Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Polls Are Opening

Today is the day that Obama can win enough delegates to take the Democratic nomination. I predict he will win those needed delegates.

Clinton will not go down gracefully. I am certain that the Diebold election monitors have already selected the precincts they will manipulate to give Clinton some of the delegates she has not actually won.

Ohio, which has been devastated by Clinton's support of NAFTA will have its vote manipulated to give her delegates from a state that has no good reason to vote for her.

Watch Ohio. It will be the most interesting results to follow.

Also, I predict that by 8:00 P.M. Eastern time, the Clinton campaign will accuse the Obama campaign of voting irregularities. They will make these accusations to keep attention away from the Diebold manipulations, and the mainstream media will refuse to look any deeper than the Clinton's press release.

When Clinton actually loses, she will step-up her court battles to have the election results changed, and will then use the might of the Bush-Clinton machine to attempt a "coup" of sorts at the convention.

This will be an interesting Summer!

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