer of the Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias.

John C. Truesdale, 89, American public servant, National Labor Relations Board chairman (1998–2000), cancer.

Anna Anni, 84, Italian costume designer (Otello).

Yoko Matsuoka McClain, 87, Japanese-born American professor (University of Oregon), granddaughter of Natsume Soseki, stroke.

Sid Melton, 94, American character actor (The Golden Girls, Green Acres, The Danny Thomas Show), pneumonia.

John Romonosky, 82, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Senators).

Itamar Franco, 81, Brazilian politician, President (1992–1995), leukemia.

Bali Ram Bhagat, 88, Indian politician, Speaker of the Lok Sabha (1976–1977) and Governor of Rajasthan (1993–1998).

Andrei Blaier, 78, Romanian film director and screenwriter, after long illness.

Martina Davis-Correia, 44, American civil rights activist, breast cancer.

Papa Bue, 81, Danish trombonist and bandleader.

Cindy Shatto, 54, Canadian Olympic diver (1976), lung cancer.

Kate Ebli, 52, American politician, member of the Michigan House of Representatives (2006–2010).

Olivera Markovic, 86, Serbian actress.

Ross Martin, 68, Australian Olympic cross-country skier, cycling accident.

Anne Francis, 80, American actress (Honey West, Forbidden Planet, The Twilight Zone), pancreatic cancer.

Ragnhild Hveger, 90, Danish swimmer, Olympic silver medalist (1936).

Pavlos Tassios, 69, Greek film director.

Antonio Molino Rojo, 85, Spanish film actor.

Ted Lapka, 91, American football player (Washington Redskins).

Piero Weiss, 83, Italian pianist and author, pneumonia.

Chaturanan Mishra, 86, Indian politician and trade union leader, after long illness.

Peter Hobbs, 92, French-born American character actor (Barney Miller, Lou Grant, The Odd Couple), after brief illness.

Nikolay Saksonov, 88, Russian world champion weightlifter, Olympic silver medalist (1952).

François Lesage, 82, French embroidery designer.

Leonard Stone, 87, American actor (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory), cancer.

Moshe Wertman, 87, Israeli politician.

Sir Oliver Napier, 75, Northern Irish politician, leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (1972–1984).

Hans Kalt, 86, Swiss rower, Olympic silver (1948) and bronze (1952) medalist.

James Rizzi, 61, American pop artist.

Sultan Khan, 71, Indian musician, recipient of the 2010 Padma Bhushan, kidney failure.

Sara Douglass, 54, Australian fantasy author, ovarian cancer.

Leonard Harris, 81, American actor, arts and theater critic (WCBS-TV), complications of pneumonia.

Brian O'Leary, 71, American scientist and NASA astronaut, cancer.

Mike Doyle, 64, English footballer (Manchester City), liver failure.

Tom Roeser, 82, American political commentator.

Igor Kon, 82, Russian philosopher, psychologist and sexologist.

Lee Hoiby, 85, American composer, metastatic melanoma.

Susan Crosland, 84, American journalist, widow of Anthony Crosland.

Hamida Barmaki, 40, Afghan law professor and human rights activist, suicide bomb attack.

Walter Vidarte, 80, Uruguayan actor.

Bill McKinney, 80, American actor (Deliverance, The Outlaw Josey Wales), esophageal cancer.

Butch Ballard, 92, American jazz drummer.

Robert Sklar, 75, American film historian, cycling accident.

Émile Masson Jr., 95, Belgian cyclist, winner of Paris–Roubaix and La Flèche Wallonne classic cycle races.

Lucy Tejada, 91, Colombian painter.

Purificacion Quisumbing, 77, Filipino human rights advocate, Chairperson of Commission on Human Rights (2002–2008), multiple myeloma.

Gumaa Al-Shawan, 74, Egyptian intelligence agent.

David Bedford, 74, British composer and musician.

Juno Stover-Irwin, 82, American diver, Olympic silver (1956) and bronze (1952) medalist.

John Osborne, 74, Montserratian politician, Chief Minister (1978–1991; 2001–2006), after long illness.

Louis Silverstein, 92, American artist and graphic designer.

Len Castle, 86, New Zealand potter.

Bruno Wu, 39, Chinese businessman, heart attack.

Pete Postlethwaite, 64, British actor (In the Name of the Father, Inception, The Usual Suspects), pancreatic cancer.

Cahit Aral, 84, Turkish engineer and politician, Minister of Industry and Commerce (1983–1987).

Bev Smith, 70, British actor and newsreader, heart attack.

Fanny Edelman, 100, Argentine politician, President of the PCA.

Georgina Cookson, 92, British actress.

Jane Baker, 88, American community organizer and politician, first female Mayor of San Mateo, California.

William R. Ratchford, 76, American politician, U.S. Representative from Connecticut (1979–1985), complications from Parkinson's disease.

Alan Sues, 85, American comic (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In), heart attack.

Sam Fink, 95, American calligrapher.

Philo Dibble, 60, American diplomat.

Leslie Brooks, 89, American actress.

Miriam Seegar, 103, American silent film actress and interior designer.

Mamoru Uchiyama, 62, Japanese manga artist (The Ultraman).

Richard Gordon, 85, British horror film producer.

Edmund Snow Carpenter, 88, American anthropologist.

Patricia Smith, 80, American actress (The Spirit of St. Louis, The Bob Newhart Show, The Debbie Reynolds Show), heart failure.

Robert Finigan, 68, American wine critic.

Hippolyte van den Bosch, 85, Belgian football player.

Ruby Langford Ginibi, 77, Australian author and Aboriginal historian.

Charlie Craig, 73, American songwriter ("She's Single Again", "The Generation Gap"), lung cancer.

Margot Stevenson, 98, American stage and radio actress (The Shadow).

André Hodeir, 90, French author, jazz arranger and composer.

Christa Wolf, 82, German writer.

Christiane Legrand, 81, French jazz singer.

Willie Fernie, 82, Scottish footballer, Alzheimer's disease.

Szeto Wah, 79, Hong Kong political activist, lung cancer.

Paulos Mantovanis, 65, Cypriot Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan of Kyrenia (since 1994).

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, 65, American psychoanalyst, biographer of Hannah Arendt, pulmonary embolism.

Sholom Rivkin, 85, American rabbi, last chief rabbi of St. Louis, and of a city in the United States.

Bud Grant, 79, American television executive, president of CBS (1980–1987).

Robert Trumble, 91, Australian writer and musician.

Sergio Montiel, 84, Argentine politician, Governor of Entre Ríos (1983–1987; 1999–2003).

Dorothy Howell Rodham, 92, American homemaker, mother of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Johnny Schmitz, 90, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, Brooklyn Dodgers).

Anne LaBastille, 75, American author and ecologist.

Richard Winters, 92, American army officer and World War II veteran, basis of book and miniseries Band of Brothers, Parkinson's disease.

Nolan Luhn, 90, American football player.

Tom Watkins, 74, American football player (Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions), after long illness.

John Milton Yinger, 95, American sociologist.

Orvin B. Fjare, 93, American politician, U.S. Representative from Montana (1955–1957).

Bill Roycroft, 96, Australian equestrian, five-time Olympian, gold medallist (1960).

Richard F. Daines, 60, American physician, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health (2007–2010).

Ken Carpenter, 84, American football player (Cleveland Browns).

Ida Fink, 89, Israeli Polish-language author.

Leonidas Kyrkos, 87, Greek politician, after short illness.

Giorgio Bocca, 91, Italian essayist and journalist.

Rafael Menjívar Ochoa, 51, Salvadoran writer, journalist and translator, cancer.

Sonia Osorio, 83, Colombian ballet dancer and choreographer, respiratory failure.

Eilaine Roth, 82, American baseball player (AAGPBL).

Sven Tumba, 80, Swedish ice hockey player (world champion 1953, 1957, 1962), footballer and golfer, prostate cancer.

Bébé Manga, 60, Cameroonian singer, cardiac arrest.

Nikolay Abramov, 26, Russian footballer.

Héctor Rueda Hernández, 90, Colombian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Medellín (1991–1997).

Bob McCann, 47, American basketball player (Minnesota Timberwolves, Washington Bullets), heart failure.

Georgiy Ball, 83, Russian writer.

Harold Nelson, 88, New Zealand Olympic runner.

Branko Bokun, 90, Yugoslavian writer.

Seppo Sanaksenaho, 73, Finnish politician, Mayor of Vaasa (1997–2001).

Katherine Siva Saubel, 91, American Cahuilla tribal leader and activist, one of the last speakers of the Cahuilla language.

Peter Branson, 86, British admiral.

Jean-Louis Rosier, 86, French racecar driver.

Robert A. Scalapino, 92, American political scientist.

Sir Robin Carnegie, 84, British army general.

Ricardo Watty Urquidi, 73, American-born Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Tepic (since 2008), pancreatic cancer.

Marin Constantin, 85, Romanian musician, conductor and composer.

Charles Fambrough, 60, American jazz musician and composer.

Gil Garfield, 77, American songwriter and musician (The Cheers), cancer.

