Thursday, March 16, 2006

US Continues Anti-Iran Rhetoric

According to sources in the United States government:
[Iran] sponsors terrorism, threatens Israel, seeks to thwart Middle East peace, disrupts democracy in Iraq and denies freedom to Iranians. It said these can only be resolved if Iran makes the strategic decision to change its policies, open up its political system and allow freedom.

Who else sponsors terrorism? Israel, United States, China, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan. It seems that the United States and its allies likely sponsored more terrorism this year than Iran has sponsored in its entire history.

Who else thwarts Middle East Peace? Could it be a nation that attacks a sovereign nation and sponsors its civil war (say, the United States), or a nation that occupies a colonized state and declares it a theocracy that can never include the current inhabitants (like, say, Israel)?

What other nation disrupts democracy in Iraq? Oh . . . wait . . . Iraq is not a democracy, and neither is any other Arab nation in the Middle East. Some democratic processes might be used in Arab nations (like in the United States, which also is NOT a democracy), but most Arab nations are NOT democracies in any way, shape, or form.

What other nation, besides Iran, denies freedom to its citizens? China? Pakistan? Other American allies?

It's always odd to me that the United States regime so blatantly accuses other nations of that which we are guilty of ourselves. No other nation is destroying the world like the United States. We are in no position to dictate international policy. We are just bullies and we are bad at it.

US pushes diplomacy on Iran

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