Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the dry cleaners . . .

You guessed it: Roy Pearson is back in the news and back in court.

Pearson is the Washington, D.C., attorney who sued a local dry cleaner for $67,000,000 (later reduced to $54,000,000) because they "lost his pants." The pants were never lost, were returned to Pearson, but he plodded on with his case, which was summarily dismissed after weeks (months?) of media attention.

Pearson was an administrative law judge for the District of Columbia and by showing such poor judgment with his lawsuit, his contract as a judge was not renewed. He lost his job. I guess there is somebody in Washington, D.C. that believes a judge should show good judgment and that Pearson lacked that characteristic. So he lost his job.

This, of course, was grounds for the litigious-by-nature Pearson to do what he does best: sue!

Pearson is suing for "wrongful dismissal." He says he was terminated because he was exposing corruption within the Office of Administrative Hearings, not because of his inability to show good judgment.

Read about it at the site:

Former judge from ‘pants suit’ sues for $1 million, old job back

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