Monday, April 02, 2012

Iggy Pop describes the making of The Idiot

by Dick Mac

Who knew that "China Girl" was originally written while "politely drunk, after-dinner drunk" using a toy piano and child's drum kit; or that "Lust For Life" was hatched while Iggy and Bowie were settled in front of the television for their weekly viewing of "Starsky & Hutch"?

In this four-minute clip, Iggy uses a power drill to open a coconut and talks about working with David Bowie on the albums "The Idiot" and "Lust For Life."

For me, and I think for rock and roll, this collaboration was world-altering. It put Iggy Pop into the eyes of the mainstream. Not that "The Idiot" or "Lust for Life" were 'hits' or popular radio fare. In fact, like Bowie's "Low" and "Heroes" of the same era, they were not really appreciated until many years later. But they certainly put Iggy into the mainstream media spotlight and onto the "Dinah Shore Show" and that alone is world-altering!

These records have always been shrouded in mystery: two rock stars living in the demi-monde of Berlin, near The Wall, getting loaded, writing songs.

These 35 years later, the myths continue to be shattered, and these two stars become more and more human and more and more like regular guys.

And the song "Lust For Life" might have been used in more television commercials than any other rock song. Who'da thunk it?


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