Wednesday, January 24, 2007

101 Dumbest Moments Follow-Up . . . Andrew Young - Wal-Mart

I got some angry emails from readers about my post below where I use the words "niggers," "kikes," "gooks," and "rag-heads."

One person said that I put words in Mr. Young's mouth, that he didn't use those words. I confess: those are my words. This is my blog and I write all of it, and I sometimes forget to display quoted material properly, but I never intend to deliberately deceive and confuse about who wrote what.

Young used the words: "Jews, Koreans, and Arabs" to describe the people who had been ripping-off poor blacks. I used the epithets in my response to his idiocy.

Here's an ABC news story about the incident:

My point in using the epithets was to highlight Mr. Young's racist remarks. No, he didn't use my words, but is there a difference? Is there really a difference between using his set or words or my set of words? They make the same statement: people do these things because they are Jews, or Koreans, or Arabs. And that conculsion is wrong. People rip-off poor communities because they are immoral bastards, not because they are of a certain ethnic group. The people who run urban bodegas and sell bad products at high prices don't do it because they are Korean, they do it because they are crooks!

I will not pretend to defend my sarcastic use of such bad words. I should not have used those words.

I hope it makes you think, though, about the implications of Andrew Young's remarks.

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