Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ligers?!?!?!? Tigons?!?!?!?!?

Every now and then something gets under my radar. The cross-breeding of lions and tigers, to create a liger (or a tigon) is one of those things. I am using this photo without permission, so enjoy it:

My buddy Mark sent this and I couldn't believe it, so I followed a link to the Daily Mail and I learned:

  • his name is Hercules (of course it is!)
  • he is the offspring of a male lion and female tiger
  • he is the largest of all the cat species
  • he stands ten-feet tall
  • he eats 20 pounds of meat per day and can eat 100 pounds at a sitting
  • he is 3-years-old and weighs over 1,000 pounds AND he is not finished growing
  • his birth was accidental and was the "result of two amorous big cats living close together at the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, in Miami, Florida . . . "
  • he can run 50mph
  • he likes to swim
  • there are also tigons (male tiger bred with a female lions)

Wow! Absolutely amazing.

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Anonymous said...

wow and i thoughh napoleon waz cra z:P

Anonymous said...

Did you also know that these cats don't live very long and have to be put down due to their size? Tigons and ligers are prone to gigantism and become very dangerous due to just their size alone. They also cannot reproduce and are prone to MANY health problems. They usually aren't born by accident, cruel people put males and females together in cages to breed these cats just for entertainment purposes. :(