Thursday, February 24, 2005

Prez Uses Services of Male Escort In White House

J.D. Guckert has been saying horrible things about homosexuals and liberals. He is a male prostitute, or a man who has sex with other men for money, at night, and promotes the president's anti-gay, anti-family, anti-worker, anti-American, anti-progress, fundamentalist agenda from his position within the White House as a day job. His services help the current administration foster an attitude of hatred and fear in the hearts of American taxpayers, and he gets paid to do it. J.D. Guckert is a male prostitute who sells his services to the president.

It doesn't make sense, I know; but, so little does!

J.D. Guckert writes his filth for the Talon News Agency, a fascist lie machine, under the pen name Jeff Gannon. Talon publishes articles like "Intelligence Officials Warn of Future Terror Attacks." They spread fear and hate and intersperse what they call "accurate, unbiased news coverage." The claims of accuracy and unbiasedness are generally reflective of a totally inaccurate, biased, unbalanced news service.

Guckert is a dullard who is using the current American trend of hatred and fear to make even more money than he gets selling his anus on an hourly basis.

There is nothing wrong with being homosexual or being a male prostitute. Both of these things are perfectly normal and have existed since the beginning of time. There IS something wrong about being a male prostitute and furthering your own career by saying horrible things about homosexuals and those who are trying to pass laws that protect homosexuals, and using the label of homosexuality to smear people. It is repugnant to do that! It is hypocritical! Worse: it's tedious!

Now, Guckert's Jeff Gannon website says:

"Jeff Gannon
"A Voice of the New Media

"The voice goes silent.

"Because of the attention being paid to me I find it is no longer possible to effectively be a reporter for Talon News. In consideration of the welfare of me and my family I have decided to return to private life.

"Thank you to all those who supported me."

So . . . because he has been exposed as a hypocrite and probably can't get any more money from the whackos running the wrong-wing media, his voice has gone silent.

What's up with his and his family's welfare? Does this guy have children, or is he referring to his siblings and parents and uncle when he mentions his family? This is such a dull thing to do: say that your welfare or your family is somehow jeopardized by others, when there is absolutely no proof of this and it is actually YOU who is jeopardizing the welfare of others. It is a ploy used by wrong-wingers: they victimize anyone they choose to, then turn around and pretend they are somehow the victims.

If this guy was a liberal, or was working for liberals, or if the current American president was a liberal, there would be impeachment hearings daily. The wrong-wing congress would be up in arms if the president was a liberal democrat who provided high-level press credentials to a male prostitute.

The Jesus-freaks would be out of their minds, screaming from every nickel-dime pulpit that the end was near and the bible says blah-blah-blah and the heathens had to be stopped before they forced all god-fearing American men to become male prostitutes.

Why aren't the Jesus-freaks going after the current American president over this?

Why is the wrong-wing media silent about this story?

Where's Fox News when there's a story about the current Americans president using the services of a male prostitute?

Why did the current American president grant a male prostitute special media privileges?

How much does the president know about this?

Does the president have a position on male prostitutes being granted special privileges at the White House?

Does the president use the services of male prostitutes?

I think the truth should be printed like this: "Since taking office, President Bush has been using the services of a male prostitute. President Bush today gave his full support to male prostitution within the White House and does not deny granting special rights to members of the media corps who are male prostitutes."

It's true isn't it?!?!?!?

Has the president condemned male prostitutes working in the White House. Has he? NO!

Has the president denied his role in granting special privileges to male prostitutes? Has he? NO!

Have the president and his staff used the services of Guckert/Gannon? Have they? YES!

Therefore, my statement of the truth is perfectly accurate and I repeat it:

"Since taking office, President Bush has been using the services of a male prostitute. President Bush today gave his full support to male prostitution within the White House and does not deny granting special rights to members of the media corps who are male prostitutes."

Personally, I wish there were more male prostitutes working at the White House.

Female prostitutes, too!

I actually know quite a bit about male prostitution myself, and I can say that most of the male prostitutes I've known in my life are rather bright, interesting people. They are generally not male prostitutes by night and wrong-wing smear journalists by day.

There is the occasional dullard jock-type trying to make a buck to make ends meet; but, most of the male prostitutes I have known are not muscle-brains or jocks. They are hard-working young men, paying the rent and financing their education (or drug habit) by spreading a little joy to repressed homosexuals. Their clients are usually conservative, mainstream, boring, married, reich-leaning, dull suburbanites -- the type you have to sit next to in church. They vote republican and condemn the poor and blame everyone but themselves for the problems in the world. They are wrong-wingers!

And they hate liberals.

They hate liberals because liberals get laid (for free).

Maybe if the dullards running the White House got laid more, they wouldn't be so mean-spirited in their efforts to pass bad laws! They wouldn't always be trying to pass laws against fun.

I say: get prostitution off the street and put it in the White House where it belongs!

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