Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Focus On The Love & Respect

by Dick Mac

The problem with the Focus on the Family ("FotF") advertisement to be aired during the Super Bowl is not that it expresses an opinion; but that the company wants to change the laws of the land so that women are not allowed to make decisions about their own health care.

Nobody denies Ms. Tebow her place in the sunlight of the spirit for delivering her baby through adverse conditions. God bless her. FotF, however, wants to deny all other women, women who make a different decision than Ms. Tebow, the legal, safe options that most Americans agree should be available.

There are many companies in the same reproduction policy business as FotF, and they do not deny the beauty and the wonder of Ms. Tebow's story. On the other hand, unlike FotF, those companies work hard to ensure that all women have the right to make a choice from all the options available, and they work to keep all those choices safe and legal.

One of those other companies is Planned Parenthood.

Former NFL player Sean James and Olympic medalist Al Joyner have made a video for Planned Parenthood in response to FotF's Super Bowl ad.

Messrs. James and Joyner talk about what it really important: loving and respecting the women in their lives without the need to control what choices they make.

Love and respect are hard. We give-up a lot when we love somebody, and we make an effort to respect people. These are not easy things.

What is easy? It is easy to criminalize things we do not like, and demonize those who would disagree with us. That is what the so-called "conservatives" at FotF are doing. FotF and the Tebows are not conservatives, and they are not promoting a conservative agenda. They are promoting degradation, hate, and dangerous medical practices.

I urge you to promote love and respect; to reject Friends of the Family, the Tebow family's tainted missive, and the entire so-called "conservative" agenda.

Donate to Planned Parenthood here.

Donate to NARAL here.

Thank you.

See the video at youtube, if you prefer.

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1 comment:

Chris Huff said...

Yup! All the conservatives/libertarians are saying "Liberals are against freedom of speech - they have a right to be heard"....'s not about their RIGHT to be heard. Of course they have a RIGHT to be heard.

It's about how disgusting it is that CBS would sell air time to such a morally bankrupt organization. EVERYBODY should be morally outraged.

Abortion issues aside (though you are absolutely right). The belief that homosexuality is a SIN is morally abhorrent. Maybe this country will grow up in the next 20 years.