Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Can Roy Pearson, Jr., Really Lose His Job? I Hope So!

Remember Roy Pearson, Jr.?

Brendan Smith, at Legal Times, with help from intern Jared Culver, has published a wonderful follow-up story that is totally worth the read.

It seems Pearson could actually be out out of a job this week. His hearing for reappointment as an Administrative Law Judge was scheduled for yesterday, 06 AUG 07. I can find no results of that hearing at this time.

But, over at Legal Times, Smith has done some old-fashioned reporting and gotten some great quotes from those intimately involved in the process.

One gem in the article is:

"Pearson’s demeanor, analysis and the quality of his written decisions demonstrate that he lacks the necessary skills for this position," stated the Dec. 5 letter from Christine Davis, the department’s general counsel. One public works inspector described Pearson as "condescending and unwilling to listen to litigants," while another inspector said Pearson was "often argumentative and hostile," according to the letter.

and it goes on!

In an interview last week with Legal Times, [Chief Administrative Law Judge Tyrone] Butler said that Pearson "is an annoyance like a mosquito bite."

"The pants lawsuit was actually not unexpected, knowing the personality. Up to that time, I was still pretty sure he was not going to make a good judge," Butler says. "That’s almost like another straw added to the others."

If this is how his boss is talking about him in the media, I can't imagine he will keep his job!

This might be a reason to celebrate! Our country might actually still have some chance of surviving. Butler has changed his position on Pearson three times, but that means there is hope! Maybe the Bushies and Reaganites didn't fill all the positions in America with idiots! Perhaps Tyrone Butler is an old-fashioned American who believes in the success of our nation and will actually take a position that will be good for the people instead of just thinking about himself.

I said maybe! I don't get my hopes too high.

But, if you read the article by following the link below (free registration required), I think you will be amused.

News Watch
Poster-Boy Judge Could Be Out a Pair of Pants and His Job Soon

New York Lawyer
August 6, 2007

By Brendan Smith
Legal Times

Roy Pearson Jr. became the poster boy for frivolous lawsuits with his unsuccessful $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner over a lost pair of pants. But questions about his temperament and demeanor as an administrative law judge had surfaced long before a media firestorm engulfed him this year.

Since his initial two-year term expired in May, Pearson has been sidelined from the bench and is still earning his $100,512 salary working as an attorney adviser at the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings. A commission that reappoints administrative law judges at the OAH is expected to vote on Aug. 6 on the first step toward denying his appointment to a full 10-year term. . . . Read more . . .

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