Monday, February 01, 2010

Focus On Employment Issues

by Dick Mac

Focus On The Family is a right-wing hate group spending millions to deny American taxpayers their civil rights.

In case you haven't heard, Focus On The Family ("FotF") is the first advocacy group, and first hate group, to be allowed to purchase advertising time during the Super Bowl. Historically, the NFL has avoided allowing political messages to air during the Super Bowl. It seems, however, they've found a message of hate and intolerance they can wrap their arms around.

FotF is a well-funded company that uses reproduction rights and sexual orientation to promote a political agenda with the goal of changing the economic and social laws of the country to benefit a small few.

My understanding is that they have purchased two Super Bowl ad slots on CBS, so FotF has spent at least five million dollars to run anti-choice advertisements. Oddly, three months ago, the company laid-off 75 workers. Seventy-five people who have families lost their job so that a group that claims to focus on the family could keep more of their money to run hate ads.

How are those 75 families impacted by these advertisements?

FotF's Vice President of Media Relations Gary Schneeberger said he did not want to speculate "what the employees who were affected by that situation would say."

Since FotF can make the leap from gay marriage to hurting families, and from terminating a pregnancy to murder, I'm surprise they can't extrapolate people's reaction from being fired to seeing their former employer spend millions on advertising.

Well, Mr. Scheenberger, I think they might be a little pissed-off that they were told the company had to lay-off seventy-five workers, including them, but has the money to buy the most expensive advertising available on television.

Just a guess, but I am comfortable hazarding that guess.

What do you think is happening to those families, on whom you are alleged to be focused, now that a job has been lost in these economic times?

I think FotF is clearly out-of-focus when it comes to real family matters.

Focus Paying For Super Bowl Ad Months After Layoffs

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