Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hillary On Goldwater

I just saw a promo for "Goldwater On Goldwater" an HBO show to air on September 18, 2006.

In the promo, Hillary Clinton goes on about what a great man Barry Goldwater was. How much she admires him.

Barry Goldwater represents a part of America that has no interest in working people, the values of working people, the needs of working people or the lifestyles of working people.

Hillary Clinton is that kind of American.

Barry Goldwater could not have cared less about the little man; just like Hillary.

But there is one place where Goldwater and Clinton part ways: Goldwater was a believer in personal freedom: sexual orientation and drug consumption included.

If Mrs. Clinton wants to be a Republican in the Goldwater vein, she could at least do two things: support personal freedom and join the GOP.

If you work for a living (or dare to use your brain to think), please take a good look at Mrs. Clinton's voting record and tell me what you think.

Then support Jonathan Tasini for Senate.

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