Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can You Effectively Regulate VooDoo?

by Dick Mac

For thirty years I have been telling anyone who would listen that supply-side economic theory is a bad idea, and that Reaganomics will be the death of America - at least as we once knew it (a land of opportunity and personal freedom).

Looking back over those thirty years, I am still surprised to remember that the only mainstream politician to speak-out against the plan to remove all wealth from the middle class and funnel to the wealthy was a member of one of America's wealthiest and most powerful families: George H.W. Bush.

Bush I, in his public remarks about supply-side economic theory and during his debates with fellow-Republicans, referred to it as Voodoo Economics.

Today, our economy is a shambles - a mere shadow of its former self. Poverty is rampant with one-in-three American children living in poverty. Our educational spending has not kept-up with inflation, so the public school systems for the middle-class and poor have been gutted and no longer teach. Our nation no longer leads the world in learning, we now have the infant mortality rate of a second-world country, and the media has convinced the majority of Americans that it's not the rich that are a problem, but the poor and their champions - the liberals.

Occupy Wall Street started an amazing public outcry against our current economic policy, and it has spread across the country.

This image is the most complete message about the problem in America: not spending, not government, not liberals, not Democrats, but the enforcement of laws and regulations:

If the rich were held to the same legal and moral standards as the poor and the middle-class, if banks were held to the same legal and moral standards as our schools, and if the rich actually behaved like the patriots they pretend to be, then corporations would not be people, bankruptcy laws would protect citizens not just businesses, schools would be funded as if we were actually a civilized nation, and the lie of "libertarian-ism" would be exposed for the farce it really is.

Dead Enz
Kyle G. Brixton

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