Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pearson Wins An Evil Victory

I have always assumed that Roy L. Pearson, Jr., the jerk attorney in Washington, D.C., must be getting some sadistic pleasure from torturing and harrassing the owners of his local dry cleaning establishment.

He has won. The family he has been harrassing is closing the dry cleaning shop at the center of the lawsuit.

Pearson is everything that is wrong with America and he represents nothing that is good about us.

Targets of Judge's $54 Million Suit Over a Pair of Pants Calling It Quits

New York Lawyer
September 19, 2007

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- The owners of a dry cleaner who were sued for $54 million over a missing pair of pants have closed and sold the business involved in the dispute.

The Chungs' attorney, Chris Manning, is citing a loss of revenue for Custom Cleaners and the emotional toll of defending the lawsuit.

The trouble began in 2005 after a pair of pants the plaintiff brought to the cleaners in Northeast Washington went missing. But a week later, the Chungs said the pants had been found. Roy Pearson, an administrative law judge, said those were not his pants and decided to sue.

The lawsuit originally demanded $67 million but was reduced to $54 million. A judge rejected it in June.

Manning said the Chungs have closed two of their three dry cleaning businesses since the lawsuit began.

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Henry Chace said...

Thank you Richette. Notice that this injustice barely makes the news! I'm glad you reported it and I'm passing your link around to people I know and respect.

Henry Chace