Friday, March 17, 2006

Well, Of Course They Don't!

On the heels of two republican presidencies and a longer-entrenched repulican congress, President Bush states the obvious: Republicans don't fear the future.

Well, since the republicans have altered policy to benefit corporations, shareholders, and the independently waelthy, they see a rosy future.

The idiots who vote republican while trying to earn a living wage will be screwed.

Sadly, though, they'll keep voting republican because they hate fags, niggers, jews, abortionists, single-mothers, sick people, and/or liberals, and they think funding a military is the path to freedom. THOSE republicans will be screwed just like all other Americans working for a living!

If you earn a wage or a salary and you vote republican, you are an idiot and you wouldn't know a personal value if it bit you on the nose!

Bush Says Republicans Don't Fear Future

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