Monday, April 18, 2005

Aging Poorly

What is it about aging that bothers me so? The surprise of it all!

Recovering from illness, getting fit, keeping up . . . all these things are harder now than they were twenty years ago. Now, I am not the fittest man on the wrong side of forty-five, but neither am I the UNfittest. Still, I never cease to be amazed at how time has impacted my body.

On Thursday my podiatrist 'did a biopsy' and I was to go to work on Friday. It was all simple enough. I would leave work a little early, he would do his thing, I would go home and stay off my feet and return to work in the morning!

That might be true of a twenty year old, or a more fit fifty year old, but it wasn't true for me.

First, the damn thing looks like a .22 slug has lodged itself in the ball of my foot. Then, it bled like a royal mother-fucker (which is what makes royals hemopheliacs after all) until Friday. I could not stand on it all weekend. I bandaged it up on Sunday in hopes of going to Coney Island with my family, only to discover that none of my shoes or boots could fit over the modest bandages. I finally stopped taking the pain pills yesterday and have switched to tylenol -- I just couldn't take the cloudiness in the brain another day. I handle pain better than mental numbness.

This morning, I doubled-up a 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) gauze bad, taped it up and limped to work.

I know that twenty years ago I would have bounced back from this in a heartbeat! I'd have eaten the opiate analgesics like candy and skipped through the pain. Today, I hate aging!

At least I'm not this guy!

Speaking of aging! Here's a CD by a man who is having a birthday this month; a man who has aged with such grace and aplomb that I need to pay more attention!

Check it out!

Visconti's Inventory
Tony Visconti

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