Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Shuttering Of Our Government Is Well Underway

by Dick Mac

Attempting to simmer-up through the haze of bullshit that is the mainstream media's coverage of our government, is the huge success of the tea party: the shuttering, however temporary, of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The radical right has never hidden their desire to shutter the federal government, and their hero Grover Norquist has gone so far as to say he wants it so small he can "drown it in the bathtub."

Traitors all of them, there is much rejoicing among the tea party, the so-called "libertarians" and the so-called "conservatives" as four thousand employees are sent home without pay, and the entire 90,000-strong work force of the FAA faces potential dismissal.

The dismantling of our government, one agency at a time, has been the goal of supply-siders since their initial victory: electing Ronald Reagan in 1980.

The important story is the philosophical victory. The right-wing extremists now know they can shutter any agency and any branch of government, and the citizens have no way to stop it.

The side-story, which is of less importance than the philosophical victory in the "conservative" war against America, is the loss of over a hundred million dollars a week [ed.] in revenue the FAA cannot collect during its shut-down. This amount is nothing in today's economy, but the "conservatives" complain that we spend too much, and are now preventing an agency that collects funds to support it operations from collecting those funds. Why? Because the right-wing extremists ("libertarians" and "conservatives") don't want the government to collect any money: they want our government dead. They are traitors.

It is important to consider this notion: the Republicans don't care if there is a balanced budget, because most of the deficit is generated by putting money into the hands of the rich, they only want to eliminate government agencies that get in the way of making more money at any cost to the taxpayer.

This is a huge victory for the right-wing extremists, and the moderates are bickering over "who is to blame" and "who did what to whom" in the debt-ceiling debacle.

The right-wing is shutting down our government. They are the worse kind of traitors, and nobody is stopping them.

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