Thursday, September 21, 2006

Working While The President Is In Town

I work in Midtown Manhattan, and whenever the President comes to New York, he stays in a hotel in the vicinity.

In the past, the streets would be lined with people hoping to get a glimpse of the president, but that stopped during the last campaign.

I noticed today that the streets in the neighborhood were filthy with police officers.

It struck me . . .

We are using the police to protect the president, a job better suited to the military; and we have the military performing law enforcement tasks that are better suited to the police.

This president has everything screwed-up, and I am not talking about the war. Terrorism is a crime. In civilized countries the police are paid to fight crime. We saw recently that the English police did a fantastic job of crime-busting when they foiled a terrorist plot. Though British intelligence was used in the operation, the British military was not. Why? Because the English use their police for law enforcement!

In the United States, the military is fighting the (laughably named) war on terror and they are failing miserably. In fact, the last remotely successful operation to prevent terrorists from committing crimes was performed by the New York City police, not the military. The United States military has not found or foiled one terrorist plot on US soil. They are incapable of it, because they are soldiers not cops.

The work of law enforcement should be left to the police and the Southerners who join the military should be sent to die for their president in a war for oil that has made the world more dangerous than it has ever been in the past.

Get the military off the terrorism budget and let the cops do their jobs.


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