Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Offending People With The Preposition "For"

by Dick Mac

Over at Facebook I am connected to Americans Against The Tea Party, who can be found at

They generally post pictures and articles about the absurdity of the tea party movement, and they highlight the connection between hugely wealthy and powerful billionaires and the so-called grass-roots movement.

Just they other day I clicked "Like" on the picture (above) they posted of President Obama being greeted by a couple of men holding a banner that reads:  "Rednecks for Obama"!

The "liberal media" (which I don't think really exists, so we'll just call it the media) . . . the media would have us believe the tea party movement is this massively successful grass-roots movement that wants to put an end to the downward spiral of the last 30 years:  the economic disparity, the distortion and redistribution of government services, the failures of American enterprise, and the off-shoring of America's jobs.

These are things that most Americans are concerned about.

The philosophy and economic and political policies that have caused this shift over the past 30 years is the notion that is known as "Reaganomics."  Push the nation's resources (that is, redistribute the nation's resources) to the top of the economic food chain, and there will be so much success that the good fortune will trickle-down and raise every boat as the economic tide goes up.  To do this, we must eliminate all regulation of industry, stop government funding of social solutions, and get America "back" to some other time with some set of morals and values that nobody has ever been able to pinpoint on a timeline for me.

This has been a complete failure, of course; because it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that redistributing the nation's wealth to the top means that those at the top will keep that money for themselves.

Over the last ten years, yes even during the GW Bush presidency, there began a movement away from these absurd policies and the billionaires panicked.  The billionaires funded tea parties that demanded the government . . . you know, I'm not exactly sure what they want.

I know the tea parties hate immigrants, and minorities, especially blacks and homosexuals.  I know they are against allowing same-sex couples to marry.  I know they believe that the whole world is out to get us.  But, it's not really clear to me what they actually want to DO to make things better.

The billionaires funding the tea parties want everything to remain just as things are - at least regarding economic policy.  So, they continue spending money on candidates that will do their bidding, and they promote community events that reinforce the notion that America is a mess because of the blacks/immigrants/liberals/homosexuals/etc.

If you listened to the tea parties, you'd think there was no white person and/or Southerner who supports  progress and free-thinking, or could be liberal or open-minded.

Fortunately, there are many open-minded, free-thinking, progressive white people in the United States, and some of them live in the South.

I like the image that was posted on Facebook because it is living proof that not everyone in the South supports the movement of hate promoted by tea parties, and some of them actually know that the road on which the President wants to continue is the road (more-or-less) to freedom, prosperity and happiness for all Americans.

Today, Americans Against The Teal Party posted a new image:

Along with this caption:  "Can someone please tell me what rules this image violates? I just want to let everyone know about this censorship of our page. They took that image down QUICK."

Facebook removed this image because it offended somebody.  I guess the word "redneck" is offensive to some people, or the word "Obama" or the preposition "for" or the image of people standing too close to temporary orange safety fencing, or holding umbrellas, or walking in shirt-sleeves.

Somehow this image violates the rules of Facebook!

I'd love to know how.

I'd love to know how.

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