Monday, June 11, 2007

The Pearson v. Dry Cleaners Trial Starts Today

Roy L. Pearson, Jr., is the Administrative Law Judge in the District of Columbia who is suing his local dry cleaner for millions and millions of dollars because (1) he was dissatisfied with their service after they guaranteed his satisfaction; and (2) his same-day service was not realized when his trousers went temporarily missing.

It is quite possible that Mr. Pearson will win: the signs posted in the dry cleaner were false advertising, so technically he is correct and therefore deserves to win the case. I certainly hope, as would any decent human being, that the judge will not award this asshole the tens of millions of dollars he is seeking in damages.

Let's give the devil his due: Pearson is trying to make a point. His point is that he is dissatisfied with the service provided and they did not deliver same day service. He is correct and will probably win on those technical points.

I suspect the upshot of Mr. Pearson's actions will be that the District of Columbia will begin to gut their consumer protection laws to prevent this sort of abuse.

So, the dry cleaners may not suffer any monetary loss, and Mr. Pearson will live the rest of his life being "right," and reasonable citizens will lose their ability to go after companies that really abuse consumers.

I will be following the news, and I hope you will post anything you hear about the case in the comments section below.

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