Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dear Senator Schumer:

I sent this email to Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

Dear Senator:

I am a life-long democrat, and I have always voted the Democrat ticket.

It has been my intention to vote for you tomorrow. As an American, a patriot, a taxpayer, a father, an activist, a husband, I am concerned about your continued support of our failed military campaign in Iraq.

Iraq was never a threat to the United States until you personally allowed the current American president to invade. I may still vote for you tomorrow, but I might not. If I vote against you, it will be because of your hawk-ish position on the war in Iraq.

Also, I hope you have taken time to read The Patriot Act you so enthusiastically supported. It is a bad law and I expect you to work to repeal the more repugnant parts of it. I also expect you to take the lead in addressing this attack on our Constitution.

I am not impressed with your voting record since 9/11/01 and I do not see how you have helped anyone but yourself.

Best of luck in the campaign.

Yours truly,
Dick Mac

Schumer won, and that is good for the citizens of New York in some small way, but it is bad for humanity because he is a war-mongerer who supports an illegal presidency and an immoral war.

I would rather have Schumer than either the Republican or Conservative candidates; but, that is the lesser of three evils.

Schumer might prevent the president from removing funding from New York, but he will not win us any new support. He failed to get us needed funds from the Homeland Security budget, money that went to places like Florida and Montana. Money that was promised for the rebuilding of downtown New York and improved security. Still, he has his nose firmly planted in the anus of the Administration.

Congratulations Senator Schumer! Please do something good for New York over the next six years.

I voted for Dave McReynolds of the Green Party.

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