Bruce Halliday, 84, Canadian physician and politician, MP for Oxford (1974–1993).

Gerd Michael Henneberg, 88, German actor.

Ben Breedlove, 18, American Internet personality, cardiac arrest.

April Phumo, 74, South African football coach, cancer.

Mano Wijeyeratne, 54, Sri Lankan politician.

Wilson Greatbatch, 92, American engineer, inventor of the implantable cardiac pacemaker.

Dmitri Royster, 87, American hierarch (Orthodox Church in America), Archbishop of the Diocese of the South (1978–2009).

Abdul Fatah Younis, 67, Libyan rebel leader and government official, former Interior Minister, shot.

Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, 97, Israeli rabbi.

Cosmo Francesco Ruppi, 78, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Termoli-Larino (1980–1988) and Archbishop of Lecce (1988–2009).

Marian Mercer, 75, American actress (It's a Living), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Esben Storm, 60, Danish-born Australian actor, director and producer, heart attack.

Jon Fitch, 60, American politician, Arkansas State Representative (1979–1983) and State Senator (1983–2002), complications of a stroke.

Raymond Cohen, 91, British violinist.

Flemming Jørgensen, 63, Danish actor and musician (Bamses Venner), heart attack.

Verne Langdon, 69, American musician, record producer and make-up artist.

John Olguin, 89, American aquarium official, director of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (1949–1987).

Billy Joe Patton, 88, American golfer.

Louise Reiss, 90, American physician, co-ordinator of the Baby Tooth Survey.

John Rice, 92, American baseball umpire (1955–1973).

Faizal Yusof, 32, Malaysian actor, heart attack.

Sue Carroll, 58, British journalist, pancreatic cancer.

Ken Russell, 84, British film director (Women in Love, Tommy), stroke.

Ricky Adams, 52, American baseball player (California Angels), cancer.

Dave Hill, 74, American golfer, complications from emphysema.

Tony Sale, 80, British computer scientist.

Wilfred Arsenault, 57, Canadian politician, cancer.

Mohammed Daud Daud, 42, Afghan general, police commander for northern Afghanistan, bombing.

Guy M. Townsend, 90, American Air Force brigadier general and test pilot.

Eugene Fodor, 60, American violinist, cirrhosis.

Karen Cromie, 31, British Paralympian, suicide.

Thierry Martens, 69, Belgian science fiction, detective novels, and comics author.

Dag Stokke, 44, Norwegian keyboardist (TNT), church organist and mastering engineer, cancer.

Gary Speed, 42, Welsh football player and manager, suicide by hanging.

Campbell Christie, 74, Scottish trade unionist.

Imre Makovecz, 75, Hungarian architect.

Rudolf Baláž, 70, Slovak Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Banská Bystrica (since 1990).

Bill Harris, 79, Canadian baseball player (Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers).

Harold Schnitzer, 87, American philanthropist and company executive (Schnitzer Steel), cancer.

Sir Clement Arrindell, 79, Kittitian politician, Governor-General (1983–1995).

Ed Frutig, 92, American football player (Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions).

Sushil Kumar Dhara, 99, Indian revolutionary.

Erling Olsen, 84, Danish politician, natural causes.

Argyris Chionis, 68, Greek poet, author and translator.

Heribert Barrera i Costa, 94, Spanish politician, President of the Parliament of Catalonia (1980–1984).

Leopold Hawelka, 100, Austrian coffee house owner (Café Hawelka).

Mick Anglo, 95, British comic book writer and artist, creator of Marvelman.

Lee Davenport, 95, American physicist, helped develop SCR-584 radar, cancer.

Denis Collins, 58, Australian football player, heart attack.

Clyde Holding, 80, Australian politician, federal minister (1984–1990).

Don Buddin, 77, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, Houston Colt .45s, Detroit Tigers).

Derek Hodge, 69, U.S. Virgin Islander politician and attorney, Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands (1987-1995), cancer.

Dorjee Khandu, 56, Indian Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (since 2007), helicopter crash.

Ernest Eastman, 83, Liberian diplomat, Foreign Minister (1983–1986), Secretary General of the Mano River Union.

Oddvar Hansen, 89, Norwegian footballer and coach (SK Brann).

Ana Daniel, 83, Portuguese poet.

Nikolay Dorizo, 87, Russian poet.

Adrienne Cooper, 65, American klezmer and Yiddish vocalist.

Judd Woldin, 86, American Tony Award-winning composer (Raisin), cancer.

Richard W. Mallary, 82, American politician, U.S. Representative from Vermont (1972–1975).

Eve Brent, 82, American actress (The Green Mile).

Richard Chavez, 81, American activist and labor organizer, brother of Cesar Chavez, complications from surgery.

Richard Harding Poff, 87, American jurist and politician, U.S. Representative from Virginia (1953–1972).

Harry Thuillier, 85, Irish Olympic fencer and radio presenter.

David E. Davis, 80, American automotive writer, editor and publisher (Car and Driver, Automobile), complications from bladder surgery.

Greg Goossen, 65, American baseball player (New York Mets) and actor (Wyatt Earp, Unforgiven).

Dariush Homayoon, 82, Iranian politician and journalist, Minister of Information and Tourism (1977–1978).

Willy De Clercq, 84, Belgian politician.

Romuald Klim, 78, Belarussian hammer thrower, Olympic gold medalist (1964).

Manon Cleary, 69, American realist painter.

Beryl Davis, 87, British big band singer and actress.

Joseph Maraachli, 1, Canadian infant, Leigh's disease.

Frank Fanovich, 88, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Athletics).

Hilary Evans, 82, British picture librarian and author.

Lura Lynn Ryan, 76, American First Lady of Illinois (1999-2003), cancer.

Dame Barbara Mills, 70, British barrister, Director of Public Prosecutions (1992–1998), stroke.

Lawrence Elion, 93, British actor.

Bill Grigsby, 89, American radio sportscaster (Kansas City Chiefs), prostate cancer and fall.

Megan McNeil, 20, Canadian singer, adrenal cancer.

Yvette Vickers, 81–82, American actress (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman), singer and model (Playboy).

Gideon Doron, 66, Israeli political scientist, leader of HaYisraelim.

Satyadev Dubey, 75, Indian actor, playwright and director.

R. Sheldon Duecker, 85, American prelate, bishop of the United Methodist Church.

Johnny "Country" Mathis, 77, American singer-songwriter.

Lykourgos Kallergis, 97, Greek actor, director and politician.

Charles Gittens, 82, American Secret Service agent, first black appointed to that position.

Elmer Sexauer, 85, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers), cardiac arrest.

Leo Rangell, 97, American psychoanalyst, complications from surgery.

Michael Waltman, 64, American actor (Beyond the Law, Tower of Terror, National Lampoon's Van Wilder).

Farley Granger, 85, American actor (Strangers on a Train, Rope), natural causes.

Cynthia Holcomb Hall, 82, American circuit judge for the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (1984–1997), cancer.

Dame Margaret Price, 69, British soprano, heart failure.

István Gajda, 30, Hungarian football player, road accident.

Thomas Finnegan, 86, Irish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Killala (1987–2002).

Ed Harrington, 70, American-born Canadian football player (Toronto Argonauts), cancer.

Jirí Gruša, 72, Czech dissident, diplomat and writer.

Jesús María Pereda, 73, Spanish football player and manager.

Stetson Kennedy, 94, American folklorist and civil rights activist.

Ghulam Haider Hamidi, 65, Afghan politician, Mayor of Kandahar (since 2007), bombing.

Elaine Stewart, 81, American actress and model, after long illness.

Alys Robi, 88, Canadian singer.

David Wilkerson, 79, American Christian evangelist and author (The Cross and the Switchblade), car accident.

H. R. F. Keating, 84, British crime fiction writer.

Shawn Lee, 44, American football player (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears).

Charlie Callas, 83, American comedian and actor (Silent Movie, Switch).

Seán French, 80, Irish politician, Lord Mayor of Cork (1976) and TD (1967–1982).

Keef Hartley, 67, British musician, complications from surgery.

Roger Kerr, 66, New Zealand public policy and business leader, executive director of the New Zealand Business Roundtable, metastatic melanoma.

Stuart Spencer, 79, Australian footballer.

Kim Tai Chung, 68, Korean actor and martial artist, internal stomach bleeding.

Charles W. Whalen, Jr., 90, American politician, U.S. Representative from Ohio (1967–1979).

Martha Rommelaere, 88, Canadian baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).

Douglas Chaffee, 75, American artist.

Ellen McCormack, 84, American pro-life activist and politician, two-time Presidential candidate (1976, 1980).

Arnošt Lustig, 84, Czech writer and Holocaust survivor, cancer.

Rei Harakami, 40, Japanese musician, cerebrovascular disease.

Liana Dumitrescu, 38, Romanian politician, member of the Chamber of Deputies (since 2004), stroke.

Rashid Karim, 86, Bangladeshi novelist.

Alvin Schwartz, 94, American comic book writer.

