Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gas Prices Rise and It Doesn't Matter!

Gas prices in the United States have climbed to over $2.50 per gallon. America has been forced to be dependent on cars for transportation as the government has gutted and defunded public transportation over the past fifty years.

But why are gas prices so high in the United States? Why haven't consumers done something about it?

If the demand goes down, the price goes down.

If Americans stopped driving to every single errand all the time and started using a bicycle or simply walked to a nearby destination, our reliance on Canadian oil would be reduced and the prices would fall.

Yes, I said Canadian oil. We get most of our oil from Canada, not the Middle East.

Do Americans even care that gas prices are high?

Maybe Americans have just resigned themselves to the fact that prices will rise perpetually to fund the nine-figure salaries of executives who gut the pay and benefits of five-figure staff.

Maybe Americans don't care how much gas costs!

Would any American even consider walking or bicycling instead of driving?

Probably not.

Raise the prices! Americans will pay any price for their fix!

Remember, an addict will kill for his substance!

Gas Prices Rise Above $2.50 a Gallon (AP at Yahoo!)

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