Monday, July 18, 2011

Is Killing Israeli Children OK?

by Dick Mac

Victoria Jackson did one of my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live skits when she stood and sang "I Am Not A Bimbo." I actually still sing it now and then when I make a bad choice.

An actress acts, so she can perform in a manner which differs from her inherent personality. Being able to portray someone or something different from ourselves is what makes one actor great and another actor, well, not an actor. We generally call those people "movie stars" or "television stars." They practice a craft and they hone it, but being a movie star or television star is different from being an actor.

When a one-trick pony is exposed and we realize that the person isn't an actor at all, the term "star" is hung on them as an insult. I have never felt this way. I think there is a place for actors and stars and it's OK that stars sometimes get jobs acting and that actors sometimes become stars. These things are not mutually exclusive.

Victoria Jackson's skit on Saturday Night Live where she proclaimed that just because she looked like a bimbo and had blond hair did not automatically mean that she was, indeed, a bimbo, was brilliant. I loved it. I am a fan of blowing stereotypes out of the water, and she nailed it with this skit.

Come to find out, however, Victoria Jackson IS a bimbo! She is probably also suffering from untreated mental illness.

On today's edition of the website "WorldNetDaily," Jackson appears under a screaming headline that asks "Is Killing Israeli Children OK?" and she states that President Obama is like Hitler because (1) he has a private army, (2) he is a socialist, and (3) he controls the media.

Let's just briefly discuss the three points:

1. [Obama has a] private army (like Hitler).I believe all world leaders have a private army. In America we call it the Secret Service when they are protecting only the President and his circle; and we all it the United States military when they are protecting all of us. Nothing unusual here.

2. [Obama is] socialist (like Hitler). Compared to Barack Obama, Richard Nixon is a socialist. Obama completely and unequivocally supports the theory of supply-side economics promoted by the Chicago School of Economics, which is the foundation of current American economic practice. For over thirty years, every president except Bush I has supported this economic policy. There has not been a socialist-leaning President in our lifetimes.

3. [Obama has] media control (like Hitler). The media is privately-owned and the closest we have ever been to any President controlling the media is the relationship between Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and world leaders supported by his largesse (Reagan, both Clintons, and Bush II come to mind).

Victoria Jackson's ideas, fears, and analyses are so crazy that it is true: she is not a bimbo, she is certifiably insane, and if our nation had a decent health-care system, she might be able to get help!

See her article here, if you must.

By the way, she never answers the important question: "Is Killing Israeli Children OK?" Which I hope she would answer "no"; but, I am not certain.

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