Joe Tofflemire, 46, American football player (Seattle Seahawks), heart failure.

Nico Minardos, 81, Greek actor (Istanbul, Twelve Hours to Kill, The Twilight Zone), natural causes.

John H. Sinfelt, 80, American chemical engineer in unleaded gasoline, congestive heart failure.

John Cossette, 54, American television producer (Grammy Awards).

DJ Megatron, 32, American disc jockey, shot.

James A. McClure, 86, American politician, U.S. Representative (1967–1973) and Senator from Idaho (1973–1991), following multiple strokes.

Hideki Irabu, 42, Japanese baseball player (Chiba Lotte Marines, New York Yankees, Montreal Expos), suicide by hanging.

Habib Galhia, 70, Tunisian boxer, Olympic bronze medalist (1964).

Johanne Dybwad, 92, Norwegian Olympic alpine skier.

Maciej Zembaty, 67, Polish writer and singer.

Andrew Geller, 87, American architect, kidney failure.

Johnnie Wright, 97, American country music singer (Johnnie & Jack), husband of Kitty Wells.

Agota Kristof, 75, Hungarian-born French novelist.

Edith Fellows, 88, American actress, natural causes.

Johnny Brewer, 74, American football player (Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints).

Roger Gimbel, 86, American Emmy Award-winning television producer (Chernobyl: The Final Warning, S.O.S. Titanic), pneumonia.

Richard J. Naughton, 64, American vice admiral, Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy (2002–2003).

William L. Eagleton, 84, American diplomat.

Daniel Morcombe, 13, Australian schoolboy, missing since 2003.

Roland Lacombe, 73, French Olympic cyclist (1960).

Kan Singh Parihar, 98, Indian jurist.

Günther Mund, 76, German-born Chilean Olympic diver, plane crash.

Khalil Ibrahim, Sudanese Darfuri rebel leader.

Ron Lyle, 70, American boxer, U.S. Amateur Heavyweight Champion (1970), complications from stomach ailment.

Sri Lal Sukla, 85, Indian writer, long illness.

John Parke, 74, Northern Irish footballer (Linfield, Hibernian, Sunderland, Northern Ireland), Alzheimer's disease.

Jerome Liebling, 87, American photographer, filmmaker and academic (Hampshire College).

Janet Brown, 87, British actress and impersonator, after short illness.

Lynn Hauldren, 89, American copywriter and product spokesperson (Empire Carpet).

Dorothea Puente, 82, American serial killer, natural causes.

Dean Richards, 36, British footballer (Bradford City, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Tottenham).

Simon Heere Heeresma, 79, Dutch writer.

Cizia Zykë, 61, French writer and adventurer.

Martinš Freimanis, 33, Latvian musician (F.L.Y.) and actor, performed at Eurovision Song Contest 2003, influenza.

Hans-Heinrich Isenbart, 88, German sports commentator.

Wilmer W. Tanner, 101, American zoologist.

Robert Blinc, 76, Slovene physicist.

Polly Platt, 72, American film producer (Say Anything...), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Norma Lyon, 81, American farmer and butter sculpture artist.

Jeff Conaway, 60, American actor (Grease, Taxi, Babylon 5).

José María Izuzquiza Herranz, 85, Spanish-born Peruvian Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Jaén en Peru (1987–2001).

George Tooker, 90, American painter, kidney failure.

Jorge Santoro, 66, Brazilian footballer, heart attack.

Boyd Kirkland, 60, American animation producer and director, Mormon missionary, pulmonary fibrosis.

Iván Menczel, 69, Hungarian Olympic gold-medal winning (1968) footballer.

Iya Savvina, 75, Russian actress, People's Artist of the USSR.

John Christoffel Kannemeyer, 72, South African writer, authority on Afrikaans literature.

C. Odumegwu Ojukwu, 78, Nigerian politician, Biafra rebel leader and President of Biafra (1967–1970), stroke.

Ed Walker, 94, American World War II veteran and writer, last surviving member of Castner's Cutthroats.

Sergio Bonelli, 78, Italian comic book author and publisher.

N. F. Simpson, 92, British dramatist.

Bejaratana Rajasuda, 85, Thai royal, only daughter of King Vajiravudh of Thailand.

Robert Morris, 78, American cryptographer, complications of dementia.

Margo Dydek, 37, Polish basketball player (Utah Starzz, Los Angeles Sparks) and coach, heart attack.

Sir Henry Leach, 87, British admiral.

Roger Abbott, 64, Canadian actor and comedian (Royal Canadian Air Farce), chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Roch Thériault, 63, Canadian cult leader and convicted murderer, murdered in prison.

Vaughn Mancha, 89, American football player (Boston Yanks), heart failure.

Aamir Hayat Khan Rokhri, 55, Pakistani politician, heart attack.

Vic Finkelstein, 73, South African disabled rights activist.

Gilbert Cates, 77, American film director and producer (Academy Awards Telecast, Oh, God! Book II), founder of Geffen Playhouse.

Abderrahmane Mahjoub, 82, Moroccan-born French footballer.

John Hoyland, 76, English abstract painter, complications following heart surgery.

Preston Carpenter, 77, American football player (Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins).

Keith Irvine, 82, British-born American interior designer, cardiac arrest.

Mike Krsnich, 79, American baseball player (Milwaukee Braves).

Claudia Heill, 29, Austrian judoka, silver medalist at the 2004 Summer Olympics, suspected suicide.

Zilpha Grant, 91, British Olympic swimmer.

Emmy, 21, Albanian singer, vehicular homicide.

Gilberto Fernandez, 76, Cuban-born American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Miami (1997–2002).

Mak Schoorl, 98, Dutch Olympic rower (1936).

Bob Cassilly, 61, American sculptor, founder of City Museum, bulldozer accident.

Keith Tantlinger, 92, American mechanical engineer and inventor.

Sir John Rawlins, 89, British naval officer, pioneer of diving medicine.

Sidney Hollis Radner, 91, American collector of Harry Houdini memorabilia.

Johanna Fiedler, 65, American author, daughter of Arthur Fiedler.

Jim Mandich, 62, American football player and announcer (Miami Dolphins), bile duct cancer.

Joe Bageant, 64, American writer, social critic and political commentator, cancer.

Mark Tulin, 62, American bass player (The Electric Prunes, The Smashing Pumpkins), heart attack.

Joop Koopman, 81, Dutch television host and quizmaster.

Svein Mathisen, 58, Norwegian footballer (IK Start), cancer.

Tom Brown, 89, American tennis player.

Arthur Schultz, 78, American politician, Mayor of Joliet, Illinois (1991–2011).

T. Max Graham, 70, American actor (Article 99, Eraserhead), cancer.

Jessy Dixon, 73, American gospel musician.

Aloysius Ambrozic, 81, Slovenian-born Canadian Roman Catholic cardinal, Archbishop of Toronto (1990–2006).

Eduard Rozovsky, 84, Russian cinematographer (Amphibian Man, White Sun of the Desert), car accident.

Alan Rodger, Baron Rodger of Earlsferry, 66, British jurist, Supreme Court judge.

Regalado Maambong, 72, Filipino jurist, member of 1986 Constitutional Commission.

Islwyn Morris, 90, Welsh actor.

Paul Baran, 84, American Internet pioneer, complications from lung cancer.

Zhu Guangya, 86, Chinese nuclear physicist, helped develop nation's first atomic bomb.

Diana Norman, 77, British author and journalist.

Christophe Laigneau, 46, French footballer (Stade Lavallois).

Sir Moses Pitakaka, Solomon Islander politician, Governor-General (1994–1999).

Vasily Alekseyev, 69, Russian Olympic gold-medal winning weightlifter (1972 and 1976), heart failure.

Ronald Greeley, 72, American planetary scientist.

David Zelag Goodman, 81, American screenwriter (Straw Dogs), progressive supranuclear palsy.

George Band, 82, British mountaineer.

Richard Rutt, 85, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Leicester (1979–1991)

Christopher Shale, 56, British political aide.

Sadler's Wells, 30, American racehorse.

John Thomas Chambers, Jr., 82, American politician, only African-American Mayor of Annapolis (1981), heart attack.

Don Rondo, 81, American singer ("White Silver Sands"), lung cancer.

Prince Ali Mirza Qajar, 81, Iranian royal, Head of the Qajar Imperial Family (since 1988), after long illness.

Alexander Barykin, 59, Russian musician, heart attack.

George Robb, 85, English footballer (Tottenham Hotspur), dementia.

John Blades, 51, Australian experimental music artist.

James Hillman, 85, American psychologist, proponent of archetypal psychology.

Jerry Haynes, 84, American actor, Parkinson's disease.

Patrick C. Fischer, 75, American computer scientist and Unabomber target.

Pietro Sambi, 73, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, titular archbishop and Apostolic Nuncio to the United States (since 2005), respiratory failure.

Gil Scott-Heron, 62, American poet, musician and author.

Phoebe Snow, 60, American singer-songwriter ("Poetry Man"), brain hemorrhage.

Carl Bunch, 71, American drummer (Buddy Holly and the Crickets).

