Monday, August 22, 2011

$300,000 = 4.75 $Million

by Dick Mac

What's the easiest way to turn $300,000 into $4.75 million?

Well, donate that three hundred thousand to the political campaigns of Texas Republican, and presidential hopeful, Gov. Rick Perry.

James Leininger, John McHale and David Shanahan are all large-money donors to Gov. Perry's "Texans for Rick Perry" campaign group. All three men are connected to G-Con, a pharmaceutical start-up, based in Bryan, Texas, and associated with Texas A&M University, Gov. Perry's alma mater. Collectively, the men have donated about three-hundred thousand dollars to Gov. Perry

G-Con received a three million dollar state grant in May, 2010, and Gradalis Holdings (a 10% owner of G-Con) received a $1,75 million grant in February, 2009. Both grant awards include Gov. Perry's approval.

Republicans are always going on and on and on and on about the cost of government, but have absolutely no intention of letting that teat dry-up for them and their friends anytime soon. The cost of supporting Republican millionaires cots the taxpayer dramatically more than it costs to support the poor.

Sure, let's cut; but let's cut from the people at the top of the food chain. Then, when we are sure we aren't supporting millionaires, we can get around to cutting benefits for the poor, sick and elderly!

Rick Perry will make a perfect Republican president!

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