Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Happy Day For Fundamentalism In America

Muslim Fundamentalists attack our nation from the outside and Christian fundamentalists attack it from within. For over ten years, the violent attack of fundamentalism against the American way of life has been dramatic: the bombing of the Atlanta Olympics, the bombing of health clinics, the bombing of entertainment venues, the bombing of a federal office building, the bombing of two trade centers, the bombing of the Pentagon.

Fundamentalists have infiltrated the Supreme Court and control our White House and Congress and most of OPEC.

Everywhere fundamentalists infiltrate, the quality of life diminishes: Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, Israel, and the United States have all seen their economies and societal structures damaged by the closed-mindedness of fundamentalism.

This trend shows no sign of slowing down! Let's look at today's headlines:

South Dakota Bans Abortion

Congress Renews The Patriot Act

Tom DeLay Wins Renomination

Iran Threatens USA

Israel Will Act Against Iran If Others Don't

The last being the most frightening, because we have two fundamentalist theocracies threatening each other. And this list doesn't even include the terror of corporate fundamentalism so happily subscribed-to by bankrupt Americans who pretend they are Christian.

If you care about the world and your future, I recommend turning-off your iPod and taking some iAction and some iResponsibility and restoring progress to the American way of life.

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