Rick Coonce, 64, American drummer (The Grass Roots).

Tøger Seidenfaden, 53, Danish newspaper editor-in-chief (Politiken), cancer.

Jan van Beveren, 63, Dutch footballer and coach.

Jim Sherwood, 69, American musician (The Mothers of Invention).

Ron Holmes, 48, American football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos).

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, 71, American novelist and educator, complications of a stroke.

Judy Sowinski, 71, American roller derby skater and coach.

Barry Wilkins, 64, Canadian hockey player (Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins), lung cancer.

Samuel Zoll, 76, American jurist and politician, Mayor of Salem, Massachusetts (1970–1973), gallbladder cancer.

Aminath Faiza, 82, Maldivian poet and author.

Guy Velella, 66, American politician and ex-convict, New York State Assemblyman (1973–1982) and State Senator (1986–2004), lung cancer.

Harry Muskee, 70, Dutch blues singer and musician (Cuby + Blizzards). cancer.

Jukka Toivola, 61, Finnish Olympic athlete, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Greg Centauro, 34, French pornographic actor, cardiac arrest.

Leonid Borodin, 73, Russian novelist, journalist and Soviet dissident.

Simms Taback, 79, American author, graphic artist and illustrator.

Hugh Burnett, 87, English television producer and cartoonist.

Uan Rasey, 90, American film trumpeter (Chinatown, Singin' in the Rain), heart ailment.

John McAleese, 61, British SAS soldier involved in the Iranian Embassy Siege.

Francis John Spence, 85, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Kingston (1982–2002).

George Ballas, 85, American entrepreneur, inventor of the Weed Eater.

Arisen Ahubudu, 91, Sri Lankan scholar, author and playwright.

Winrich Behr, 93, German World War II Panzer captain, recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

Harry Coover, 94, American inventor (Super Glue).

Manny Fried, 97, American playwright and actor.

Robert Crook, 81, American politician, member of the Mississippi State Senate (1964–1992).

Eduard Kojnok, 78, Slovak Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Rožnava (1990–2008).

Armando Brambilla, 69, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Rome (since 1994).

Don DeVito, 72, American record company executive and producer.

Allen Mandelbaum, 85, American professor of Italian literature, poet and translator.

Elvis Reifer, 50, Barbadian cricketer.

John Stott, 90, British Anglican priest.

Nick Charles, 64, American sportscaster (CNN Sports Tonight), bladder cancer.

Flick Colby, 65, American dancer and choreographer (Pan's People), bronchial pneumonia.

Ira Cohen, 76, American poet, renal failure.

Peter Hildreth, 82, British Olympic hurdler, 1950 European Championships medalist.

Michael Shor, 91, Israeli security official, CEO of Israel Military Industries (1972–1989).

Lula Côrtes, 61, Brazilian musician (Paêbirú), throat cancer.

John Herbert, 81, Brazilian actor, emphysema.

Sergio Buso, 61, Italian footballer and coach.

Robert Pritzker, 85, American billionaire industrialist, Parkinson's disease.

Theyab Awana, 21, Emirati footballer, traffic accident.

Donn A. Starry, 86, American army officer, Commanding General, TRADOC (1977–1981).

Joe Arroyo, 55, Colombian singer.

Shelby Grant, 74, American actress (Our Man Flint, Fantastic Voyage, Medical Center), brain aneurysm.

George Heron, 92, American tribal leader, President of the Seneca Nation of New York (1958–1960; 1962–1964).

William Craig, 86, Northern Irish politician, founder of Vanguard Unionist Progressive Party, MP for Belfast East (1974–1979).

John Miner, 92, American attorney, prosecutor responsible for investigating the death of Marilyn Monroe.

Gladys Horton, 65, American R&B singer (The Marvelettes), complications from a stroke.

Cibele Dorsa, 36, Brazilian actress and writer, suicide by jumping.

Mihailo Ðuric, 86, Serbian philosopher.

John Edzerza, 63, Canadian politician, Yukon MLA for McIntyre-Takhini (since 2002), leukemia.

Salvador Bernal, 66, Filipino designer, National Artist of the Philippines.

Denis Cannan, 92, British playwright.

B. Jeff Stone, 75, American rockabilly singer-songwriter.

Martin H. Greenberg, 70, American anthologist, cancer.

Irwin D. Mandel, 89, American dental scientist in preventative dentistry.

Geraldine Ferraro, 75, American politician, U.S. Representative from New York (1979–1985) and 1984 Vice Presidential nominee, multiple myeloma.

David Kato, 46, Ugandan gay rights activist, bludgeoned with hammer.

Abdoulaye Hamani Diori, 65, Nigerien politician, after long illness.

Jacques Fatton, 85, French-born Swiss footballer.

José Andrés Corral Arredondo, 65, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Parral (since 1992), heart attack.

Eneas Perdomo, 80, Venezuelan folk singer.

Lex Gigeroff, 49, Canadian writer, actor and producer (Lexx), heart attack.

Fred Etcher, 79, Canadian Olympic silver medal-winning (1960) ice hockey player.

Daniel Burke, 82, American television executive, President of ABC (1986–1994), complications of diabetes.

Tony Conyers, 83, British journalist.

Nadine Winter, 87, American politician, member of the Council of the District of Columbia (1975–1991).

Frank Foster, 82, American jazz saxophonist and composer, complications from kidney failure.

Jean Harris, 66, American politician and LGBT activist.

Tyler Simpson, 25, Australian soccer player.

Suze Rotolo, 67, American artist, lung cancer.

R. F. Langley, 72, British poet and diarist.

František Havránek, 87, Czech football player and manager.

María Isbert, 94, Spanish actress.

Tyron Perez, 26, Filipino actor (StarStruck), shot.

James Forrester, 74, American physician and politician, North Carolina State Senator (since 1990).

Peter Gent, 69, American football player (Dallas Cowboys) and author (North Dallas Forty).

Robert Muir, 91, Canadian politician, MP and Senator.

Louis, 59, Serbian singer, car accident.

Christy Essien-Igbokwe, 50, Nigerian musician.

Hans Keilson, 101, German-born Dutch psychoanalyst and novelist.

Anthony Francis Mestice, 87, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of New York (1973–2001).

Tom Kelleher, 85, American football official (1960–1987), complications from pneumonia.

Annie Girardot, 79, French actress, Alzheimer's disease.

Stuart Hood, 95, Scottish writer and television executive, controller of BBC Television (1961–1964).

George Hazle, 87, South African Olympic athlete.

Rosenery Mello do Nascimento, 45, Brazilian model and Playboy Playmate, brain aneurysm.

Johannes Heesters, 108, Dutch actor and singer, stroke.

Karel Hubácek, 87, Czech architect, designer of the Ješted Tower.

Dave Cole, 81, American baseball player (Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Chicago Cubs).

A. A. Birch, Jr., 78, American lawyer and judge, Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Bobby Franklin, 54, American politician, member of the Georgia House of Representatives (since 1997), apparent heart attack.

Jan Kulakowski, 80, Polish politician, Member of the European Parliament (2004–2009).

Lillian Adams, 89, American actress (The Suite Life on Deck, Bruce Almighty).

Lawrence Lee, 101, British stained glass artist.

Charlie Louvin, 83, American country music singer (The Louvin Brothers), pancreatic cancer.

Yrjö Hietanen, 83, Finnish Olympic gold medal-winning (1952) canoeist, stroke.

Erling Lars Dale, 65, Norwegian educationalist, cancer.

Carola Scarpa, 39, Brazilian socialite, multiple organ failure.

Mickey Kelly, 82, Irish hurler (Kilkenny GAA).

Norman Lawson, 75, English footballer and cricketer.

Donna Christanello, 69, American professional wrestler, heart attack.

Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi, Libyan Army colonel, cousin and son-in-law of Muammar Gaddafi, air strike.

J.O. Patterson, Jr., 76, American politician and religious leader, first black mayor of Memphis (1982).

Werner Freiherr von Beschwitz, 96, German military officer.

Joe Perry, 84, American football player (San Francisco 49ers), member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Diana Wynne Jones, 76, British fantasy author (Howl's Moving Castle), lung cancer.

Shawn McGrath, 34, American professional wrestler, suicide.

Zsuzsi Mary, 64, Hungarian pop singer, suicide.

Erling Lægreid, 72, Norwegian author and journalist.

Yozhef Betsa, 81, Ukrainian Olympic gold medal-winning (1956) footballer.

Jody Rainwater, 92, American bluegrass musician and radio personality, heart disease.

Judy Lewis, 76, American actress (General Hospital, The Secret Storm), daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young, cancer.

Aristide Laurent, 70, American publisher and LGBT civil rights advocate.

Jyles Coggins, 90, American politician, Mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina (1975–1977).

Richard Harris, 63, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks) and coach (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), heart attack.

Alice Playten, 63, American actress (Henry, Sweet Henry), heart failure.

Nina Leopold Bradley, 93, American conservationist.

Poly Styrene, 53, British musician (X-Ray Spex), breast cancer.

