Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last Sunday I Had Apricot, Today I Want Cheese. My Favorite Is Prune.

I love danish pastry. I really love them. I love them too much. My sister-in-law and I used to work together and we ate too many sugary cheese danish together!

Everyone seems to like danish pastries. I have had them everywhere from San Francisco to Casablanca and the only time they are bad is when they are stale, which seems to only happen in New York City.

Did danish pastry originate in Denmark? Is it really Danish? What else have the Danes invented?

There is a dog breed named the Great Dane (which dogs are about the same size as the nation):

Great Dane

There is Copenhagen brand tobacco:

Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

Carlsberg beer, sponsor of Liverpool Football Club, is from Denmark:

Steven Gerrard, LFC

Writer Hans Christian Anderson was from Denmark:

Hans Christian Anderson

Cartoons are from Denmark:


Oh . . . wait . . . Danes are not historically known for their cartoons! Until recently, when a not-very-funny, but somewhat amusing, cartoon depicting religious fundamentalists as whackos published in Denmark in September 2004 appeared in Islamic nations, most of which don't even have press or media.

Now, the idiot muslim fundamentalists are claiming the law has been broken and the cartoonist must be put to death.

What do they think they are? Texans?

In Denmark, writers and other artists enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of expression. These are basic tenets of a free society, a sophisticated people, a truly enlightened civilization (well, not in Texas).

Muslims, of course, wouldn't know anything about this because they, like Texans, believe in hegemony. They believe there is only one way to think and that is their way.

They seem to forget that the so-called laws of Islam are not the laws of any nation (not even Iran or Afghanistan anymore). There is no strictly Muslim nation that is so completely theocratic that they use the Koran as their law book.

However, idiot muslims with no education and less food and money, and nothing to live for except the death they desire and deserve (after they finish raping their women) which is supposed to bring them some load of virgins for fun in death, want (like Texans) to inflict their whacko religious beliefs on thinking people.


Give me a danish pastry and a book of Anderson fables, a tin of long cut, a bottle of beer and let's cheer: Go 'Pool'! We'll all support everything Danish -- even if we don't like it, because it's worth supporting the Danes over these idiot fundamentalists!

The State Of Denmark (CBS-60 Minutes)

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