Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Sickening To Get Sick, But The Apologists At BusinessWeek Offer These Suggestions

A lapse in health insurance is the worst thing that can happen to an American, because insurance companies don't have to re-insure you outside a group plan if they don't want to. Nobody is guaranteed the right to purchase health care insurance, especially the sick.

If you have a lapse in coverage, any existing medical problem you suffer will not be covered. That's right! It's called a pre-existing condition and is not covered if you've had a lapse in insurance coverage!

BusinessWeek, that bastion of progress to make America greater, offers these five tips for people recently unemployed, self-employed, or under-employed:

1. Buy insurance through Sam's Club. Wow! Thanks! The company that has re-invented the American workplace by uninsuring its employees, denying a decent wage, hiring illegals, and supporting candidates who vote against workers' rights, are offering discount health plans to those who can afford it! That's great: they wreck the American workplace with a 'successful business plan' then profit from selling us that which we once enjoyed as a benefit! Thank you, Walton Family! Keep up the good work. You're making America better and stronger by the day! You are true patriots!

2. Use a Health Savings Account. Most Americans who experience a lapse in insurance coverage have usually lost their job and are facing bankruptcy (a favorite tool of the wrong-wing to avoid responsibility while blaming the rest of the world for their problems). The notion that an American family has a few grand a month to stash in a HSA is absurd!

3. Work part-time. Most Americans, especially those slightly older than the mePod generation, find themselves unemployed and their families uninsured. Most would be happy to take a job at Starbucks 20-hours, but most 40- and 50-somethings can't get hired ANYWHERE -- even Starbucks!

4. Find an independent insurance broker. This is excellent advice! If you attempt to purchase insurance outside a group plan and you are denied, you may never get health insurance again. If you have the $5,000-$10,000 a year it will cost to insure your family, find a professional broker to make the purchase for you.

5. Broaden your search. Find independent contractor associations that offer group plans to the self-employed and under-employed. Since insurance companies and employers no longer want to insure the American population, you need to find others who will.

The American health care system is a mess. The rest of the developed world has excellent health care.

But, a patriot sticks to his guns, doesn't get sick, supports unbridled corporate avarice, shuts-up and goes to work!

Shut up and get to work, you sick bastard!

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