Wednesday, March 05, 2008

As Ohio Goes, So Goes The Nation

As a general rule-of-thumb, though not a proven proposition, whichever candidate is victorious in Ohio will win the nation-wide race in which they are running.

Sadly, Ohio is now a state with unreliable Diebold voting machines, so instead of Ohio representing "average Americans" its voting results now represent the desires of the Diebold voting machine development team.

So, it looks as though Diebold thinks Clinton will be the candidate that will best suit their needs in November. They gave her New Hampshire and now they have given her the biggest prize of all: Ohio.

I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but I do not trust Diebold and I don't trust election officials in Ohio who have installed the Diebold machines, and I don't trust Hillary Clinton.

She has won Ohio, and Texas, and for good measure she carried Rhode Island. Barack Obama can no longer be considered the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, and I am not shy to say that having carried Ohio, and Texas, with Pennsylvania waiting in the wings, Hillary Clinton looks the strongest.

Pennsylvania is often described as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle; meaning that a Democrat (or a non-white person in this case) can carry the two big cities, but there is no way a liberal or a person of color is going to carry the middle of this very large state.

I will continue to hope for an Obama victory at the convention, but I am resigning myself to a president (Clinton or McCain) who will mire us more deeply in war, ship more of our jobs out of the country, remain beholden to the oil and communications industries, make bad appointments to the Supreme Court, reinvigorate the commercial penal system and death penalty champions, and perhaps allow reproductive freedom to become further endangered.

Watch this space to see the transformation of a man who loathes Hillary Clinton into a man who might have to vote for her just because the thought of McCain is even more frightening.

And should Obama make a miraculous comeback . . . well, then it will be a different rant! Until that time: Congratulations Senator Clinton!

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Awww c'mon! Hillary will make an EXCELLENT president!