Thursday, December 01, 2011

Where Can I Hide A Dead Body?

by Dick Mac

Where can I buy some dope?

Why won't anyone have sex with me?

Where can I buy Viagra?

Siri has answers for everything.

Even if you ask something silly, you will get either a pithy response or a commerce-centric recommendation. Go here for this, go here for that, etc.

If dumplings, hookers, or porn aren't your need however, but emergency contraception is, don't bother asking Siri.

She won't tell you.

If you learn that you need reproductive health care of any stripe, Siri is remarkably unhelpful.

In fact, if you ask her for a place to get an abortion, she will direct you to the offices of an organization that will try to talk you out of having an abortion.

So helpful!

So Apple!

And Siri has a woman's voice.

Such a legacy Steve Jobs has left.

I think Siri should have a strong, male voice with a German accent.

Here's a link to Microsoft. While Steve Jobs and his heirs-apparent have turned into gestapo-type corporate security freaks hell-bent on maintaining a Howard Hughes level of secrecy. They maintain a corporate paradigm that on the one hand earns a fortune because of slave-labor and on the other hand refuses to give its shareholders a penny in dividends! Bill Gates and his heirs-apparent are working to rid the world of disease, pests, starvation, and illiteracy.

Imagine?!?!?! We always thought that Apple was the cool, hip innovative company. Seems like they are one of the worst corporations in the world! Every Apple product you purchase makes the world a worse place.

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