Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fire Destroys La Crosse Offices Of We Are Wisconsin

by Dick Mac

The building that housed the La Crosse, Wisconsin, offices of We Are Wisconsin was destroyed by fire this past Sunday.

With the recall election for the 32nd Senate District just ten days later, the loss is a blow to the campaign to unseat tea party politicians who have been gutting Wisconsin's once-proud and effective state government.

Wisconsin has been one of the proudest and most successful state governments in the entire nation, and the efforts of the tea party to destroy state services there and dismantle the government should be shocking to everyone.

As investigators complete their analysis of the fire, We Are Wisconsin has found a new home at the offices of the Plumbers & Steamfitters Union Local 434 Training Center, in La Crosse.

It is imperative that progressives and workers in Wisconsin not let this fire interrupt their hard work of saving America from the vagaries of tea party policy (policy that seems to be made-up as they go along, to inflict the most harm on those who do the most work).

Please consider a donation, however small, to We Are Wisconsin at this link to their donation page.

See, Fire destroys downtown buildings on Jay Street, LaCrosse Tribune

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