Friday, September 29, 2006

Rep. George Allen, R-VA

I am not moved by the accusations and brouhaha surrounding allegations that Allen is a racist. Here's a rich white guy from the south and people are shocked that he is a racist? I think we should be shocked if he wasn't a racist.

That is not to say that I think all white men from Virginia are racist. I don't not think that at all. But, I do think there is a preponderance of racism among elected officials and men like Allen who rely on donations from richer, whiter, more powerful men.

No, George Allen's idiocy is not his racism, it's his lack of sense.

Allen explains that his admiration of the Confederate flag in Virginia in the 1970s was connected to his being rebellious!

Um . . . the Confederate flag is not a symbol of rebellion. Unless, as John Stewart suggests, "he carries it through Harlem." That shuold start a rebellion!

George Allen is a horrible man. He's a racist. I hope he loses his election, irrespective of his opponent's shortcomings.

George Allen is an idiot!

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Gerry said...

Yo, Dickmac. Racists should be spitroasted and fed to the dogs. Let them stand for election and let the people tell them to get to holy fuck.