Friday, February 24, 2006

Hillary Hunkering Down - Dump Her

Hillary Clinton, the junior senator carpetbagger from New York, has hired her husband's former fundraisers to head-up her senate campaign (and possibly a presidential run).

Hillary insists that the GOP is out to get her.

Happily, many democrats are out to get her.

Clinton has been a terrible senator and failed to represent the citizenry of New York. She has done a fine job for President Bush and various corporate interests. She has done nothing for New Yorkers as a whole. She votes against the interests of New Yorkers, is completely out-of-touch with the soul, mind, spirit, and political hopes of New Yorkers from Montauk to Niagra Falls. She is a Southern conservative interested only in furthering her own interests.

I happily supported Clinton in 2002, because I believed she was a liberal.

She is not. She is barely a conservative, she almost borders on being a corporate fundamentalist of the same stripe as Tom DeLay.

New York Democrats should defeat her in the primary, so the GOP need not waste any money on her.

If New York is to have a senator that supports the Bush agenda, we might as well have a republican who can bring home some bacon!

Better yet: New Yorkers should nominate Jonathan Tasini to represent the Democratic party and just get Hillary out of town. Tasini is a progressive and believes in what New Yorkers believe in: America!

If you are a New York Democrat, please consider supporting Tasini. I am!

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