Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wow! I just realized something about "christian conservative" florists!

by Dick Mac

I start with the disclaimer that I am a Christian, a Catholic.  I like the teachings of Jesus Christ and try to integrate those notions into my day-to-day life (with varying degrees of success and failure) so my view may be skewed, but I ask your indulgence.

If a "christian conservative" is a person who takes the Bible literally (which is what they seem to constantly claim), then they believe that everything on Earth is created by God.  Given that line of thinking, the flowers that a Christian (or a "christian conservative") florist sells are available for sale only through God's good graces.

So, God has created flowers for all people (we are all God's children, if I am not mistaken).  God has created flowers for funerals and weddings and gifts and decoration and also to play a role in the food chain.  Flowers are multi-purpose and for Christians (and "christian conservatives") they must represent further proof of God's awesome plan and creation.

How then, can a "christian conservative" decide who gets to use God's creation and who doesn't?  If "christian conservatives" already believe that flowers are the provenance (as everything is) of God, then it is their duty as Christians to be certain that all people share in God's bounty.  In America, of course, that means the consumer has the ability to pay for the service; but, let's put that aside for the time being.

So, every Christian florist (and "christian conservative" florist, too), has a duty to provide flowers to every couple who wants them at their wedding.  Christian (and "christian conservative") florists are stewards of God's bounty, after all, and as stewards it is their responsibility to ENSURE that all people have flowers at their weddings.

So, either flowers are part of God's gift to us and florists are stewards of that gift with the simple responsibility of distributing to all of God's children who want (and can afford) them.  OR, flowers are the domain of "christian conservatives," God has no role in the bounty, and "christian conservatives" assume the power to decide who gets flowers and who doesn't.

So, "christian conservatives":  which way is it?  Are flowers part of God's bounty and awesome creation or not.  Are florists stewards of God's bounty, or are florists God's police?

It seems to me you can't have it both ways.

Florists who refuse to sell flowers to same-sex couples for a wedding are bad people, wholly un-American, completely un-Christ-like, and an embarrassment to God and country.

Wow, "christian conservative" florists aren't Christians, at all!

I’m a florist, but I refused to do flowers for my gay friend’s wedding

As a closing thought, chances are that the flowers done by florists who don't like same-sex marriage are probably not very nice floral arrangements.  But, that's another thread.

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