Jerrold Kessel, 66, South African-born Israeli journalist (CNN), cancer.

Enn Klooren, 70, Estonian actor.

Sissy Löwinger, 70, Austrian actress, daughter of Paul Löwinger.

María Mercader, 92, Spanish actress.

Lynn Samuels, 69, American radio personality (Sirius XM).

Hoddy Mahon, 79, American college basketball coach (Seton Hall University).

William A. Niskanen, 78, American economist, member of the Council of Economic Advisors (1981–1985), chairman of the Cato Institute (1985–2008), stroke.

Wangari Maathai, 71, Kenyan environmental activist, MP and Nobel Peace Prize winner, cancer.

Sakyo Komatsu, 80, Japanese science fiction writer, pneumonia.

Goff Richards, 66, English brass band arranger and composer, illness.

Leonora Carrington, 94, British-born Mexican painter and novelist.

Anant Pai, 81, Indian educator and comics creator (Amar Chitra Katha).

Eddie Mordue, 83, British saxophonist.

Jean-Philippe Lecat, 75, French politician.

Lazar Mojsov, 90, Macedonian politician, President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia (1987–1988).

Gonzalo Rojas, 93, Chilean poet.

Frederik Meijer, 91, American businessman, Chairman of Meijer (1964–1990), stroke.

Jona Senilagakali, 81, Fijian physician and diplomat, Prime Minister (2006–2007).

Helen Reichert, 109, American talk show personality and New York University professor.

Eugene Nida, 96, American linguist and bible translator.

Georges Kwaïter, 83, Syrian-born Lebanese Melkite Catholic hierarch, Archbishop of Saïda (1987–2006).

Betty Roberts, 88, American politician and jurist, Oregon Supreme Court (1982–1986), pulmonary fibrosis.

Luigi Diligenza, 90, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Capua (1978–1997).

Güven Sazak, 76, Turkish businessman, chairman of Fenerbahçe S.K. (1993–1994).

Raymond-Marie Tchidimbo, 90, Guinean Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Conakry (1962–1979).

Robert Reguly, 80, Canadian journalist (Toronto Star), heart disease.

Vitaly Tseshkovsky, 67, Russian chess Grandmaster.

Tore Sjöstrand, 89, Swedish Olympic gold medal-winning (1948) athlete.

Neil Davids, 56, English footballer.

Yukio Nishimoto, 91, Japanese baseball player and manager, heart failure.

Ali St. Louis, 52, Trinidadian Olympic athlete, traffic accident.

Anne Sharp, 94, Scottish coloratura soprano.

Elmer Lower, 98, American broadcast executive, president of ABC News (1963–1974).

Minoru Tanaka, 44, Japanese actor (Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers, Kamen Rider W Returns - Kamen Rider Accel), suspected suicide by hanging.

Floyd Bedbury, 73, American Olympic speed skater, cancer.

Harry Walsh, 97, Canadian lawyer, complications from a fall.

Daniel Bell, 91, American sociologist.

Roger Gautier, 88, French Olympic silver medal-winning (1952) rower.

Leonidas Andrianopoulos, 100, Greek footballer (Olympiacos F.C.).

Paulo Renato Souza, 65, Brazilian politician, Minister of Education (1995–2002), heart attack.

Coco Robicheaux, 64, American blues musician and artist.

Perkins Bass, 99, American politician, U.S. Representative from New Hampshire (1955–1963).

Robert Chasowa, 25, Malawian political activist.

Ruth Thomas, 84, British writer.

Silvio Narizzano, 84, Canadian-born British film and television director.

Margaret Tyzack, 79, British actress (2001: A Space Odyssey, Match Point), short illness.

Edwin Honig, 91, American poet and translator, Alzheimer's disease.

Avraham Tiar, 87, Israeli politician, member of the Knesset (1961–1969).

Thomas Eisner, 81, American biologist, Parkinson's disease.

Vincent Cronin, 86, British writer.

Jens Winther, 50, Danish jazz trumpet player, stroke.

Cees van Dongen, 79, Dutch motorcycle road racer.

Evelyn Handler, 78, American academic, President of the University of New Hampshire (1980–1983) and Brandeis University (1983–1991), traffic collision.

Dane Searls, 23, Australian BMX rider, diving accident.

Shirley Becke, 94, British police officer, first female to reach chief officer rank.

Surinder Kapoor, 86, Indian film producer, cardiac arrest.

Frank DiLeo, 63, American music industry executive and actor (Goodfellas, Wayne's World), heart complications.

Margaret Olley, 88, Australian painter.

Michelle Brunner, 57, British bridge player, writer and teacher, breast cancer.

Terry Jenner, 66, Australian Test cricketer and coach.

Bobby Thompson, 57, American baseball player (Texas Rangers).

Luis María Estrada Paetau, 75, Guatemalan Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Izabal (1977–2004).

Matthew Carr, 57, British figurative artist, leukaemia .

Bill Holden, 82, English footballer.

Bill Klatt, 64, American ice hockey player (Minnesota Fighting Saints), leukemia.

Jean Casselman Wadds, 91, Canadian politician, MP for Grenville—Dundas (1958–1968); High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (1979–1983).

Bert Cueto, 74, Cuban baseball player (Minnesota Twins).

Tony Knap, 96, American college football coach, Alzheimer's disease.

Esther Gordy Edwards, 91, American Motown executive, creator of Hitsville U.S.A..

John Read, 88, British documentary producer.

Elizabeth Wicken, 83, Canadian baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).

Edwin Gaustad, 87, American religious historian.

James Damman, 78, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of Michigan (1975–1979), cancer.

Tomislav Ivic, 77, Croatian football coach (Ajax, Anderlecht).

Arto Javanainen, 51, Finnish ice hockey player (Pittsburgh Penguins), after long illness.

Miroslav Opsenica, 29, Serbian footballer, car accident.

Aydin Menderes, 65, Turkish politician, son of Adnan Menderes.

Tom Wicker, 85, American journalist, heart attack.

Arved Deringer, 98, German lawyer (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer) and politician.

Konstantin Lerner, 61, Ukrainian chess grandmaster.

Seyhan Erözçelik, 49, Turkish poet.

Josephine C. Reyes, 82, Filipino educator, President of Far Eastern University (1985–1989).

Richie Myers, 81, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs), complications from a fall.

Gene Smith, 94, American baseball player (Negro Leagues).

Sathya Sai Baba, 84, Indian spiritual guru, founder of the Sathya Sai Organization, multiple organ failure.

Maria Isakova, 92, Soviet speed skater.

Joseph H. Flom, 87, American corporate lawyer, heart failure.

Alec Boden, 85, Scottish footballer (Celtic).

Amichand Rajbansi, 69, South African politician, Minister without portfolio (1984–1988), Leader of the Minority Front (since 1994).

Charles Ingabire, Rwandan journalist, shot.

Alexander Grant, 86, New Zealand ballet dancer.

Dave Petrie, 64, Scottish politician, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Highlands and Islands (2006–2007).

Andrea Pazzagli, 51, Italian footballer (A.C. Milan), stroke.

Tom Kruse, 96, Australian outback mailman and documentary subject (The Back of Beyond).

Sir John Martin, 93, British admiral, Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey (1974–1980).

Peter J. Gomes, 69, American preacher, theologian and author, professor at Harvard Divinity School, brain aneurysm and heart attack.

Charles Kaman, 91, American aeronautical engineer, founder of Kaman Aircraft and Ovation Guitar Company.

Harry S. Morgan, 65, German pornographic actor, producer and director.

Vassili Kononov, 88, Russian military veteran and war criminal.

Boris de Greiff, 81, Colombian chess master.

Lee "Shot" Williams, 73, American blues singer.

Emanuel Litvinoff, 96, British writer and human rights campaigner.

Mike Flanagan, 59, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays), suicide by gunshot.

F. Gilman Spencer, 85, American Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper editor.

Paul Splittorff, 64, American baseball player and broadcaster (Kansas City Royals), complications from melanoma.

Nawang Gombu, 79, Tibetan-born Indian mountaineer, after short illness.

Pavel Leonov, 90, Russian naïve artist.

Bernd Eichinger, 61, German film producer and director (The NeverEnding Story), heart attack.

Sinikka Keskitalo, 60, Finnish Olympic long-distance runner.

Denise Scharley, 94, French contralto.

Norayr Musheghian, 76, Armenian wrestler, coach and public activist, Olympic gold medalist (1958).

Rebekah Johansson, Swedish model, apparent suicide.

Abdur Razzaq, 69, Bangladeshi politician.

Antonio Domingo Bussi, 85, Argentine general and politician, Governor of Tucumán Province, heart failure.

Wyatt Knight, 56, American actor (Porky's), suicide by gunshot.

George Palliser, 92, British World War II fighter pilot.

Howard Stein, 84, American financier, complications of a stroke.

Richard Webster, 60, British historian and writer, heart failure.

Alimirah Hanfere, 95, Ethiopian sultan of the Aussa Sultanate.

