Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Today's Douche-Bag is Today

by Dick Mac

Many of my friends and acquaintances will tell you that I don't like the term "douche-bag'; that I find it to be sexist and misogynist.

On several occasions recently I have been able to find no other word to describe some people.

Today's Douche-Bag Is Today. Not the day: the show.

Today, Sarah Palin is co-hosting the Today Show on NBC.

The Today Show viewers are not happy about it.

The 3,300+ comments on the NBC Facebook page are wonderful and you should read at least some of them.

Go here to see the Today Facebook page.

Go here to read the incredibly insulting, badly written, sexist, misogynistic article that NBC has published on the web as publicity for the show. It actually says:
Matt will deface your property, so don't bring anything of value. Ann hits the limoncello on a pretty regular basis, and if Al asks to let him 'show you his neck of the woods,' run.

Excuse me? Was this supposed to be funny? Am I missing something? Am I insane to find the "neck of the woods" remark odd, possibly offensive?

I know that Fox has lowered the bar for all network television so low that whale shit is up; but NBC hiring Sarah Palin as a co-host of their morning show is really beneath even them.

Today is a good day to stop watching Today.


And let them know what you think about hiring Sara Palin.

Palin Turns Off Today Show Viewers

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