Friday, June 19, 2015

Impressive: Another Rich White Guy Hates Fags.

by Dick Mac

Anthony Fera, the president of Houston’s MidStar Energy LP, exchanged angry words with a gay couple, called them faggots, left his vehicle in traffic, punched one unconscious.

The incident allegedly began when the victims yelled at the driver of a pickup truck that they said nearly hit them as it drove out of a parking lot. The Dallas Voice reported that the driver responded with antigay slurs, stepped out of the vehicle and allegedly knocked Andy Smith— who was walking with his husband Paul von Wupperfeld— unconscious as the dispute escalated. Smith was unconscious for less than a minute as a result, the media report said. See, Houston oil business president charged with assault on gay couple, from the Houston Business Journal
Pictures taken at the scene included the license plate number on the pickup driven by the man who attacked Smith, allowing police to trace the pickup to Anthony Fera, president of an Austin-based oil company. . . .  Fera has been arrested several other times in Texas and Pennsylvania. See, North Texas man attacked in Austin, from the Dallas Voice
So, this guy is a violent repeat offender, but his bail was only $5,000.  When will a sociopath like this be locked-up to protect America?  Why is he free on bail?  What happens when he hits another person?

[CORRECTION 6/19/2105 14:04:  It is the victim, Andy Smith, who is the executive director of the Texas Instruments Foundation.]