Thursday, February 23, 2006

Port Security or Cognac Security?

In Saudi Arabia, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the agreement was thoroughly vetted. "We have to maintain a principle that it doesn't matter where in the world one of these purchases is coming from," Rice said Wednesday. She described the United Arab Emirates as "a good partner in the war on terrorism."

Since the "war on terror" is a fraud and only exists to line the pockets of so-called security contractors, what Secretary Rice is saying is that the United Arab Emirates is a close friend with those in the administration who profit handsomely from this bilking of the United States Treasury.

The story is that the department of homeland stupidity is allowing an Arab company to control security at major United States ports. Oh, and ofcourse, the president had no knowledge of the deal!

Right! Here we have an oil man as president, whose father and grandfather have done decades of business with the binLaden family, Henry Kissinger, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Hunt family, who has personally profitted from dubious business dealings with Arabs, and he knew nothing about this deal. Of course. I believe that!

Comedians, absurdists, and conspiracy-theorists don't even have to write anything anymore. The current American administration could provide Fellini, Bunuel, and Passolini with enough material for a thousand films, and no text would ever have to be created!

Hey! I have an idea! Let's have Arabs secure our ports and our cognacs! Let's hope they hire lots of Muslim fundamentalists! Everything will be better then!

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