Almena Lomax, 95, American journalist and civil rights activist, founder of the Los Angeles Tribune, after short illness.

David Frye, 77, American satirist and Richard Nixon impersonator, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Gustav Just, 89, German journalist and politician.

Yannis Varveris, 56, Greek poet, critic and translator, cardiac arrest.

Jeno Gerbovits, 86, Hungarian politician, minister without portfolio (1990–1991), tractor accident.

Bruce Ruxton, 85, Australian veterans' representative and advocate, President of the Victorian RSL (1979–2002).

Helen Forrester, 92, British-born Canadian writer.

Héctor López, 44, Mexican boxer, Olympic silver medal-winner (1984), drug overdose.

Gusty Spence, 78, British Ulster loyalist, leader of the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Paul Harney, 82, American golfer.

Luis Ruiz Suarez, 97, Spanish-born Macanese Jesuit priest.

A. H. Woodfull, 98, British product designer.

Paul J. Wiedorfer, 90, American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient.

Sir Denis Mahon, 100, British art historian and philanthropist.

M. Blane Michael, 68, American federal judge.

Adney Y. Komatsu, 87, American religious leader (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

Phil Gallie, 71, British politician, MP for Ayr (1992–1997), MSP for South of Scotland (1999–2007).

Tom McNeeley, 74, American boxer, complications from a seizure.

Ken Yamauchi, 67, Japanese actor, pneumonia.

Jack Hayes, 92, American composer and orchestrator (The Color Purple, The Unsinkable Molly Brown), natural causes.

Michael Cacoyannis, 89, Cypriot filmmaker (Zorba the Greek).

Vladislav Achalov, 65, Russian general and activist.

Huguette M. Clark, 104, American heiress, daughter of William A. Clark.

Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, 87, South Vietnamese First Lady (1955–1963), after short illness.

Barrie Lee Hall, Jr., 61, American jazz trumpeter and band leader (Duke Ellington).

Richard Bessière, 88, French author.

Ludwig Hirsch, 65, Austrian singer and actor, suicide by self-defenestration.

Hugo Midón, 67, Argentine theatre director and actor, after long illness.

Jean Lartéguy, 90, French soldier, war correspondent and writer.

Bettye Danoff, 88, American golfer, founding member of the LPGA.

Rauf Khalid, Pakistani actor, writer, director and producer, road accident.

Mohan Raghavan, 47, Indian Malayalam film director.

Orlando Brown, 40, American football player (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens), diabetic ketoacidosis.

Clemente Isnard, 94, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Nova Friburgo (1960–1992).

J. Warren Bettis, 86, American jurist.

José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva, Brazilian Amazon environmentalist and conservationist, shot.

Joan Peyser, 80, American musicologist, after heart surgery.

Thady Wyndham-Quin, 7th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl, 71, Irish aristocrat.

Frank Prout, 89, British Olympic sprint canoer and businessman.

Bhimsen Joshi, 88, Indian musician, Bharat Ratna laureate.

Bakir Çaglar, 69–70, Turkish jurist, lawyer and constitutional law professor, bleeding stomach.

Bennie Ellender, 86, American college football coach (Arkansas State, Tulane), Alzheimer's disease.

Bernard Verdcourt, 86, British botanist.

Hubert Constant, 80, Haitian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Cap-Haïtien (2003–2008).

George Knight, 90, British footballer.

V. S. Krishna Iyer, 89, Indian activist and politician, after long illness.

Gene Colan, 84, American comic book artist (Daredevil, Howard the Duck), complications from liver disease and a broken hip.

Arthur Goldreich, 82, South African-born Israeli political activist.

Marie-France Pisier, 66, French actress (The Other Side of Midnight), drowning.

Mullapudi Venkata Ramana, 79, Indian screenwriter and film producer.

Imants Kokars, 90, Latvian conductor.

Francisco Mata, 78, Venezuelan folk singer and composer.

Julian Gbur, 68, Polish-born Ukrainian Catholic hierarch, Bishop of Stryi (since 2000).

David Gold, 31, Canadian musician (Woods of Ypres), car accident.

Mallojula Koteswara Rao, 53, Indian Maoist guerrilla leader, shot.

Howard Wolpe, 71, American politician, U.S. Representative from Michigan (1979–1993).

Danny Litwhiler, 95, American baseball player and coach.

Joyce McDougall, 91, New Zealand-French psychoanalyst.

Mahmoud Mabsout, 69, Lebanese actor, heart attack.

Gaye Delorme, 64, Canadian musician, heart attack.

Mark Haines, 65, American television anchor (CNBC).

Colin Snedden, 93, New Zealand cricketer.

Nirmala Srivastava, 87, Indian spiritual leader, founder of Sahaja Yoga religious movement.

Jack Matheson, 86, Canadian sports journalist.

Hanni Gehring, 84, German Olympic cross-country skier.

Michael von Grünau, 67, Canadian psychologist and neurophysiologist.

Ross MacManus, 84, English musician, father of Elvis Costello.

Norrie Woodhall, 105, British stage actress.

Rolland W. Redlin, 91, American politician, U.S. Representative from North Dakota (1965–1967).

Graeme Moody, 60, New Zealand sports broadcaster, drowned.

Denis Meaney, 74, Australian rugby league player.

Peter Falk, 83, American actor (Columbo, Murder, Inc., Pocketful of Miracles, The Princess Bride).

Imre Nagy, 70, Canadian Olympic fencer.

Ed Austin, 84, American attorney and politician, Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida (1991–1995).

William M. Greathouse, 91, American Nazarene minister, heart failure.

Mike Zimring, 94, American radio actor and theatrical agent.

Samuel Ruiz, 86, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of San Cristóbal de las Casas (1959–2000).

Nina Mula, 80, Russian-born Albanian soprano.

Bob Beaumont, 79, American electric automobile manufacturer (Citicar), emphysema.

Douglas Stuart, 20th Earl of Moray, 83, British aristocrat.

Arthur W. Murray, 92, American test pilot, Alzheimer's disease.

Edward Plunkett, 20th Baron of Dunsany, 71, Irish artist.

Dudley Laws, 76, Jamaican-born Canadian civil rights activist, kidney disease.

Chief White Eagle, 93, Canadian-born American Mohawk actor and stuntman.

Alfons Van Brandt, 84, Belgian footballer.

Stéphane Franke, 47, German athlete.

Kjell Bjartveit, 83, Norwegian physician and politician.

Humberto Medina, 69, Mexican Olympic footballer (1968).

Dmytro Blazheyovskyi, 100, Ukrainian priest, historian and embroiderer.

Vasant Ranjane, 74, Indian cricketer.

Salvatore Montagna, 40, Canadian mobster, shot.

Joseph Trinh Chinh Truc, 85, Vietnamese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Ban Me Thuot (1990–2000).

Paul Francis Duffy, 79, American-born Zambian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mongu (1997–2011).

Jeret Peterson, 29, American free style skier, 2010 Winter Olympics silver medalist, suicide by gunshot.

Len King, 86, Australian politician and jurist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia (1978–1995).

Barry Potomski, 38, Canadian ice hockey player (Los Angeles Kings).

James Casey, 88, British comedian.

Anselmo Müller, 79, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Januária (1984–2008).

Brian Bonsor, 84, Scottish composer and music teacher.

Margit Brandt, 66, Danish fashion designer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Anna Yablonskaya, 29, Ukrainian playwright, bombing.

Don Mueller, 84, American baseball player (New York Giants, Chicago White Sox), MLB All-Star (1954 & 1955).

Leka, Crown Prince of Albania, 72, Albanian royal and politician, pretender to the Albanian throne (since 1961).

Mike Heimerdinger, 58, American football coach (Tennessee Titans), cancer.

Joseph Albert Rosario, 96, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Amravati (1955–1995).

Sir David Loram, 86, British admiral.

Adolfas Mekas, 85, Lithuanian-born American film director.

Emilio Navarro, 105, Puerto Rican Negro league baseball player.

Ishbel MacAskill, 70, Scottish Gaelic singer and heritage campaigner.

Nick LaTour, 82, American character actor and singer, complications from cancer.

Alfred Hilbe, 83, Liechtenstein politician, Prime Minister (1970–1974).

Nildo Parente, 74, Brazilian actor, stroke.

Valery Rozhdestvensky, 72, Soviet cosmonaut.

Rogelio Sánchez González, 90, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Colima (1972–1980).

Jeno Paulucci, 93, American businessman (Michelina's), pioneer of ready-made ethnic foods.

Robert Bropho, 81, Australian indigenous rights activist and convicted criminal, natural causes.

Clare Hodges, 54, British campaigner for the medical use of cannabis, multiple sclerosis.

Ravichandran, 71, Malaysian-born Indian actor, lung infection.

Dennis Marshall, 25, Costa Rican footballer, car crash.

Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson, 81, British courtier.

Sid Fournet, 78, American football player (New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers).

George Buksar, 84, American football player (Chicago Hornets, Washington Redskins).

Ed Dyas, 71, American football player (Auburn Tigers), member of the College Football Hall of Fame, stomach cancer.

