Tuesday, July 05, 2011

News Of The World Did What?

by Dick Mac

In a despicable act of profiteering at the emotional expense of others, News Of The World hacked into the phone of a missing schoolgirl, compromised data that may have assisted law enforcement agencies in their search for her, and gave hope to the missing girl's family that their daughter was still alive and using her mobile phone. How did they do this? They deleted voice mails from the missing girl's mobile account.

Milly Dowler is dead, and nobody is saying that News OF The World killed her. In their drive to make money, which to these types of conservatives is the be all and end all of everything that is good, Christian and patriotic, they showed a complete disregard for law enforcement, personal safety of others, and decency. It sounds so American, so modern, so post-Reagan, so neo-Palin!

Of course, those in charge of News of The World at the time have been greatly rewarded by the publisher. (See, Rebekah Brooks.)

Who is the publisher?

News International, the sibling to News Corporation, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man American "conservatives" hold as a hero. Murdoch finances, the Fox News empire and other "news" agencies that earn no profits, and exist only as a means of promoting a political movement to destroy America, our Bill of Rights, and our way of life.

My favorite comments about this particular story are from Anorak:
The allegation is that Glenn Mulcaire, an investigator working for the News of the World allegedly, hacked into the mobile phone of Milly Dowler, the girl murdered by Levi Bellfield.

It is said that while the hunt for Milly was on, Mulcaire intercepted messages left by relatives and that some of these message were deleted when the message box became full. It is alleged that this made room for new messages.

So. One day a caller might have been told Milly’s message box was full. The next day they would have been allowed to leave a message.

The solicitor for Milly Dowler's parents, Mark Lewis, says this alleged act of deletion gave his clients false hope their daughter was alive.

It is said that this hacking dated from 2002 when the paper was being edited by Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade). What happen to her? Well, she is now News International's chief executive. Is it time for her to go? Will she be sacked? That could be troublesome. How about if she has a baby, and [leaves] on extend maternity leave? Watch this space. . . .

Many Americans will defend Murdoch because he gives credence to the lie that is American "conservatism." What News International did to the Milly Dowler case, News Corporation will happily do to anybody's child (even a conservative's child), because profiteering is the only thing important to them. Well, that and never paying any taxes on their profits.

All News Corporation outlets insist they are the voice of the world's victims (mostly rich people victimized by taxation), but the truth is they are the voice of victimization as long as there are profits to be made, and it won't inconvenience Mr. Murdoch and his friends.

Those who base their decisions on information they receive from News Corporation and News International are what's wrong with humanity. These are horrible companies that are happy to sponsor the end of civilization, because - well, profit is what Jesus meant when he preached.

Choose any article about Milly Dowler from the list below, and insert the name of your child/sister/cousin/neighbor and you will know exactly what Rupert Murdoch and his minions think of you.

The News Of The World hacked Milly Dowler's mobile - Google Search

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