Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Same-Sex Unions To Be Codified By British Law

The British Parliament passed The Civil Partnerships Bill last year, giving same-sex couples the right to form legally binding partnerships. This entitles them to the same things all other taxpayers receive, including tax and pension rights enjoyed by married different-sex couples.

Beginning December 5, 2005, couples can apply to their local registry to form a civil partnership. After a 15-day waiting period, they will sign an official partnership document in front of witnesses.

Remarkably, the armed forces will also recognize same-sex unions; even in dispensation of military benefits such as housing and pension!

In 1989, Denmark became the first European Union nation to legalize same-sex marriages, and many civilized nations in the world have followed suit.

British authorities predict that more than 45,000 same-sex unions will be registered in 2005.

Well done, Britain! Cheers!

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