José Miguel Varas, 83, Chilean writer.

Gloria Valencia de Castaño, 83, Colombian television host, respiratory failure.

Marion Segal Freed, 77, American film producer, editor and screenwriter.

Anuruddha Ratwatte, 73, Sri Lankan politician and cabinet minister.

Liviu Ciulei, 88, Romanian actor, writer and director, after long illness.

Carl Wood, 81, Australian in vitro fertilisation pioneer, Alzheimer's disease.

Sybil Jason, 83, American child actress.

Ron Davies, 85, Australian politician, Western Australian Opposition Leader (1978–1981).

Patricia Merbreier, 86, American actress and television personality (Captain Noah and His Magical Ark).

Paul Winslow, 82, South African cricketer.

David Hackett, 84, American government official (President’s Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime, 1961–1964), complications of diabetes.

Lanford Wilson, 73, American playwright.

Nicholas Courtney, 81, British actor (Doctor Who).

Peter Gibb, 56, Australian criminal, heart attack.

Zithulele Sinqe, 48, South African long distance runner, car accident.

David Seely, 4th Baron Mottistone, 91, British aristocrat, Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight (1986–1995).

Harold Huskilson, 91, Canadian politician, member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly (1970–1993).

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, 70, Indian cricketer, ninth and last Nawab of Pataudi (1952–1971), lung disease.

David Lunn-Rockliffe, 86, British businessman co-founder of the River and Rowing Museum, heart failure.

Kaveinga Fa?anunu, 48, Tongan politician, MP for Tongatapu 9 (since 2010), head and neck cancer.

Basil Mitchell, 94, British philosopher.

Stephen K. Yamashiro, 69, American politician, Mayor of Hawaii County (1992–2000), pneumonia.

Tom King, 68, American guitarist and songwriter (The Outsiders), heart failure.

José Argüelles, 72, American New Age author.

Beau Dollar, 69, American singer and drummer, long illness.

Ole Kopreitan, 73, Norwegian political activist.

Ernest A. Watkinson, 99, Canadian politician.

Johnny Williams, 76, English footballer (Plymouth Argyle).

Kjell Johansson, 65, Swedish table tennis player.

Peter E. Berger, 67, American film editor (Fatal Attraction, Alvin and the Chipmunks), leukemia.

Frank Potenza, 77, American police officer and actor (Jimmy Kimmel Live!), cancer.

Tresa Hughes, 81, American actress (Another World, Don Juan DeMarco, Fame).

Christiane Desroches Noblecourt, 97, French Egyptologist.

Hakim Ali Zardari, 81, Pakistani politician, father of Asif Ali Zardari, after long illness.

Peter Li Hongye, 91, Chinese underground Roman Catholic prelate, clandestine bishop of Luoyang.

Jean Bartik, 86, American computer programmer (ENIAC).

Jean Dinning, 86, American songwriter ("Teen Angel"); sister of Mark Dinning.

Jack LaLanne, 96, American fitness and nutritional expert, pneumonia.

Francis Braganza, 89, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Baroda (1987–1997).

Sir Peter Buchanan, 86, British admiral.

Morio Kita, 84, Japanese novelist, essayist and psychiatrist.

Jonathan Cecil, 72, English actor.

Hasballah M. Saad, 63, Indonesian politician, Human Rights Minister (1999–2000).

Gilbert Luján, 70, American painter, prostate cancer.

Sam Faust, 26, Australian rugby league player, leukemia.

Peter Lieberson, 64, American composer, complications of lymphoma.

Jo Giles, 40, New Zealand television personality and sportswoman, earthquake.

Poppa Neutrino, 77, American adventurer, crossed Atlantic Ocean on raft made of discarded material, heart failure.

Attilio Ruffini, 85, Italian politician, Minister of Defence (1977–1980) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1980).

Živorad Kovacevic, 80, Serbian diplomat.

John Chamberlain, 84, American sculptor.

Montserrat Figueras, 69, Spanish soprano.

John McCarthy, 84, American computer scientist, creator of LISP and the term AI, heart disease.

Peter Terpeluk, Jr., 63, American diplomat, Ambassador to Luxembourg (2002–2005), heart attack.

Paul Marchand, 74, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Timmins (since 1999).

Fred Steiner, 88, American television composer (Perry Mason, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone).

Michele Fawdon, 63, British-born Australian actress (Cathy's Child), cancer.

Terence Longdon, 88, British actor.

Sir Frank Lampl, 84, British businessman.

Ion Hobana, 80, Romanian science fiction author.

Louise Raggio, 91, American lawyer.

Cengiz Dagci, 92, Crimean Turkish novelist and poet.

P. K. Iyengar, 80, Indian nuclear scientist.

Oscar Griffin, Jr., 78, American journalist, winner of the 1963 Pulitzer Prize.

Pat McNamara, 85, American Olympic speed skater.

John H. Dick, 92, American naval officer and college basketball player.

June Wayne, 93, American artist and print maker.

Christopher Mayer, 57, American actor (The Dukes of Hazzard, Santa Barbara, Liar Liar).

Sir John Agnew, 6th Baronet, 60, British landowner, prostate cancer.

Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr., 95, American politician, U.S. Representative from New Jersey (1953–1975).

Huey P. Meaux, 82, American record producer.

Richard Leacock, 89, British documentary film maker (Louisiana Story, Primary, Monterey Pop, Janis).

Amanda Hooper, 30, New Zealand field hockey representative, earthquake.

Novica Tadic, 62, Yugoslavian poet.

Ralph E. Haines, Jr., 98, American general, Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army (1967–1968).

Alan Morgan, 71, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Sherwood (1989–2004).

Margaret Ogola, 53, Kenyan author.

Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, 40, Libyan-born Afghan Al-Qaeda leader.

Henry Metelmann, 88, German soldier and writer.

Kader Asmal, 76, South African politician, heart attack.

Nasser Hejazi, 61, Iranian football player and manager, cancer.

Jud McAtee, 91, Canadian-born American ice hockey player (Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks).

Virgil Akins, 82, American boxer, world welterweight champion (1958).

Werner Otto, 102, German entrepreneur (Otto GmbH).

Teodor Negoita, 63, Romanian polar explorer and scientist.

Milorad Bata Mihailovic, 88, Serbian painter.

Crescênzio Rinaldini, 85, Italian-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Araçuaí (1982–2001).

Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, 72, Yemeni politician, Prime Minister (1994–1997).

Virgilio Noè, 89, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal, Archpriest of the Basilica of Saint Peter (1991–2002).

Guy Coulombe, 75, Canadian civil servant, lung cancer.

Pilu Momtaz, 52, Bangladeshi pop singer.

Noxolo Nogwaza, 24, South African lesbian activist, stabbed.

Trevor Storton, 61, English footballer.

James R. McCartney, 90, American politician, Secretary of State of West Virginia (1975–1977).

Olavi Rokka, 86, Finnish Olympic modern pentathlete, bronze medalist (1952).

Solange Bertrand, 97, French artist.

Asbjørn Osnes, 79, Norwegian Olympic ski jumper.

Luis Fernando Jaramillo Correa, 76, Colombian politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990–1991).

Gerald Laing, 75, British pop artist and sculptor.

Sir Peter Siddell, 76, New Zealand artist, brain tumour.

Whatumoana Paki, 85, New Zealand Maori royal elder, widower of Te Atairangikaahu, father of King Tuheitia.

Ray Abruzzese, 73, American football player (Buffalo Bills, New York Jets).

Mike Palm, 86, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox).

Norio Ohga, 81, Japanese businessman, president and CEO of Sony, multiple organ failure.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, 79, British-American actress (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Cleopatra, BUtterfield 8), heart failure.

Bill Nimmo, 93, American radio and television announcer (Who Do You Trust?, The Jackie Gleason Show) and game show host (Keep It in the Family).

Sir Chandos Blair, 91, British army general.

Fanny de Sivers, 90, Estonian linguist and translator.

Abdias do Nascimento, 97, Brazilian activist and politician.

Yevhen Rudakov, 69, Russian Olympic bronze medal-winning (1972) football goalkeeper.

Lucia Rikaki, 50, Greek stage, film and television director, cancer.

Peter Lunn, 97, British Olympic alpine skier (1936) and spymaster.

Len Killeen, 72, South African rugby league player.

Gaspar Henaine, 84, Mexican comedian.

Betty Skelton Erde, 85 American aerobatics pilot and Women Airforce Service Pilots veteran.

Binka Zhelyazkova, 88, Bulgarian director.

Ruth Roberts, 84, American songwriter ("Meet the Mets"), lung cancer.

Andy Robustelli, 85, American Hall of Fame football player (Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants).

Mel McDaniel, 68, American country music singer ("Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"), cancer.

Jozef Massy, 96, Belgian Olympic sprint canoer.

Mark Ryan, 51, British musician (Adam and the Ants).

Evald Okas, 95, Estonian painter.

Robert Simons, 89, English cricketer (Hertfordshire).

Christopher Ma, 61, American journalist, senior vice-president of The Washington Post, heart attack.

