Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Joey Barton vs. Scousewives

by Dick Mac

For those who do not know him: Joey Barton is an English footballer (soccer player) with a mean and violent streak, a criminal past, remarkable athletic skills, and more intelligence than one might expect from someone who has been arrested in the workplace for assaulting a co-worker, arrested for stubbing-out a cigarette in a co-worker's eye, and imprisoned for attacking someone outside a bar.

Yes, Joey Barton has had a sordid past.

He's bounced form team to team to team, and left each with bad blood.

This year, though, something seems different.

He seems to have matured. Dramatically.

Faced with diminishing professional prospects, it was unsure if he would play this season. Word spread that Arsenal was considering an offer. Then during an off-season friendly against the Gunners, he had a conflict with an Arsenal player, cheated, and caused his opponent to be dismissed from the match. Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal, is said to have been angered by the display and severed all relations with Joey and his handlers.

Queens Park Rangers, one of the newly promoted teams, was building a proper top-flight side and selected Barton as one of their new players. Joey is playing in London, one of the world's greatest stages for a public personality.

Since arriving in London, he has become a Twitter stud, sharing everything from his opinion of soccer to his delight with Nitschze and his disdain for "reality" television.

He's made some friends and enemies on his new stage, and he always has something to go on about.

I quite like it, and he should plan for a career in social commentary when his athletic career is over.

His current topic is one of the "Housewives" television shows. Have a look:

'Fame-hungry cretins who are an embarrassment to our city': Liverpudlian footballer Joey Barton's verdict on Desperate Scousewives

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