Wednesday, March 22, 2006

World Water Day

North Americans and Europeans have an abundance of water and plenty of money/credit. We have little fear of losing our supply of fresh water.

The developing world is not so lucky. They face two primary struggles: American/European companies (especially oil companies) polluting their supply of fresh water, and the World Bank forcing them to sell their water rights to Nestle, Coca-Cola, or another company as a prerequisite for loans unrelated to water.

Basically, anyone reading this is either poisoning or stealing the water supply in every developing nation. Whether we drink Dr. Pepper, pay taxes, or eat Lean Cuisine, every person in the developed world plays a role in the lack of fresh water available to those less fortunate.

What do you know about your water? What do you know about your role in the diminishing fresh water supply around the world? How do you spend your money? What exactly is our responsibility for protecting the water supply and ensuring that all human beings have free access to it?

Today is World Water Day.

Think about water. Read about water.

For a front-row view of the struggle against privatization of local water. Please see Sheila Franklin's 35-minute documentary about Bolivia, The Water Is Ours, Damn It!

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