Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Focus On The Fraud

by Dick Mac

Tim Tebow's mother is the star of an advertisement by Focus on the Family to be aired during the Super Bowl.

Ms. Tebow is opposed to abortion, as is every single other person on the planet (I don't know anybody who promotes abortion or thinks it's a good thing), but she thinks her opposition to abortion means that nobody else should have an abortion; including women in crisis, victims of rape and incest, and women whose lives are endangered by the pregnancy.

Her argument is that she got really sick when she was carrying her son, but she stuck it out and he's now a successful sports star. The tale doesn't stop there. Ms. Tebow goes on to explain that she was pregnant while working in The Philippines, and that her illness was so acute the doctor suggested that she terminate the pregnancy.

This is an odd story.

Abortion has been illegal in The Philippines since 1930. Performing or receiving an abortion is punishable by six-years imprisonment, and a doctor who performs an abortion loses his license to practice.

Tim Tebow was born in 1987, in The Philippines, and abortion was completely and totally illegal. His mother would have had to have left that country to even be advised to terminate.

So, the story is questionable, at best; and seems to have been enhanced from the story of a brave woman who struggled through illness to deliver her baby, to the story of a soldier of God who stood up against the abortionists to save the life of her innocent unborn fetus.

If Ms. Tebow was advised to terminate her pregnancy in The Philippines, she was obligated, as a soldier of God, to inform the authorities about this doctor's advice and see him imprisoned under Articles 256, 258 and 259 of the Revised Penal Code of The Philippines.

In reality though, Ms. Tebow was probably never advised to terminate her pregnancy in The Philippines, and her brave journey through serious illness to delivery room is just that: the story of a brave woman who delivered her child in adverse conditions.

I challenge Ms. Tebow and her handlers at Focus on the Family to produce the name and address of the doctor who illegally counselled her to break the laws of a sovereign nation.

It won't happen, though; because there was no doctor advising abortion, and Ms. Tebow has turned her wonderful story of bravery and motherhood into a cheap political tactic to further the agenda of a so-called conservative movement that cares nothing about families and human worth, but is bent only on restructuring the laws of the United States into an economic boom for a small number of people.

You will meet your maker one day, Ms. Tebow, and you will be held accountable for this campaign of hate into which you have dragged your child and your nation.

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Anonymous said...

No, you will be held accountable for slandering a godly family with accusations you have no idea of knowing is true or not that they are lying.

What is blatantly true is that your side of the issue is LYING to claim that abortion is 1) illegal in the case of the mother's life in danger, 2) abortion is not done illegally ever by doctors in that country, 3) breaking the law is that big of a risk, given the laws, ignoring the fact that such strict laws are not enforced very much and proscution IS RARE (meaning folks get break the law there without much fear of punishment).

As pointed out by the UN report on the issue, it is LEGAL to have an abortion in case of life in danger in the Philippines, so it was NOT illegal for the doctor to suggest to Mrs. Tebow to get one in the case of her life being in danger.

There are hundreds of thousands of abortions done in that country. 21 percent of those are done by physicians. A low percentage, but given that hundreds of thousands are done illegally, that mean around 20,000 abortions are done by physicians.

That utterly disprove the claim that doctors cannot possibly think of performing abortions even if done illegally in that country.

Those who accuse the Tebows are not being truthful, and they are the ones being hateful with their malicious smearings.

Abortion as pointed out by UN report is in fact LEGAL where the mother's life is in danger, and where illegal, when done, is RARELY PROSECUTED.

Here are the facts as documented by UN report on abortion law in the Philippines:


Grounds on which abortion is permitted:

To save the life of the woman Yes

To preserve physical health No

To preserve mental health No

Rape or incest No

Foetal impairment No

Economic or social reasons No

Available on request No

Although the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion, under the general criminal law principles of necessity as set forth in article 11(4) of the Code, an abortion MAY BE LEGALLY PERFORMED to save the pregnant woman’s life.

Despite the severity of the law, abortion appears to be WIDELY PRACTISED in the Philippines as a means of birth control and is RARELY PROSECUTED.

In a context of poor health conditions and widespread malnutrition, and where some 76 per cent of deliveries occur at home and only 21 PER CENT are ATTENDED BY A PHYSICIAN, induced abortions are poorly performed and result in high maternal mortality and morbidity.

頭髮 said...

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Matthew Merrill said...

The issue with this story is that you are questiong the validity of someone testimony... it reaches a point where you stand on the line of whether Mrs. Tebow is a liar or not... unfortunatly the character of the Tebows counter -balances your arguement here... the Tebows have an image to uphold and would not risk testifying a false story for political agenda because it would ruin them...

Mr. Dick Mac if you honestly have nothing better to do than blog about this for your 15 minutes of fame you are wasting your time... there is really no power behind a GUY blogging about CHOICE... it really shouldn't be up to you now should it?

now me... I am an anti social college student who doesn't party and loves a good arguement... I am no better... but I pick my fights with a little brains behind them... and guys have no right to condemn a woman for coming on television and talking about her own experience...