Tuesday, April 19, 2005

David Beckham Football Academy

David Beckham, in conjunction with Anshuntz Entertainment Group, is opening a couple of soccer academies, one of which is in Los Angeles, the other in East London.

Beckham has made no secret of his plan to stay out of soccer management when his playing career is over, but has always insisted he would be involved with the sport on some level.

"As a young boy I attended the Bobby Charlton Soccer School with dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Ever since then, my ambition has been to give children the chances I had . . . " offers David Spice.

I am a fan. I like David Beckham, and this is a great plan.

I have always assumed, and maybe I am being a bit presumptuous, that David and his wife Victoria would like to conquer America when he is finished playing soccer. New York is due for a fabulous British invasion, and I would like it to be the Beckhams.

Sadly, I suspect Hollywood beckons, and if they do bring their family here, I suspect they will choose the warm climes, glamour and glare of the television cameras of Los Angeles over the tension, excitement, and cold climes of Manhattan.

I can see them having their own show. In these days of television production, where actors and scripts are unnecessary, David and Victoria could become huge prime-time stars. Him talking fashion and her talking business -- sort of an upscale, dynamic The Osbornes (which was duller than dull).

I can see it now: BECKS: A Day In The Life Of The Fabulous starring David and Victoria Beckham, and featuring Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. (What's with naming a boy Cruz, by the way? Isn't cruz the Spanish feminine form of the English word cross?) See, there you have it! A first script: the kid goes to school and is taunted for having a girl's name! David shows-up to an assembly in a frock and lectures the children on the theories of masculinity and femininity!

I love the Beckhams. I love that David is opening a soccer academy in the USA and I look forward to them spending more time here!

Anschutz partners with David Beckham Football Academy

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