Kirtanananda Swami, 74, American excommunicated Hare Krishna leader and convicted felon, kidney failure.

Aristides Pereira, 87, Cape Verdean politician and guerrilla leader, President (1975–1991).

Nickolas Ashford, 70, American R&B singer (Ashford & Simpson) and songwriter ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough"), throat cancer.

Dan Peek, 60, American singer-songwriter (America).

Carmelo Juan Giaquinta, 81, Argentinian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Resistencia (1993–2005).

Joseph Nguyên Tich Duc, 73, Vietnamese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Ban Me Thuot (2000–2006).

Ready Teddy, 23, New Zealand eventing horse, complications from colic.

Fred Titmus, 78, English test cricketer.

Ivo Pavelic, 103, Croatian footballer and Olympic swimmer.

Ralph Felton, 78, American football player (Washington Redskins).

Carlos Moorhead, 89, American politician, U.S. Representative from California (1973–1997), Alzheimer's disease.

Vic Roby, 93, American radio and television announcer.

David Servan-Schreiber, 50, French physician, neuroscientist and author, cancer.

Harley Hotchkiss, 83, Canadian businessman, member of Hockey Hall of Fame, prostate cancer.

Karel Otcenášek, 91, Czech Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Hradec Králové (1989–1998).

Geoffrey Russell, 4th Baron Ampthill, 89, British politician.

Leonard Weinglass, 78, American civil rights lawyer, pancreatic cancer.

Odón Alonso, 85, Spanish conductor and composer.

Aslam Khokhar, 91, Pakistani cricketer.

Bruno Weber, 80, Swiss artist and architect.

Vicco von Bülow, 87, German cartoonist and actor.

Roberto Szidon, 70, Brazilian classical pianist, heart attack.

Ken Yamaguchi, 55, Japanese voice actor, illness.

John Howard Davies, 72, English television producer and director (Fawlty Towers, The Good Life), former child actor (Oliver Twist), cancer.

G. D. Spradlin, 90, American actor (North Dallas Forty, The Godfather Part II).

Harry Redmond, Jr., 101, American special effects artist and producer (King Kong), natural causes.

Mohammad Abdus Sattar, 85, Indian Olympic footballer, pneumonia.

Albert Johnson, 90, British footballer, Alzheimer's disease.

Jean Baeza, 68, French footballer.

Park Wan-suh, 79, South Korean novelist, cancer.

Umanosuke Ueda, 71, Japanese professional wrestler and actor, respiratory failure.

Henry Øberg, 80, Norwegian football referee.

Knut Steen, 86, Norwegian sculptor.

Artur Agostinho, 90, Portuguese sports journalist and actor.

Jean-Pierre Urkia, 93, French-born Laotian Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Paksé (1967–1975).

Jim Rathmann, 83, American racing driver, winner of the 1960 Indianapolis 500.

Nusrat Bhutto, 82, Iranian-born Pakistani First Lady, widow of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and mother of Benazir Bhutto.

Vesta Williams, 53, American R&B singer.

Kamal el-Shennawi, 89, Egyptian actor.

Skip Thomas, 61, American football player (Oakland Raiders), apparent heart attack.

Robert Miller, 72, American art dealer, infection.

Alejandro Roces, 86, Filipino writer and government official, Secretary of Education (1961–1965).

Phillip Shriver, 88, American historian and college administrator.

Bob Boyd, 55, American professional golfer, leukemia.

René Piché, 79, Canadian politician.

Nadia Barentin, 74, French actress (Les Blessures assassines).

Robert Ader, 79, American psychologist, co-founder of psychoneuroimmunology.

Joseph Sewall, 89, American politician, President of the Maine Senate (1975–1982).

Joseph Dao, 75, Burkinabé-born Malian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kayes (1978–2011).

Joe Abeywickrama, 84, Sri Lankan actor.

Jane White, 88, American actress (Beloved, Klute, Once Upon a Mattress).

Cyril Ornadel, 87, British conductor and composer.

Max van der Stoel, 86, Dutch politician and diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1973–1977, 1981–1982).

Victor Bouchard, 84, Canadian pianist, duettist with pianist Renée Morisset, respiratory disease.

Ben Fricke, 35, American football player (Dallas Cowboys), colon cancer.

Bobby Poe, 77, American pop singer, songwriter and promoter, blood clot.

Jesper Klein, 66, Danish actor, liver cancer.

Roberto Sosa, 81, Honduran poet, heart attack.

Hana Andronikova, 44, Czech writer and playwright, cancer.

Oscar Stanley Dawson, 87, Indian admiral, Chief of the Naval Staff (1982–1984), brain haemorrhage.

Lawrence Russell Brewer, 44, American convicted murderer, executed by lethal injection.

Jack Layton, 61, Canadian politician, Leader of the Official Opposition (2011) and New Democratic Party (2003–2011), cancer.

David Aiken, 93, American operatic baritone and opera director.

Coskun Özari, 80, Turkish footballer and coach.

Xavier Tondó, 32, Spanish cyclist, crushed by car.

John Sullivan, 64, British writer (Only Fools and Horses), viral pneumonia.

Patrick Doeplah, 20, Liberian footballer.

Edwin D. Kilbourne, 90, American research scientist and influenza vaccine expert.

William Schreyer, 83, American business executive, Chairman and CEO of Merrill Lynch (1985–1993).

Obrad Stanojevic, 77, Serbian law professor.

Sean Bonniwell, 71, American guitarist, singer and songwriter (The Music Machine).

Rafiq Tagi, 61, Azerbaijani journalist, stabbed.

Winston Griffiths, 33, Jamaican footballer.

Troy Davis, 42, American convicted murderer, executed by lethal injection.

Jerry Leiber, 78, American songwriter ("Stand By Me", "Hound Dog", "Jailhouse Rock", "Kansas City"), cardiopulmonary failure.

Mathilde Aussant, 113, French supercentenarian, oldest person in France.

David Rayfiel, 87, American screenwriter (Out of Africa, Three Days of the Condor), heart failure.

Joseph Brooks, 73, American Grammy-winning songwriter ("You Light Up My Life"), suicide by asphyxiation.

Dutch Tilders, 69, Australian blues musician, cancer.

Dick Klugman, 87, Australian politician, member of the House of Representatives (1969–1990).

Lois Smith, 81, Canadian dancer (National Ballet of Canada).

Viljar Loor, 57, Estonian Olympic gold medal-winning (1980) volleyball player.

Jeffrey Buckalew, 45, American financial executive, plane crash.

Svetlana Alliluyeva, 85, Soviet-born American defector and author, daughter of Joseph Stalin, colon cancer.

Herbert A. Hauptman, 94, American Nobel Prize-winning chemist (1985).

Michael Julian Drake, 69, American planetary scientist.

Samuel Menashe, 85, American poet, natural causes.

Blair, 43, American poet.

Joëlle Brupbacher, 32, Swiss mountaineer, acute mountain sickness.

Moin Akhter, 60, Pakistani actor and comedian, heart attack.

Jean-Guy Morissette, 73, Canadian ice hockey player.

Anne Muirhead Mathams, 97, Scottish education and disability campaigner.

Tullia Zevi, 91, Italian journalist and politician, leader of the Italian Jewish community.

Nataša Urbancic, 65, Slovene athlete.

Hugh Carless, 86, British diplomat and explorer.

Stan Case, 59, American radio anchor (CNN Radio), road accident.

Florence Parry Heide, 92, American children's author.

John Du Cann, 66, British musician (Atomic Rooster), heart attack.

Terence Boston, Baron Boston of Faversham, 81, British politician, MP for Faversham (1964–1970).

Ken Vaughan, 76, Australian politician, member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly (1979–1995).

Chidananda Dasgupta, 89, Indian film critic.

Patrick Billingsley, 85, American mathematician and actor.

Zoogz Rift, 57, American musician, painter and professional wrestler.

Dwayne McDuffie, 49, American comic book writer, editor and animator (Milestone Media), complications following heart surgery.

Theoni V. Aldredge, 88, Greek-born American costume designer (Ghostbusters, Network, The First Wives Club).

Žarko Nikolic, 74, Serbian footballer.

Clem DeRosa, 86, American jazz drummer, arranger, bandleader and music educator, director of the International Association for Jazz Education.

Sir Frank Holmes, 87, New Zealand economist and government advisor.

Paulette Dubost, 100, French actress (The Rules of the Game, The Last Metro).

Casey Ribicoff, 88, American socialite and philanthropist, lung cancer.

John Chervokas, 74, American advertising writer.

Mike Waterson, 70, British folk singer, cancer.

Alexandru Ene, 82, Romanian football player.

Normie Roy, 82, American baseball player (Boston Braves).

Bernard Nathanson, 84, American pro-choice activist and co-founder of NARAL, later pro-life activist and writer, cancer.

Jay Garner, 82, American actor (Pennies from Heaven, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century), respiratory failure.

Cheung Sai Ho, 35, Hong Kong footballer, suicide by jumping.

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Hohenberg, 88, Luxembourgian princess.