Thursday, February 05, 2009

Are American People Really Wising Up At Last?

by Al Falafel

It's more than encouraging to hear that radical anti-American blowhards like Rush Limbaugh are not just getting a free ride as they spread their hateful bile on our national airwaves. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched the video below in response to Limbaugh's outrageously seditious statement that he hopes Obama fails...

Limbaugh has continually blasted Democrats for nominating - and now having elected President - Barack Obama, saying that it would never have happened had Obama not been black. It's only because of white liberal guilt that they raised him to the highest office in the land, says Rush.

I wonder what he thinks about the Republican National Committee finally choosing a black man to head their Party? In the same year that the first black Democrat took the Presidency and twenty years after the first black Democrat was elected to lead the DNC, there is not one black Republican in the Senate.

Yet the RNC elected a new black leader, Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland. 

Would the Republicans have done such a thing if the new Democratic President were not black?

Will Rush Limbaugh blast the GOP for their transparent cynicism?

And how does Mr. Steele see the propects of Sarah Palin's bid for the Republican Nomination for President in 2012?  

I'm just wondering . . .

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