Monday, December 05, 2011

Mayor Hates New York

by Dick Mac

The mayor of Troy, Michigan, thinks that "marriage should be between one man and one woman," and she referred to homosexuals as queers.

She used the tried and true defense that all "conservatives" use when they are showing how deeply immoral they are and how bankrupt "conservative" values really are:
The groups that despise me are digging deep to try to find something to worry about. They probably should start worrying about how they can best work with a new Mayor who believes that we live in a free country and we all have first amendment rights to speak our minds on any and all issues that are before us.
Troy Mayor Facebook Slam on Gay Marriage Draws Widespread Criticism

When bigots have no defense, they fall back on a false analysis of the Constitution. They actually believe that hate speech is protected. It's not. Bigotry and other forms of speech that endanger other citizens are not Constitutionally protected.

Denying taxpayers equal rights is bigotry. Speaking out against bigotry is not bigotry.

Tonight, a group of Troy citizens opposed to the mayor's remarks will gather in protest. Troy Mayor Janice Daniels' gay slur deleted as protesters plan rally for City Council meeting The protesters have a Facebook page here.

I certainly hope the citizens of Troy embark on a recall campaign that will distract this horrible woman from getting further involved with their municipality.

If she can be engaged in a recall defense, and we can keep the conversation focused on her bigotry, then she will be unable to use her hatred and small-mindedness to govern the city.

Then maybe a recall will be successful, or we can torment her little brain so deeply that she resigns.

It's worth a shot!

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