Thursday, November 04, 2004

Four More Years

Updated at 12:00 Noon

The current American president was finally elected President.

His actions after his appointment in 2000 have been frightening. Now he will proclaim a mandate. He will proclaim that he is the great uniter and he will ask all Americans to get behind him for the sake of unity.

He will expect us to enjoy a major shift towards christian fundamentalism, appointments to the judiciary of those willing to further not jurisprudence but a political agenda, a gutting of civil liberties begun with the Patriot Act and to be followed by a sequel, the further conglomeration of communications and media, deep tax cuts for the wealthy, more and more jobs moving offshore while corporations are offered tax breaks for no apparent reason, privatization of our water supply, pension fund, transportation systems, military specialists, police forces, and education.

We will see an elimination of funding for non-religious-based social service agencies, a total ban on abortion, the re-criminaliztion of homosexuality and proscription of all sexual activity, morality requirements for school teachers, the end of union protection for government employees, a restriction on passports, major hurdles to immigration and emigration, rewards for companies willing to include morals clauses in their employment agreements, and a return to HUAC-style investigations of those who do not publicly support administration mandates.

Our children will be drafted into the military not to defend our nation, but to procure the natural resources of nations unable to defend themselves. Those resources will then be given, free of charge, to corporate distributors who will gouge the American taxpayers with high prices. This war will be financed by gutting what is left of education and social services because the tax cuts for the wealthy have bankrupted our treasury. When our children return home from war they will find a mere ghost of the G.I. Bill providing them no chance to better their lives, no health care for war-related injuries, nothing as a reward for sacrificing their moral fiber for profiteering.

The current American president was finally elected President. And as you can see from the Comments Board on this site and blogs around the web: his supporters are gloating. They have been given a mandate to blame everyone else for the world's problems and mistakes, and they now will take heart in treating other tax-paying Americans as second-class citizens.

The current American president was finally elected President.

God bless us all.


We have been given a mandate . . .

I have been given a mandate, as have all American liberals, to make the world a better place in spite of our government's policies. It is now my job to comfort those less fortunate than me. It is time to promote that most American of all values: the lost art of volunteerism.

It is time to turn off our televisions and stereos, to turn away from the media, talking heads, and pop icons who so repugnantly ignore intellectualism, thinking, and ideas. It is time to take action: to put our money where our mouths are.

It is time to work at food pantries and homeless shelters and nursing homes. It is time to cultivate charity and knowledge.

It is time to work for peace.

I challenge liberals across America to take action, to get involved in their communities, to change the world as we did in the past.

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