Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary Election Day In New York

It's Monday night and I am trying to get to bed early because tomorrow is Election Day in New York. The Democratic Primary takes place Tuesday, September 12, 2006. Most polling places are open at 6:00 A.M. I will vote, then hand out flyers for Jonathan Tasini.

I am working to unseat Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York, because she has betrayed us by supporting the war, the "patriot act," and the movements against gay marriage and reproductive freedom.

Watching the various elected officials parade themselves around Manhattan this weekend pretending that they care about New Yorkers and the anniversary of 9/11 sickened me; and it strengthened my resolve to return to activism and spend the rest of my life working against so-called conservatism.

From the end of the Great Depression until the election of Ronald Reagan, America led the world in everything from social development and medicine to diplomacy and military strength. During the past four presidencies, and the shift to the right it brought, America has morphed from a world-power to a regional power. From leading the world in every industry and all innovation, to leading only in the arenas of indebtedness and arms exportation. From being respected by our allies to being shunned by our allies.

Neoconservatives from Robert Dole to Hillary Clinton have shifted the American political dialogue from "how can we be the greatest nation in the world" to "we can't have abortions and married homosexuals" while they rewrite the trade laws and tax codes to benefit only themselves.

Ronald Reagan destroyed America by shifting us from being the largest lending nation in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world. Bush I, Bill Clinton and Bush II have continued the disastrous social and economic policies that were promoted by Reagan.

Presidents cannot do this without the support of Congress.

Bush II has done it with the support of neoconservatives in the Ddemocratic Party like Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Barak Obama, and others passing themselves off as liberal Democrats

The War in Iraq is only the most obvious failure of the Democrats to represent the thinking and working people of America. And because it is so obviously a disaster, a drain on our tightened budget, and an immoral murderous campaign destroying thousands of young American men and women, I think Hillary Clinton should be removed from office.

Without the support of Hillary Clinton, the President would not enjoy the legal support he uses to bring shame on us. Mrs. Clinton's waffling on the war, and public grandstanding are in sharp contrast to her voting record on the war. She voted for the war twice and supports an ongoing campaign in Iraq that might eventually bring in oil that her and President Clinton will profit from.

If you are a woman or know a woman, please remember that Mrs. Clinton is opposed to reproductive freedom.

If you work for a living, please remember that Mrs. Clinton supports NAFTA and tax cuts that force American jobs overseas and require dramatic cuts in budgets for infrastructure and education.

If you are gay or lesbian, or know someone who is gay or lesbian, please remember that Mrs. Clinton opposes equal rights for homosexuals and works to prevent laws from being passed that would benefit gay men and lesbian woman. Just because she says she supports homosexuals, doesn't mean she really does support them. Just remember one thing: she opposes gay marriage. There is no middle ground.

If you think the US military should be used to protect America and spread peace and democracy around the world, please remember that Mrs. Clinton continues to vote for sending our soldiers to slaughter in a war that was started on lies. She continues to support the slaughter of America's youth for the hopeful procurement of oil. Also, please note that Chelsea Clinton is not fighting in this war that Mrs. Clinton supports. She wants your children to die, not hers!

Mrs. Clinton's positions are anathema to the opinions I hear expressed by everyone I know. Sadly though, many women, parents and homosexuals still plan to vote for her.

Jonathan Tasini's positions can be found on his website.

Mr. Tasini's positions match those of most New Yorkers!

Please vote and please vote for Jonathan Tasini.


Southpaw said...

"Mrs. Clinton's positions are anathema to the opinions I hear expressed by everyone I know."

I suspect that this comment will end up telling us more about the people you know than it will about the popularity of Mrs Clinton.

I wish Mrs Clinton and other pro-war Democrats the best of luck.

DM said...

Yes it does. The people I know are in a vast minority today.