Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Finally, Doctors Stand-Up And Speak

An hour before Michael Morales was to be strapped to a gurney in the death chamber at San Quentin Prison, officials called off the execution, saying they could not comply with a judge's recent order to have a medical provider administer the fatal dose of barbiturate.

"We were not able to find a licensed professional that was willing to inject medication intravenously, ending the life of a human being," San Quentin spokesman Vernell Crittendon said Tuesday evening.

I am sure that a slew of wrong-wing whacko doctors unlicensed in the State of California will rush forward to be Schwarzenegger's executioner-for-hire and Morales will eventually be killed by our tax dollars; but it is encouraging to know there are doctors in America who refuse to participate in the murder of citizens.

If Americans want to kill people, let's send them where their needed: in the war against danish pastry and Danish cartoons. Let's send them to Texas where the citizens brag about killing a living thing. They can all be sent to Mt. Everest and be divided into teams and shoot each other (and that irritating socialite who is climbing to the summit).

Joking aside, it is time for Americans to put an end to the state-sponsored murder of our fellow citizens.

Doctors' Doubts Put Off Calif. Execution

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