Monday, June 18, 2007

Roy Pearson Affiliations

Roy Pearson, the Administrative Law Judge from the District of Columbia who has sued his local dry cleaner for millions of dollars, has managed to weasel his way into some respectable positions.

The verdict in Pearson's suit against his local dry cleaner has yet to come in; but, I would hate to see him drop off the Internet radar.

According to the Pearson entry in Wikipedia, he has been on the board, or served as counsel for numerous Washington D.C. community organizations, including: Columbia Heights Youth Club, Fort Lincoln Civic Association, Black Seeds, Inc., the Washington Council of Lawyers, and the National Council of Black Lawyers.

Columbia Heights Youth Club does not list Pearson as a member of its board.

The Common Denominator, a local newspaper in Washington, D.C., published this article about Pearson's work on behalf of the Fort Lincoln Civic Association. In this instance, Pearson seems to have found real fraud, but he didn't sue the developer for fifty million dollars. If the allegations of fraud by the developer of New Town, made by the Association and Pearson are true, this is the place where Pearson should be suing for millions!

I can find no quick reference to Black Seeds, Inc. on the Internet.

The Washington Council of Lawyers website makes no reference to Pearson that I can find.

The National Council of Black Lawyers has no website that I can find. Pearson is a black lawyer, so he could be the only member! I can only assume that this organization is for lawyers of African heritage, as opposed to lawyers who have blackened the reputation of the society they are sworn to serve.

If you know anyone in these organizations, please ask them if Pearson is associated with them. If he is, you might consider telling these people of Pearson's embarrassing, unethical, immoral, insane behavior as a litigant. It'd be interesting to hear if anyone defends his actions.

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