Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New York Knows How To Say No, Thank You

As reported in the New York Times last Friday, the New York State Health Department has rejected $3.5 million of federal money to fund abstinence-only sex education campaigns.

Dr. Richard F. Daines issued a press release denouncing the Bush administration's idiotic abstinence education as "ideological" and with no basis in scientific fact. (Granted, science clearly has no role in the current administration.)

It is so refreshing to see that, every now and then, a thinking person gets into a position of power.

September 21, 2007
New York Just Says No to Abstinence Funding

New York is rejecting millions of dollars in federal grants for abstinence-only sex education, the state health commissioner, Dr. Richard F. Daines, announced yesterday. The decision puts New York in line with at least 10 other states that have decided to forgo the federal money in recent years.

New York has received roughly $3.5 million a year from the federal government for abstinence-only education since 1998. The abstinence program was approved as part of welfare overhauls under the Clinton administration and was expanded and restructured under President Bush.

In a statement posted on the Health Department's Web site, Dr. Daines said, "The Bush administration's abstinence-only program is an example of a failed national health care policy directive." He added that the policy was "based on ideology rather than on sound scientific-based evidence that must be the cornerstone of good public health care policy." More

In his statement Dr. Daines also says:
Beginning October 1, 2007, New York is redirecting state funds to expand comprehensive sexuality education in schools and other community settings that will provide teens with medically accurate information and life skills to equip them with the necessary tools that they need to make the crucial healthy life choices needed for a healthy adulthood.

See that! You elect a Democrat and people with brains start making logical decisions based on facts!


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